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  1. I have to say my experience of the 9mm Skywatcher version of this eyepiece (66 degree SWA) was not so good in the f5 reflector I used at the time, and though it's probably not correct to compare different focal lengths, optically it wasn't a patch on my 15mm Vixen plossl. For longer focal length scopes it may be OK though. Admittedly it was better than the 10mm EP that came with the scope but thats not saying too much.
  2. Jules, you are welcome to try my 127 Mak on the star discovery to see how stable it would be.
  3. Jules, I don't know much about Gotos but the EQ3 Pro Syncscan with a 1.75" steel tripod looks like it would be a good setup but adding that up comes to over £500 and you wind up with an ali' tripod you don't need. A few years ago I saw Ian Morrison demonstrating what I'm pretty sure was a variant of the Ioptron Cube and it was impressive. I don't know how it would handle the 127 Mak but its a similar price to the Syncscan and has a steel tripod. I don't see Ioptron stuff mentioned much, I don't know whether there is a particular reason for that.
  4. Hi Andrew is the Vixen still for sale?
  5. Thats interesting. I'd looked at the DXs after reading a review of one of the smaller models, then came across another review on CN of the 12x56 by someone who clearly had a large collection of binos (to which he could compare them) and seemed to know what he was talking about. He really rated them. Its a bit unusual for a bino in that price bracket for the outer 50% to be that bad and wonder whether you got a "bad" example. Quality control is not always that good amongst some binoculars and it makes me wonder, given the clearance of the DXs, whether they have suffered in this way.
  6. Not cheapskate ........eminently sensible if you have the opportunity and the inclination.
  7. With all due respects to our sponsors, Telescope House are showing both the 30mm Vixen NPL and the 32 mm Revelation Plossl in stock, and come to that also the ES 24/68 but at £135 thats another matter. Another consideration given that you mentioned a 25mm, would be the ES Maxvision 20mm/68 degree which will give a slightly wider fov than a 25mm plossl and is an excellent EP for the money. Bresser are selling these at 60 euros which is a good deal. That said I still think a 30/32mm is a better idea but, according to my maths, you are looking at the difference between 0.9 and 1.1 degrees!
  8. Thats a really nice buy for someone, especially with the Moonlight.
  9. You could do a lot worse than a Revelation (GSO) 32mm plossl for £32.00 or a Vixen NPL 30mm plossl at £39.00
  10. Thats a good turn done Gus, well done. I've just dug my old 130EQ ota out as I'd forgotten what it looked like. Your comments on the focuser are spot on. All the plastic shrouding on the focuser is a bit unnecessary but with a bit of tinkering can be made to work very smoothly. Trust' - if you are effectively doing a rebuild on the 130EQ, its really worth putting a standard Synta style finder shoe on the scope as the the Celestron red dot finder is .... politely put ... not very good at all. It might also be worth flocking or partially flocling the tube. Oh and it would be useful to centre mark the primary mirror. Just another thought, the CG3 mount which is really another version of an EQ2 is about on the limit to support the 130mm ota. In use its worth making sure everything tightened up well (but don't over tighten). A weight on the spreader gives a little more stability, but again not too much as the spreader is plastic and a little fragile. If you get on OK with the scope, an upgrade to an EQ3 will make a big difference if you could pick one up 2nd hand.
  11. Fingers crossed, Jules.
  12. Have a look on astroboot, (bolts,screw,knobs section)? There looks to be some M6 and M8 knobs.
  13. I have that one too Shane and paid a similar price. It has that slightly old yellowing page look to it but a very useful little book.
  14. Cleaning the primary mirror really isn't a big deal, though I suppose anything above 8" becomes a bigger proposition. A primary needs to be quite dirty before you need to worry about it, and shining a light down the tube to see dust reflected off every dust particle is not a good way to judge things. Given your scope is still pretty new I think it unlikely it needs attention just yet.