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  1. Hi GM, I too have a soft spot for wide field views and in terms of "sweeping the sky" binos are ideal but once you get up to something like 20x80 or 25x100 you are getting into heavier mounted equipment with ever narrowing fields of view, good though they may be. I have an ED 100 and just part of the attraction is (that with being F9) I can use a 35mm/68 degree EP to get a 26x 2.6 degree view. A 40mm would give near 3 degrees. In my mind its quite a good sweet spot. Going "brighter" obviously means going bigger and at some point there is going to have to be a compromise. The ST120mm achromatic refractor will be brighter but at F5 maybe limiting the EP choice(sky condition, exit pupil) it will not go much if any wider and the quality of view may not be any better. There is also the ED120 option but that financially is a whole different ball game! A 6" Dob is a good scope and will give over 2 degrees using something like 38mm Panaview. That to my mind is a pretty good setup. However if you're set against a Dob and considering the mount you have then you are left with Shane's sensible and logical suggestion, a 150P/F5. A 28mm/68 degree EP will give 2.5 degrees and a 5.5 exit which is doable with good conditions. Not expensive second hand (I've just sold one!) and you could try it, find out whether it suited your needs and if it did, good, but if it didn't you could sell it and I doubt whether you would lose much if any money.
  2. Thats a new one to me, useful. thankyou.
  3. Congratulations, thats all looking good for you (both), just need some clear skies now.
  4. I Thanks. I think I have just asked myself the question " if its a lovely clear night (or even reasonably clear) tonight which 'scope am I going to use? I have also just bought a 127Mak! For that kind of aperture and focal length, I think the ED100 will always trump the Tal, so as much as I'm attached to it what's the point? Additionally, the Tal pier, though good and its weight plays a part in that, I am finding less easy to manage than I used to. All that said I won't grieve too much if no one is interested although I do have a contingency plan. We'll see how it works out.
  5. Yes, its funny how mums encourage you to take up a hobby and then when you do, niggle about dusting models. I could never quite understand that. Those early days of space exploration was so exciting and then came Apollo and the Saturn V, still magnificent.
  6. I can think of certain parallels but perhaps best not go there.
  7. The important things money can't buy. Its all priceless and you give it all to one another for free. Best wishes to both of you.
  8. That's really nice. I, like many teenagers at the time, built the Airfix Saturn V and it was a big thing and I was proud of it. That "kit" though is something else.
  9. I can understand folk cursing the moon when it lights up the sky when you are looking for other things, but I love the moon and find so much to see. Feature rich I think is the expression and so much more.I am only just beginning to think of dipping my toe in luna photography so images like that just do it for me, well done.
  10. Superb, inspiring stuff.
  11. Time for a "colorful metaphor"?
  12. I'm testing the water a little here. I'm thinking of selling my Tal 1. I've put a lot of effort into refurbishing and modifying it to the way I've always wanted and on the whole am pleased with the result. Its a bit of a one off, I think as Tal 1s go, having a focuser that will accept most (maybe any) 1.25" EPs and its now right handed! It works well, its nice to use, gives good views and its a doddle to keep collimated. Its built like a tank and with care it will probably see me out! I bought it (second hand) mainly for the pier mount as I was pretty fed up with my Celestron 130EQ bouncing around with every tiny nudge and its proved to be a better scope all round. Having now done all this I have an ED100 and the Tal1 is a bit redundant! In addition I'll confess that I'm getting to a certain age where lugging a heavy piece of Russian hardware around is feeling more like a chore. So is anyone interested in giving my Tal a new loving home, its not perfect cosmetically, (but not bad for its age, 1997 I think) and what I have done to it won't be everybody's taste, but there it is. Given the work I've put into it and for what it is and for what it can do I don't feel I can ask less than £100. I'd rather keep it than give it away. I still can't believe I'm doing this, but anyone interested? PS Any prospective purchaser will definitely need to collect. See link for further details and pictiures.
  13. Found - thanks Mike.
  14. Just a passing thought on the idea of 2" visual back on a 127 Mak. This surely lengthens the light path which may compromise the focusing. When I put a 2" focuser on my TS80 I needed to shave 10mm off the tube to be able to focus again. I am assuming (?) the 127 Mak focus travel will cope with this change.
  15. I'm looking for a decent 1.25" diagonal for use on a Maksutov 'scope. A nice Circle T prism would be good, but I'd consider a dielectric. Not looking to spend big which rules out high end items, Televue etc. What do you have?