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  1. Hi Mike, having had tbe Mak127 I would tend to agree with Steve's comments. A 32mm plossl (Revelation/GSO?) will give you the max' fov you will get and with the Mak you will need that. Given that "slow" scopes like the Mak are not too fussy about eyepieces I can understand the idea of a zoom (and I have one) but on your budget I would stick with another plossl and 12mm giving 125x is useful on the moon and the eye relief won't be too tight. You should get both second hand for under your £50. After that I'd save some more cash and get an 18mm BCO and an 8mm Starguider.
  2. These very nice binos are still for sale.
  3. Still for sale - reasonable offers?
  4. I had a very similar problem with my new 130EQ some years ago when I first got back into astronomy. I bought a cheshire but found the collimation cap worked just as well and was simpler so I wouldn't bother with one.The secondary adjustment was a pain not helped by the fact that the focuser tube was not running true because a couple of the teflon guides were out of place. I pretty much had to start from scratch, like yourself, getting the mirror position correct and then fine adjusting it. but it got sorted in the end, just taking it a step at a time. Once the secondary was good the primary is easy. I centre spotted the primary OK using the paper method. Fortunately once the collimation is sorted the 130EQ holds it pretty well, just the occasional tweak on the primary.
  5. Alfian


    That looks a mighty scope. I suspect the Tal2 mount will be insufficient but couldn't say for sure. Might make an interesting basis for a home made dob project.
  6. Alfian

    Some people...

    I'm currently trying to sell my Pentax binoculars for what I think is a very fair price. I've had two replies asking if they were still for sale to which I politely gave an affirmative. No reply, not a "sorry, I'm no longer interested' which would have been fine. I then had some very positive interest, could collect, but then offered me 2/3 rds the asking price. I try to be polite and fair but some people push it. (I should also point out that I've had a positive reply from a SGL member but it didn 't work out for mutually agreed reasons and thats fine)
  7. Alfian

    Best book on Solar system (mainly non solar)

    That looks good shane I might just gi e that a go myself. Thanks
  8. Alfian

    Who needs the clouds when...

    Just needs a pilot to go into holding pattern circle somewhere in there.
  9. Alfian

    Who needs the clouds when...

    I cant be sure but I think contrails are now classified (officially?) as clouds. Its a pretty similar sight here but no striking cross formations. Looks like it could be clear later too. Hope I haven't jinxed that. No it won't be clear.
  10. Alfian

    What did the postman bring?

  12. Alfian

    Thank you all

    Nice collection there Phil, glad you got the focuser sorted out to your satisfaction.
  13. The Rigel 35mm is to my best knowledge a clone of the SW Aero EP. I have been very impressed with the way it has performed in my ED100 which I now no longer have, hence the sale. Makes a great wide field EP. In very good condition and comes with original box. I'm asking £50 collected or £55 posted (tracked/signed for). Payment by PayPal.

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