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  1. Postman delivered my Giant alt-az mount today. Thanks Zoltan! 1st inspection looks good!
  2. Recently acquired a MAK 127 & 2” dielectric diagonal thanks to 2 SGL members. Wanted a padded bag to keep them safe when not in use. Postman brought a Cobra case bag today at a bargain price of £18 delivered. Made for the job!
  3. Steve, had an hour this evening before dusk as the moon has been visible since this afternoon. Took a couple of pics with my iPhone 6 up against the lenses. Used BST 18,15 & 8mm with the 2x Barlow ( 72x, 87x & 162x) so you could see what to expect with them. The quality on the pics is not as good as by eye though. Cheers Andy.
  4. Thanks Craig, Fitting a Crawford Focuser has got to be the best upgrade for the scope. Will have to take a look at doing that some day. Did see a helical Focuser with around 30mm of movement that has T2 threads at base. Did think of trying it to see if I could get it to work with the heritage as wasn’t too expensive. Will definitely revisit this mod someday.
  5. That looks great Craig! Some good thinking gone behind that! Have you done anymore to the mod since the thread & how is working? Thanks Andy
  6. Hi Craig, I have seen a vid on YouTube of a 3D printed helical Focuser fitted. Looks really good. Not seen anything else though of modified Focusers on the heritage. Have you got any links to any mods? Thanks Andy
  7. There are plenty of people on here that will help you on the way. Lots also have the heritage scope as well. Good luck & enjoy it. Your starting the hobby right, I have only been doing it since the start of the year when I bought my son a small refractor at Xmas & I was hooked!
  8. A tip on the laser collimator. You need to check if it’s also collimated. It’s easy. I use the scope to check. Place the scope horizontal & put the laser on the dovetail. Switch it on with the red dot shining against a wall from a distance. Turn the laser & see in the red dot stays in position or rotates in a ️. If it does there a screws under sealant you adjust to get it right. Not had to adjust mine though
  9. That’s great, happy to help! The case is from allendale stores on amazon. Looks like you have the bug also
  10. Hi Steve, the flight case was from Amazon. Cost £29 delivered. Keeps my eyepieces & bits n pieces safe & in 1 place. Still plenty of room for more goodies . I have a shroud that I made from 2mm neoprene foam that goes around the outside, but the slide in shroud does look good & is always ready to go. No fumbling around in the dark to fit. There are lots you can do with this scope to better or make it easier to use. I have ptfe on my Focuser as it’s the only let down on the scope that’s not really possible to change. Although it still does it’s job, but there is play in the threads & also flex in the mount. Otherwise it’s a great scope with quality mirrors.
  11. Hi Steve, good choice of starter scope. Brilliant for the price & lots of non expensive mods can be done. I also have BST eyepieces & can highly recommend them. If you want to purchase 3 for starters, then I would say 8,12 & 18mm. I find these the best along with the 15mm in the range. The 5mm is good, but looks a bit soft compared to the others. Even though I still have had great views with the 5mm. I think I will purchase the 25mm to complete my set, but the 25mm that comes with the heritage is good. I use an Orion 2 x shorty Barlow & a Starguider laser collimator which can all be purchased along with the BST lenses from a eBay shop. I have flocked the tube of my scope & made a tripod for the dobsonion base. A light shroud can be easily made for the upper frame to stop stray light from entering. I think I will always keep this scope even if I upgrade, as it’s so easy to grab & go! I’m sure you will enjoy yours! Andy.
  12. I think this is the question that most newcomers ask when starting out. Expectations of what we are going to see are usually high, but in reality finding a target we are looking for is really hard or impossible. There are so many variables (seeing conditions, light pollution , etc) that make it hard to find what we are looking for. Also what we expect to see when we find the object ( picture of a bright galaxy) we have seen on the internet, when in reality we will only see a grey smudge when only using averted vision. There are lots of good star hopping videos to help locate targets on YouTube that have helped me find objects in the sky & good apps like SkySafari on App Store. Well calibrated finders are a must to navigate & I find using both Red dot & finder scope helps me a lot. Being in the darkest place possible, giving your eyes time to adjust & being patience the best advice I could give. I am new to this wonderful hobby also, since the start of the year. There is enough to see in the sky to last a lifetime. There are lots of helpful & knowledgeable people here to help when you need it also. Don’t give up, Good luck & enjoy ?
  13. Thanks Jeremy, totally understand quality maybe not the same or could be identical mount, but couldn’t find too much info when googling it on the net. No bad reports, so usually means it’s okay! Nice to hear some good reports. Thanks
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