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  1. Just realised I'd missed the link off on my last post, here's the one I was looking at: As you can see it is very similar to the one you mention. I suspect they will be the same apart from the flashy colour and you've got it a few quid cheaper. Looks OK so I hope it works out.
  2. Great images, impressed. I'm hoping to get started in Luna imaging sometime soon, if I could get any where near close to those I'd be a very happy bunny.
  3. Hi Jules, maybe not. I'm not not new to photography, I've had a few SLRs over the years and I am aware and grateful of the very helpful community we have. I suppose I'm just a bit of a book type that likes to read up!
  4. I have been fortunate to have been given some Amazon vouchers and anticipating a tentative foray into imaging, I thought Lunar imaging would be good. I love visual Luna observation anyway so it makes sense. Looking around for a book or two to help out I came across this one: Has anyone got this who could comment on how good/useful it is? I'd also looked at this one: Given I'll be using a DSLR and a non tracking mount (short exposures?) the description of this book seemed to fit. Again, anybody have any comments.
  5. Thanks Steve, yet another great review of a binocular that obviously lived up to its promise. We are so spoiled for choice of equipment these days.
  6. Hi Davy, I don't know how I missed those as I usually keep the for sale section well scrutinised! Both seem to have been sold.Thanks anyway.
  7. Hi Bagnaj97, thanks for the heads up on those. The last item looks good, and looks very similar to this one: 40 days shipping seems a long time, I'm not in a [particular hurry on this one so if nothing else pops up I might just give it a try.
  8. The Heritage is surprisingly good little package that optically is a good as the solid tube 130/f5s and it packs away to next to nothing compared to most scopes. Yes it does need something solid to sit on, a good solid garden table or similar. Its not hard to knock something sufficient up for very little. One useful thing is that because the OTA is dovetail mounted you could at some point buy an EQ2 mount (or Altaz for that matter)and use it accordingly. Bigger dob wise I think the 6" Skyliner is a good scope but as said by others 8" Dobs come up second hand pretty regularly.
  9. Pretty much any average to good photo tripod/mount will be better than the Travelscope original. You could opt for one of the better known names, but Amazon sell lots of stuff from suppliers you've never heard of, often the same or similar thing sold under various names. I bought a Ravelli tripod and ball head which has turned out to be a very good buy indeed, strong and functional and has given me a few years service and no doubt many more. However I can't see this one advertised on Amazon now but this one looks a similar kind of thing with a pan/tilt head and with a 5Kg payload it looks sturdy enough.
  10. Thats a great bit of kit. Here in the UK its here: Not the cheapest solution, but considering the extra kit that goes in a very useful one. Looks sturdy enough and would probably be a good long term investment. Even though I have a soft case, I might just put that one on my "purchase when I've got everything else" list.
  11. Yes, this works well Mike. I did the same job on my AZ4 using a counterweight bolt off a Celestron mount.
  12. Thanks again Steve for another useful review, interesting to note the differences between the 20x80 and the 16x70, not simply a bigger version. Looking forward to the biggy, that should be quite something.
  13. Hi Davy, yes thats the kind of thing I'm looking for. There are a few similar items available around the £40 mark but I was hoping 2nd hand I could cut costs a bit. If nothing else turns up I'll email Alan and see if and when stock is expected. Thanks again
  14. Looking for a vixen style dovetail clamp for a DIY project I have on the go. Doesn't need to be too flashy or expensive but would need to be sturdy enough to support a 150/750 reflector sized scope. Thanks for looking.
  15. I confess I've forgotten more chemistry than I've remembered, but knowing that it must have some relevant application, I couldn't resist looking it up, if indeed it could be. Brilliant! Nice! must remember that one.