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  1. Yer meen, "Git yer eepees 'ere .....luvverly nagglas ....
  2. Yes, its pretty frustrating. I've barely been able to give the ED100 anything like a proper outing, and not even had a chance to wince between the clouds with the binos. Cloud, mist, fog, rain, sleet, occasional brightness - what is that orange glow in the sky? Its occurred to me that some people who live at lower altitudes when I say "cloud" they will think in terms of clouds up there passing over. For some of us on some days, cloud means being in the cloud. Very occasionally, (usually early winter mornings) the skies are clear blue above, but we are gazing down onto the cloud that lies in the valley bottom, very nice, but with time the cloud rises and once again we are in it! Oh well, patience, patience.
  3. Hi Mike, it's a pain! There have been quite a few times in the past weeks, when the afternoon and early evening has been good to the point where I got quite excited. Then, you got it, as the sun goes down the clouds roll in. Sometimes I think someone somewhere has got an odd sense of humour.
  4. Just make sure that the good lady is an astronomer. Inviting a prospective to "come home and see my telescopes" should sort it out one way or another. If you see a glint in her eye then you could be onto something good!
  5. My 100ED/AZ4 is currently parked in our Lounge (front room, sitting room, call it what you will) and fortunately my good lady views it as a piece of modern sculpture, I think, and so it is. I am, however, very (very) sure that having a sculpture park like yours Gus ,beautiful as it is, might be asking a tad too much.
  6. Fascinating and thought provoking stuff.
  7. A bit of shame we don't live just a little bit closer Jules, we could pool resources. If we get anything like a settled clear spell, we'll have to sort something out! John, it would indeed be good to see you at Usher Gap.
  8. My good lady recently bought me a pair of neoprene fishermans gloves from a well known budget supermarket that had them on offer, (about £5.00 I think), thinking that they would be good for Astro work. A very kind thought. They are a little bit similar to these, except all finger tips are open. I have yet to try them out in practice but they feel comfortable enough.
  9. Good point. One thing that surprised me about the 10x42s, I don't know why, was how much more compact they felt than a 10x50, but still a very capable binocular. They gather a bit less light, yes, but maybe a useful trade off in terms of weight and size.
  10. The "narrow" afov converts to a 5 degree fov which many people do not find to be a problem. The iMagics have a 55degree afov and they are just fine, there is no sense of tunnel vision. I have the Pentax 20x60 which has a 2.2 degree fov which is narrow and they are a bit of a specialist instrument, and whilst there is a bit of knack to using them, I would not describe them as troublesome to use.
  11. To some extent its a question of preference. Going back a few years I think said the self same thing and bought the Williams Optics 10x50s which has a 6.3 degrees fov and is indeed a very good binocular. However, my mainstay binocular is now the Opticron iMagic 10x42 which is 5.5 degrees and in practice I find this is plenty wide enough. It should also be remembered that in the case of the Pentax the 50 degree afov gives a 5 degree fov that is sharp almost edge to edge. The Nikon Action Ex 10x50 which many people like for its wide fov has, according to reviews a visually sharp fov that is marginally less than the Pentax. The WO 10x50 is very sharp across much of the fov but certainly not edge to edge. Like I say I think its a matter of preference and perhaps emphasizes the usefulness of trying binoculars before you buy, if that is at all possible.
  12. For sale Antares Long barreled 3x MC Barlow Lens 1.25" in good condition. £20 incl. P&P (UK)
  13. Thank you gabhar -sale now pending.
  14. For sale: Skywatcher Supper Plossl 25mm (1.25") MC eyepiece, 52 degree afov, in good condition. A nice step up from the usual eyepieces supplied with many new telescopes. £17 incl P&P (uk)