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My 150 mm Mak on a manual alt/az mount. Saving to buy an HEQ5 mount.

I am now tempted by the 180 mm Mak. But it might be too heavy for me and the mount to handle.




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Recently bought a used Orion Optics (UK) OMC 140. It's one of the older purple models with the micrometer focuser. It's mounted on a Vixen New Polaris mount - will have to add a tiny more weight to get it perfectly balanced.


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It's been a while in the making, but here's my little 127 in full imaging garb - the odd imaging mak among so many visual setups in this thread.

I figured you lot will get a kick out of the sheer madness of this setup, so I've marked up what's what.


Before anyone jumps in, yes, I know I'm oversampled and I know that Maks aren't the best tool for imaging.

That being said, last night was the first clear night since end of October, so I've quickly started working on M81. The below is just 2h, but I'm aiming for somewhere north of 20h in the end.

It ain't perfect, but it's better than nothing!


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