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  1. Baader Classic Ortho 18mm

    Like mine too, a mighty little EP.
  2. SLV 15mm withdrawn from Sale
  3. 20mm Vixen LV eyepiece

    I think the LV 20 will be a 50 afov. My 9mm is a 50 but my 6mm is a 45. An extra 5 degrees is worth having. Good luck with the search.
  4. Kit for travelling

    Very nice indeed, seeing the Giro on the Gitzo made me think of a lightweight alternative to my own setup but will have to look at something more modest, unless I get lucky.
  5. Kit for travelling

    The Tal1 is a bit rustic and its focuser (even if you have a later model) has its limitations but the essential optics are very good indeed and particularly great luna views. They are pretty bullet proof too so tailor made for outreach/group work.
  6. Kit for travelling

    Stu, out of curiosity what tripod are you using in the pics.
  7. Kit for travelling

    I have had a Tal1 and various Tal mount bits. The Tal 1 Pillar mount is very good and tank barrel sturdy but not really suitable for lugging around and definitely wouldn't take to soft ground. I did modify one Tal 1 mount so it would a standard EQ5 type tripod and it works quite well BUT it can then not be remounted back on the pillar. Fortunately I had another mount so that wasn't a problem for me. There is another solution though and is that the Tal1 OTA can be fitted with tube rings from a 114mm reflector and mounted onto a standard Vixen style dovetail. The OTA can then be mounted on a steel legged AZ4 (which I also once had) and this works very nicely. An AZ4 would then give you something of an upgrade path. The Skywatcher Explorer 150p goes well (imo) on the AZ4 although the 200p might be a bit much. You could substitute an EQ5 for the AZ4 if you particularly favour EQ mounts and that would solve that one.
  8. I'm a bit ambivalent about the ST120. I had a look at (not through) one a while back and it certainly looks the part but it is quite a chunky scope and way bigger than the ST 102 which is much more a grab 'n' go. So, OK its a wide field scope, I like wild field views, but how much so compared to the others? With half an eye (pun unintended) on useful exit pupil a 28mm/68 degree EP will give 3.1 degrees. The Evostar 1000 with a 40mm/68 will give 2.7 degrees. A smallish difference but at F8.3 the Evostar will give less CA and at the other end of the spectrum you will get some decent magnification without maybe resorting to a barlow, so I know which one I'd have between those two. Exit ST120.
  9. Full Moon in pyjamas

    Nice report, just shows that any opportunity, no matter how unlikely, is worth seizing because you just never know. I'm really surprised though that "Full moon in pyjamas" hasn't attracted some amusing comment. I do wish I could draw cartoons. Moon, telescope, enthusiastic astronomer, pyjamas, weak elastic or poorly tied waist band etc.
  10. Curses, early bird catches the err luna worm. Enjoy it John, will expect even better images. Just remembered that I still have some credit left from an amazon voucher and wondered what to get. Many thanks.
  11. If you only had one ??

    That's fair, however I wasn't especially thinking of including a "favourite" scope as personal preferences could be quite tested if given, in reality, a particular line up of scopes to choose from. The OP must clearly have a reason for choosing these 4 scopes, but I couldn't help but think that if an 8" Dob was on the list, the very popular and much recommended 'scope would have had a big vote.
  12. If you only had one ??

    I voted for the ED120, not that I've ever used one, but given that I have the ED100 and can't see myself parting with it, the choice was reasonably clear given the limited list. Where aperture is king I suppose the 200p would be the only choice but I have something of a probably irrational aversion to f5 reflectors so that was out and can't imagine either of the other two competing with the ED120 even given any possible variability in quality. The list could/should have been a bit wider, then a really good debate would have ensued. What should have been on the list?
  13. This isn't the best representative photo of a TS80 as I've modified it somewhat to fit a 2" r&p focuser which I happened to find. I 'm a bit of a sucker for wide field views and with my 35mm EP I can get almost 4 degrees, but I'll admit it was a bit unnecessary as the standard 1.25" focuser and a 32mm plossl will give 2.75 degrees which is plenty enough for most things. It also makes the scope tail heavy, hence the DIY counterbalance on the diagonal. The standard 1.25" focuser is no moonlite but its sturdy and with the usual removal of the chinese glue and regreasing and adjusting its OK. The 2" pictured had a bit more slop than I liked but with some work its now smooth enough. The TS80 with a 1.25" prism diagonal/helical focuser would work quite nicely.
  14. +1 for the TS80 (600/f7.5), a very capable scope for not much money.