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    Astronomy, Walking, MotoGP, WWII aircraft history.
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  1. Alfian

    Mount for Skymax 90

    I've had a Skymax 102 on a sturdy photo tripod and a ball head, which worked reasonably well so with a proper altaz head like he one shown by @laudropb it shouldn't be an issue, and the 90 being half a Kg lighter should be fine. That said what about the SW Pronto Altaz mount with a 3Kg max load. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-az-pronto/sky-watcher-az-pronto-alt-azimuth-mount-tripod.html
  2. Alfian

    (Nice) things wrong with SGL

    Yes, a much used adage is that if you talk to yourself at least you get the right answers, but how do you know that they are right/ I while back I was really quite content with all my gear no need to spend ages looking at other stuff, reviews etc, yep - got it nailed. I was quite worried. It was just a phase, everything is back to normal now.
  3. Alfian

    Intoxicated Visitors

    I'm surprised he didn't suggest that NASA sent the probe to the sun at night, all that nonsense about heat shields. Amazing the useful alternative thinking or otherwise that the brain comes up with when suitably lubricated. When I worked at a local hospital, many moons ago, a suitably merry soul transferred onto a ward,took me to one side and in hushed tones explained a bullet proof way of creating perpetual motion, He was absolutely dead serious about it. Like yourself I played safe and sensible and just nodded and said "well I really don't know", but of course he did, unshakably so. Whether it would be any different in the morning when sober i'm not sure, but somehow doubted it. At least in your case you both went home happy.
  4. Alfian

    It's WotW day!

    Great music, but it's the voice of Richard Burton that really lifts it to something very special. I still have the vinyl LP, (and the CD) with its wonderful art work.
  5. I've only just got my 5mm and it hasn't seen light yet but I'm sure someone will comment.
  6. Excuse the off-topic, apologies if I've hi-jacked the theme, but discovered someone else using my avatar, or maybe vice-versa. I'll come up with something more personalised presently!
  7. Alfian

    The Telescope That You Never Got On With

    The Celestron 130EQ which got me going 6 years ago was good for that reason, but I was pleased to move on and I'll leave at that. I had a SW 150p f5 on an AZ4. In lots of ways a good set up and hard to fault, but somehow I never gelled with it, couldn't get enthusiastic about it which was a shame. Given that its a very "sensible" scope, which is probably why I bought it, (well it made sense to me at the time), I've even thought of re-visiting the experience but resisted so far.
  8. +1, I still have my a dog eared copy dating from 1965.
  9. Just to add my two pen'orth a bit late, the Altair Astro Lightwave LER 6mm was very nice when I had it, (and kind of regretted selling it) ,and as far as I can tell from the spec. and appearance it is very very similar to the WO SPL. https://www.altairastro.com/altair-lightwave-6mm-ler-1.25-planetary-eyepiece.html £39.00 for a Starguider is a cracking price.
  10. Might still be worth tapping the threads out on the leg to effectively clean the threads up, (easy job) the new winged bolt should then be a nice fit.
  11. Alfian

    Zoom Zoom

    Yes that's the one. They do a a "Lanthanum" version of this which has different lens configuration and I think is marketed under the Primaluce banner. I've come across some reference to it at iceinspace as being the same as a Williams Optics zoom, (clearly not the Zoom ii which is different altogether), but I have my doubts about that. It is clearly the same as the Omegon LE Super Zoom 8-24mm which seems to be discontinued but sold for a hefty £224, however I like the Omegon description: " Omegon Super LE eyepieces - The high quality zoom eyepiece One eyepiece with a range of magnifications - provided by the Omegon Super LE zoom eyepiece. But what distinguishes it from other zoom eyepieces is the optical quality. It provides a range of 8 -24mm at extremely high contrast - which is why it belongs to the Omegon Super LE eyepiece family. A pearl among zoom eyepieces!" A pearl among zoom eyepieces? I think their marketing man was having a good day.
  12. Alfian

    Eye health

    Sometimes I grate peeled sweet potatoes and cook them in with other veg ingredients, some herbs and light spices, yum.
  13. Alfian

    Zoom Zoom

    Yes I've read your interesting report about that John. I came very close to clicking on Baader barlow but then got distracted. One for another day.
  14. Alfian

    Zoom Zoom

    Thanks for those encouraging words Geoff. I never quite think of observing as "fun", perhaps too still, to quiet, but perhaps yes "fun" certainly adds another dimension to the process. Interesting to read of your session too. I have a 7mm (82 degree) Skywatcher Nirvana, which of course I didn't take out with me (!) as I was just playing around (having fun) with my new acquisition, that would have been interesting. The Nirvana is a cracking EP, I think I've posted some time ago, somewhere on here, that for me a 68 degree fov was plenty for me, well I have to confess that the 7mm 82mm porthole is surprisingly manageable. Unfortunately I don't think you can get a 6mm in that EP type.
  15. Alfian

    Zoom Zoom

    Although I don't really need a zoom eyepiece I've played with the idea of getting one, on and off, for a while now and on on an impulse I've bought this Altair LER 8-24 zoom second hand via ABS. Its a 9 element eyepiece and as you would expect its a bit of a lump but not quite as heavy as I expected. The zoom action is pretty smooth 24mm down to 12mm then it tends to stiffen a tad going down to 8mm although its inconsistent on that, perhaps temperature related? Optically I tried it out terrestrially in the ED100 and it was quite impressive though doing a quick comparison with a couple of fixed focal length EPs I would not say it was better, but I really wasn't expecting that. Last night, conditions were nothing special with a lot of thin cloud flowing around producing "milky" viewing, but I gave it a shot. Predictably results were mixed. Mars so bright showed as a bright orange disc with perhaps just a hint of the polar cap; Jupiter, quite low but equatorial bands visible but with no real detail; Saturn was better and though I willed the Cassini Division to suggest itself, it didn't but that was probably asking too much. What I found surprising was that playing around with magnifications and the quality of the view was that I often thought I was at a higher magnification than what I was when I looked at the barrel markings on the EP. Perhaps this is the value of a zoom in that you can go for what is best directly through the eyepiece as opposed to what you think should work. Anyway, its early days, but so far I'm happy.

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