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  1. The Skymax 102 is twice the focal length of the Heritage flextube 130 f5 so it will give half the field of view for any given eyepiece. The Skymax is very good for Luna and planetary views and brighter dso's are doable with good use of a decent finder. With respect to some dso's the Heritage would be better and the extra aperture helps. I had a Heritage 130 for a while and for all its simplicity (the helical focuser I ultimately found frustrating even though it works adequately) it performs surprisingly well. The Mak's build is very different, small, very portable but chunky and solid and for me has a nice feel to it. The two scopes are quite different but in the end they both deliver well enough.
  2. Yes, fair enough John, but it had crossed my mind that if quality control was an issue then it might apply to other scopes.
  3. Another thought is a 90 or 102 Mak. Smallish fov but cracking little scopes that will mount easily on a photo' type setup.
  4. If that's the case my 90mm is one of the better ones.
  5. I have the Opticstar AR90 f5.5 which sadly I don't think is sold anymore, but its a well made and good looking scope with quite a decent focuser. As you would expect there is some CA but its not objectionable (at f5.5) and it makes for a good grab n' go scope and gives some nice wide field views and Luna is better than you would expect. As a travel scope its pretty bullet proof - which helps.
  6. That's a useful link John. Some work has gone into compiling that table.
  7. A tricky one. Appearances are just skin deep and defining what a human should look like is a minefield I'd prefer not to walk into. However behaviour might be a pointer. What constitutes civilised behaviour, even allowing plenty of elbow room for differing opinions, may offer better clues. If "uncivilised" behaviour is an indicator to non-human presence, then Helen Sharman may have a point, in fact world wide infiltration looks certain.
  8. In the Lancashire/Yorkshire Pennine borders with all the wind, rain, hail etc colour isn't always a useful guide.
  9. I've visited Bacup a good many times and a couple of friends are from the town. In all the times in or around there I have to say the people I met were mostly humanoid.
  10. No No not at all, no connection at all, just that I don't go in for haggling much. I offer stuff at a reasonable price and likewise I don't quibble with others who sell equipment at reasonable prices.
  11. Perhaps this is where I have, on odd occasion, gone wrong. I've forgotten to add "no offers".
  12. Not too much to add to above. Most of my gear is second hand and has been good and I've sold good items at about the 60% price mark. Fair play both ways. There have been items I have tried to sell but have had no takers even though its been a good item at a more than fair price. Perhaps the market sometimes gets swamped by too many bargains when there is less money around. I have had items for sale and have had, frankly, insulting offers which I've politely (only just) refused. I'd rather keep an item than sell it for stupid money. On the other hand I have occasionally given an item to a worthy cause rather undersell it to somone who I suspect would resell it for profit. To put that into perspective though, I have found the vast majority of fellow astro' enthusiasts I've bought and sold from/to have been a pleasure to deal with and frequently the transaction is just the catalyst for ongoing chats about astronomy. Good and honourable people.
  13. An old but very capable 'scope with super optics. I have mine on a Giro/CG5 mount but that original wooden tripod looks really nice.
  14. Perhaps its personal preference. I'm not very tolerant of vibes that take more than a smidge to settle.
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