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  1. The Bortle scale is very good, but there are so many different local factors that make the difference within that. I’m in a Bortle class 4 area. The front of our bungalow has an old type street light across the road, due to the light pollution from the lamp, some less bright objects are not visible. At the rear it’s light shaded & with dark adaptation, the Milky Way is quite easily seen. After 1am the street lights turn off leaving it at something around Bortle 2. The skies are then amazing! I am lucky to live on an island in the Irish Sea, but still under fret of more street lamps, security lights etc from an every expanding town. Think people should eat more carrots, then there wouldn’t be the need for street lights
  2. Perfect for my MAK127 @johninderby, would love to buy it but your post is at the wrong time. Good luck with the sale!
  3. I doubt it. Don’t know the measurements of the ethos barrels, but I wouldn’t use my Morpheus that way in the diagonal. Wouldn’t try it as hitting the mirror with the 1.25 barrel at 45 degrees would probably damage the coatings. You can use parfocal rings on the barrel to set the depth if your brave enough though.
  4. That is certainly correct. The clicklock diagonal has a adds around 112mm, so can be a problem with inward (back focus) on some setups. Touch & go with my 80 mm frac. Can focus at distance at present, but not a lot of travel left & not had a break in the clouds to find out as of yet. Not a problem if so as can use it on my Mak & swop my T2 prism to the frac if needed.
  5. Hi Dantooine, diagonal only arrived on Tuesday & not had any clear skies since to use it, but build quality is the usual excellent for Baader accessories. The clicklock mechanisms are really easy to use & the clamping is strong. If you want to upgrade a diagonal, I would recommend looking at the Baader range.
  6. 2nd Baader clicklock accessory to arrive this week. 2-1.25 adapter for the clicklock diagonal. Thanks @Littleguy80.
  7. It is smart isn’t it. You must get a smile when using that Stub. Doesn’t even look home made, fantastic job!
  8. Baader clicklock diagonal in great condition, thanks to @Solar B. Couldn’t believe that it came up for sale in the ad’s the following day after I had put it on my wish list
  9. Postman brought my TS-Optics 2.6x GPC with full compensation of back focus for my binoviewers. Bought from 365 astronomy. Can now get focus with binoviewers in the 80mm f7 refractor with a 2” diagonal.
  10. Pm sent for clicklock adaptor. Thanks Andy
  11. Barry, I would persevere with the Starguider’s at present & not rush into buying anything yet. John is right in saying there isn’t a big jump between BST’s & the likes of Morpheus eyepieces like there is from stock to BST’s. I also have several Starguider eyepieces & can vouch for that. It shows how good they are for the money. Thanks Andy
  12. As John mentioned it is a slippery slope. I purchased a used Morpheus 14mm for a great price as I liked the look of them & wanted to try it out. I was hooked as soon as I used it. I have so far ended up with a 9 & 6.5 also ( bought used). They are a fantastic eyepiece & will add to the set as I can, but don’t come up for sale used very often. I did see a set of 5 Morpheus for sale on ABS today, ad price a bit wrong ( says £45000, think it supposed to be £450 ). If it’s correct that’s a good price for them.
  13. SW 150P. Easy to store & move around, but punches well above it’s weight. Fitted a auto focuser, Rigel quikfinder & 60mm RACI. Got some flocking & a handle for manoeuvring alignment still to fit.
  14. 1st light with my new TS-OPTICS 80mm F7 fpl53 doublet last night. Must say I’m impressed with my first experience with the scope. The views of Saturn and Jupiter where at time breathtaking. Taking it to 165x with a 6.5mm Morpheus & 2x focal extender it Coped extremely well. 1st adventure into fracs & glad I taken the plunge. (Sorry for the poor pics, taken in the dark with flash)! & thanks @Stu for the guidance in choosing the scope.
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