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  1. Thunderbirds are go

    Should this be in Astronomy Lounge???
  2. skymax 127 eyepieces

    As far as I know Jules the 28mm max vision is a 2", the 24mm being the widest in 1.25". The MVs are nice EPs though, I have the 20mm and that's good.
  3. skymax 127 eyepieces

    Thanks John, just a thought.
  4. skymax 127 eyepieces

    Out of curiosity John, with a 2" adapter, 2" Diagonal and the heavier 2" EP, do you manage to get the 127Mak balanced OK? Given the relatively short length of the Mak and the correspondingly short dovetail I imagine this to push the limits of the scope to balance.
  5. Single EQ type flexi-slomo control

    Hi SS, thanks for that. Yes I was just about to click on one this afternoon when I thought it was worth seeing whether someone on the forum had one that we could do ourselves a mutual favour with!
  6. skymax 127 eyepieces

    The one that springs to my mind Jules is the ES 24mm/68 degree. The fov will be the same but the higher magnification should give increased contrast. in terms of a higher quality 32mm, perhaps see if anyone has a TV plossl they want to part with?
  7. Larger Exit Pupil

    I think this is the main factor for me that generally makes me stick to exits of 5mm or less. As a binocular fan used to wider fields of view I quickly found years ago that when trying to emulate the low power/wide field with my 'scope, the washed out grey views were not compelling.
  8. Looking for standard type flexi' slomo control for EQ3. Can be short or long. Anyone got one laying a bout doing nothing?
  9. The big reveal

    I'm not sure if AB is on holiday, but I've bought stuff since the move to Sweden and apart from (big) increase in postage and maybe the extra day that goes with it, I've had good service.
  10. My new Frac (widefield)

    Nice, Jules. Looks a really good match for the mount. Flowers look nice too.
  11. The big reveal

    Oooah Pretty! Lovely looking scope, and it looks much bigger than a 60mm.
  12. Sky at Night - cleaning gutters?

    Do you mean to say that putting a sample under an eyepiece and looking the wrong way down the scope won't work? Oooooo! In my experience speaking about a lady's age is a slippery slope, but weight? No way! You're right it must be you, but then again ......
  13. Just watched Sky at Night which focused on the Perseids. Is everyone cleaning their gutters out now? Enjoyable episode.
  14. Barlow advice (again)

    Thought I'd just highlight that my original request for help/advice regarding barlows has been resolved with the a purchase of a 7mm EP, as per my post a few days ago. That doesn't preclude you guys from running with the ball but if there is ongoing interest it might be worth someone starting a new thread such as "barlow vs focal extender" or something. Just a thought.
  15. Thanks John, nice report. Its always useful to be nudged into action when skies are not the best and just look and take pleasure in what can be seen.