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  1. Even though the forecast wasn’t great, I managed the 1st hour with pretty good skies before mist & damp came in. Got a few pics on the phone to keep as memories.
  2. Finishing touch to my eyepiece collection (for now at least ) thanks to @Dean Hale. Posted yesterday afternoon & delivered this morning offshore, brilliant.
  3. Happy birthday to me . ES 4.7 82 from fellow SGL’er @Size9Hex arrived safe yesterday, thank you Paul. Atlas of the Moon book, looking forward to reading more about my favourite target & a Sega flux planetarium from the wife so I can still stargaze on wet, cloudy & windy days, just like today.
  4. Couple of bits from FLO today. ADM dual clamp for my Ercole, hurricane blower & lens pen. Arrived offshore in 24hrs of ordering
  5. @Dantooine That’s how I started with the so called weakest link, then followed the 9 & 6.5 mm. On the look out for a 17.5mm that will complete my set ( for now at least ). Will be interested to see your thoughts on them as you have tested green & black!
  6. Hi badhex, I had a 20mm bar with 10mm thread, so put a 12mm adapter on. I use a IOptron 1.4kg weight. The tripod is a fotomate vt 2900. All makes for a good lightweight grab & go. Thanks Andy
  7. Hi Ags, I have the AZT6 also, but use a 1.4 kg counterweight. I mount a 80mm f7 or a MAK127 successfully with binoviewers & other accessories. It’s a very good travel mount especially when balanced.
  8. Thought it would be rude of me to not to purchase at 1/2 price from Amazon.
  9. Hi Barry, John @Telescope40 has the ideal RDF for sale now in ads section. Use the same myself.
  10. Turn for the 150p tonight. Misses took the picture at dusk while star testing after collimating. Turned off the garden light pollution as it went dark. Tested the newly acquired ES 24/68 on open clusters, fuzzies & nebula. Impressed with the eyepiece & I had forgotten how good the 150p is as not used for a while. Punches well above its weight.
  11. Reshuffle of my case today as the Starguider’s have been replaced over the last 2 years. Morpheus 6.5,9 & 14mm. Es 24/68. 2x Hyperflex 7.2-21 zooms, Baader BCO 10 & 18mm pair’s for the binoviewers. Baader 2.25 Barlow & ES 2” 2x focal extender. Some space left for a couple more to complete my set
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