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  1. great setup stu just enquiring still got dd1 controller for sale is so interested
  2. I have now managed to bring it up on my phone (problem solved)
  3. thanks for the screenshot ,still unable to open on google chrome or firefox on pc or android I noticed yours was opened on a ipad haven't got apple thanks again.
  4. yes that's the link I have been trying to get on to , just wont open thanks anyway
  5. confession time im sinful got three , gp gpdx and gpd2 with skysensor , loads of kit little time(dam work} iam a vixen junkie
  6. does any one have a link to the article on the atm workshop on replacing the battery on a sky sensor internal battery , as the website is unavaible ,thanks
  7. belive it or not it was ready for the scrapyard when I got it, its a 102 achro circa 1990 ( someone must have been using it as a baseball bat).the objective and cell is all that's left off the original, I have restored it to its former glory along with the sp mount it came on the objective is really great for an achro its give me some off the best views off the moon I have ever had.
  8. I like fozzie,s idea off replacing the top bolts with longer ones, but iam not going to drill the altair saddle but countersink the longer bolts in to the vixen dove tail , allways willing to take in better ideas ( ie when you've got expensive kit hanging on the back you don't want it to come crashing down to the ground) here a pic off my fav on the gpdx stellarvue fluorite triplet
  9. I did exactly what you plan to do , picked up altair dual saddle losmandy and shortend a vixen dovetail ,mated them together with short allen bolts , replaced the original saddle knob with a m8 allen bolt, and countersunk into the vixen saddle as a safe guard . the first pic shows the job done on the gpdx and the other a 9.25 sct and it holds this no problem.
  10. just curious did you have to file the ends of the battery or did it fit strait in
  11. i have not looked inside but i will investegate and let you know, just that it was supplied with a 3.6v lithium chloiride none rechargeable taged battery
  12. i have just got hold of a old ssk2000 hand set and it needs the internal battery replacing,i have the battery but need to source some one to solder it in place in or around stoke on trent, I have had a look on atm workshop online but the link does not work, would be gratefull for help to get this done
  13. Yes thommohawk and sorry for late reply that is a orion multi finder the one that is conical ie the 70 mm I replaced the conical body with a strait one ie to sit perfectly in the guide rings,it's a 80mm cap with 40mm centre hole with powder coated rolled white aluminium, sheet metal worker by trade
  14. here,s the guide scope mounted on the telescope via skywatcher guide scope bracket ,this is given you an idea how you can modify the 70mm orion multi finder
  15. this my take on my mod to orion multi finder, mounted on astro tech 90mm guide rings
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