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  1. Alfian

    7x50 binos?

    Apologies for tardy response Peter. Although I like wide field views I would prefer a narrower afov if that gives good sharpness across much of the fov. It costs more to produce a good wide fov EP than something like a 52 degree one so it a lot to expect at a modest price point that a wide afov bino field sharpness isn't going to fall of the cliff. You gets what you pay for ! That said, to pick up on your point, tunnel vision isn't much fun either especially on a low power bino. My Pentax 20x60 has a 2.2 degree fov (a 44 degree afov) but they are a binoculars that has a particular niche use so imo the end justifies the means. I had looked at the Opticron SR GA 8.5x50 which looks a good binoculars but has an afov of only 42.5 degrees. Sadly no. Current thinking is the Hawke Frontier 8x43 if I can push the budget or possibly the Celestron Trailseeker 8x42 which although not "ED" seems to have some impressive endorsements. interestingly both have a wide fov anyway! We will see.
  2. Alfian

    7x50 binos?

    Ahem oops er ...yes.
  3. Alfian

    7x50 binos?

    thanks for that recommendation. There is quite number of 8x42 binos on the market and I feel to have window shopped on the net through all of them. The Frontier ED looks good but in the Hawke range I think the Endurance is nearer my budget. Harking back to my Williams Optics binos, they had something of a wow factor every time I used them so, although my various binos are pretty good, its maybe that that I'm looking for and no doubt that will cost. I've measured my exit pupil (edit -dilated pupil) as well as I can and to my surprise its 5.5 -5.7 so I know where I'm at with it. In theory therefore a 7x will result in a 40mm max aperture.
  4. Alfian

    7x50 binos?

    Thanks Steve, yes thats a very sensible idea. I've never properly measured my EP so I'll give it a go.
  5. Alfian

    7x50 binos?

    My Helios binos are the quantum 4s, a very good 2nd hand buy. They were much better than expected. Interesting that the 8x40s are used over the Strathspeys as I understand the latter are nearer 40mm than 50mm. My Opticron 10x42s are very good but not as "bright" as I am hankering for. Maybe that difference in exit pupil is the key. Maybe its my eyes! The WO 10x50 EDs (ba8) I had were superb but heavy and the eye relief was insufficient. Perhaps a pair of 8x40-42 (ed?) would be good.
  6. Alfian

    7x50 binos?

    I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to spend time in a dark sky location and although I have useful collection of binoculars I keep running over the idea of getting some 7x50s. There is the logical (sensible?) part of me that says given my age and diminishing pupil limitations that an 8x42/3 would make much more sense. In short I am looking for good light grasp bino with good optics, but hand holdable for older hands. I'm wondering whether in practice any fellow stargazers of 65+ age find any advantage in using 7x50s. I'll confess to being drawn to the Opticron Marine 3 BIF GA 7x50s at FLO although I am open to other suggestions up to £200 and not too heavy.
  7. Alfian

    Moon 29-09-18

    Nice one John, sharp and contrasty.
  8. Alfian

    Cracking clear night.......what to do.

    A beautiful night here last night especially to the east looking to Perseus and Cassiopeia. A nice bonus was that it wasn't cold! M31 quite extensive even with modest binos. Short session, sadly, due to busy day today but enjoyable.
  9. Alfian

    Shall we get rid of the moon?

    If we got rid of the moon a big section of my astro library would become worthless.
  10. I couldn't say with any measurable certainty how good the skies are on a good night at Malham but the clearest skies I have ever seen have been in Galloway.
  11. Alfian

    Book Review: The Moon- Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock

    I've just bought this too and although I've only just skimmed it I think the review is a tad harsh. Maggie makes reference to the TV program she did on the moon and it is clearly a much expanded rendition of that. Her writing style is very much a representation of her self confessed passion for the moon and that might be irritating to some but its hard to condemn. The book is advertised at £9.99 but I bought it on line for much less than that so I didn't expect glossy pictures and given that its a well presented hardback I reckon its very good value for money. Given the Sky at Night connection its no great surprise that its written to be accessible by " beginners" so again I'm not going to condemn it for that, but I think from what I've perused so far, non-"beginners" might enjoy it too.
  12. Alfian

    S@N Moon map

    Thanks Dave. I should point out that I had mine laminated to A3 size, ie folded in half (north/south) so the east/west are on front and back. It maybe spoils the poster image but it makes it much more usable in a practical way rather than managing something more sail like.
  13. It depends on what you mean by "truly" visible.So much depends on conditions. On one of those exceptional nights here on top of the Pennines the Milky Way is easily visible as a myriad of stars (not just a vague blur) and wonderful through binoculars, but in terms of resolution I couldn't say - so at Malham and Swaledale that I know quite well, it follows that with the undoubted darker skies there, it would be better still. I've had several trips to Galloway (not far from the dark sky park) over the past 12 months and on a clear night the Milky Way is an astounding sight and a bit of an education as to what a difference dark sky makes.
  14. Alfian

    S@N Moon map

    Although I have quite a lot of reference stuff on the moon, I couln't resist the chance of free moon map. The map is really quite good, in fact rather than see it get damaged, as it just paper, f I've had it laminated at a local printers. It cost me £1.60 and is well worth it. Thanks S&N.
  15. Alfian

    AZ5 Tripod Verdict?

    I have this tripod/extension as part of the Avant lightweight mount. The intention was to use the Avant on my photo tripod which is quite hefty. In practice that combination is not substantially better than the standard Avant tripod/extension which is slightly awkward way of saying that it is better than I thought it would be. However the given maximum payload for the Avant is 3 kg whereas the az5 is 5kg and I reaĺly would not want to use the tripod anywhere near that higher payload. Having owned a steel legged az4 I can vouch that it is in different league in terms of stability but it is is considerably heavier. We can't have it all! I guess everything will hinge on the scope that is going on the az5.

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