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  1. Orion Eyepiece Bag £17.50

    Hi Helen, could I bag this please? PM sent
  2. Must be getting my Mojo back

    Glad to hear you are getting back into the groove Jules. These mojos can be pesky critters to keep a handle on! The GSO 150/F6 (Altair equivalent?) looks a very nice scope. I'm guessing that the possible lack of in-focus could be resolved by moving the primary a tad which shouldn't be too hard.
  3. Morning Luna

    Well done Jules, thats a nice one. I've noticed over the last day or two that the morning seeing conditions are much steadier than in the evening and luna views are good.
  4. Skywatcher Star discovery AZ mount

    Sad to be seeing this go Jules, yet another casualty of the dreaded LP and weather. Really hope and trust you keep some gear for star camps or those odd good nights. A bargain buy for someone, especially with the pier adaptation.
  5. 150p f/8 Skywatcher Dob

    Indeed, thats a bargain for someone, a very good Xmas pressy for a budding astronomer.
  6. Ball Head

    I have one very very similar (clone) to this and it works well. Once used it to mount a 102 Mak on a sturdy photo tripod and it held very well even at 90 degrees. Not the ideal setup compared to a proper astro' mount but served the purpose well enough. Should hold the Canon well I would have thought.
  7. Lovely skies at last!

    Nice report Stu, the 130P is a surprisingly capable little package. When I had mine (now moved on to a new home) I initially really disliked the helical focuser, then somewhat begrudgingly conceded that it did the job reasonably well, and then had to climb off my high horse even further to admit that with just a little practice fine focus was quite easy! I found the position of the finder a tad awkward sometimes but apart from that a great value for money scope.
  8. Wow, a dark sky!

    I've just returned from a trip to Galloway, and although where we was staying was not in the official dark sky park, apart from a few distant street lamps it was DARK. On two nights it was mostly clear and the milky way just stood out so prominently to the naked eye it was good to just to drink it in. I knew exactly where M31 was and tried to convince myself there was a faint fuzziness but wouldn't swear to it. Conditions were not perfect so on a good night it would have been really something. Like yourself Alan, the next time, some kits going with me!
  9. Cloud yet again

    Skies are looking promising Jules so indeed hope it goes well. Its an all to familiar occurrence when clear skies and opportunity to enjoy them don't coincide.
  10. New puppy naming challenge

    What a cutie. Have a lovely life Nellie.
  11. Baader Classic Ortho 6mm(18mm & 10mm Sold)

    Thats a nice buy for someone. If you decide to split them, which admittedly would be a shame, I'd be interested in the 18mm.
  12. New puppy naming challenge

    Raking around on the 'net I came across the Chabot Space Centre (Oakland, California) where they have a "new" 36" reflector called "Nellie". You can watch her having her mirror cleaned. Puppies and cleaning definitely go together! http://www.chabotspace.org/nellie.htm
  13. Show Us Your Binoculars.

    Aren't they just something. Nice.
  14. Singularity origin?

    I wonder if somewhere in a multiverse there is a Manchester that isn't cloudy - ever?
  15. Singularity origin?

    An Interesting thought Shane. I can just about bend my mind around the question but my brain doesn't bend far enough for an answer. It will be interesting to see what the astrophysicists amongst us come up with.