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  1. Alfian

    Wide field low power for st80

    .. but huge exit pupil?
  2. Alfian

    Show Us Your Binoculars.

    1976 - the year of standpipes in the streets and reservoirs reduced to near muddy pools. The rain was very welcome.
  3. I'm no expert optics but I don't think there is anything wrong using a well configured spherical at longer focal lengths (f7.5+?), my old Tal 1 was brilliant, but at F5 it doesn't work well.
  4. Like Knighty' I have a Celestron 130eq OTA gathering dust somewhere and my experience was similar. As to whether it has a parabolic or spherical primary, I have read comments arguing for both. An F5 spherical primary is not a good idea and it's hard to believe that Celestron would market such a 'scope when the competition uses a pretty decent parabolic item. It's all a bit academic because if you are in the market for a 130 f5 just buy the Skywatcher. Regarding the items on the attached image, I would look to buying optical equipment from proper specialist suppliers who know about and can give advice about astronomy gear.
  5. Alfian

    Bresser NT150L OTA planetary newt

    Sad this hasn't worked out for you Jules. Looks a good scope and the focuser particularly. I would have been tempted myself but feel to be going smaller rather than bigger. A bargain for someone though.
  6. I am fortunate to already have a SW 100ED on a Giro mount and this not going anywhere soon, perhaps ever (famous last words) and it would be logical to pair it with a largish dob. An 8" (f6) Dob would do nicely but as we are dealing with "what if/maybe's" The Orion XT8g Goto flavour would be OK. However, in reality logic doesn't always play fair and the way things are with me I would get more/better (?) use from a small lightweight grab 'n' go setup. With that in mind and without being too greedy, the TS 72mm f5.5 FPL-53 looks OK, although the SW 72ED looks the more likely, all on a good stable Altaz/photo tripod mount - Giro mini?. Not too much to ask for?
  7. Your welcome Piero. Now you know what you need you should be able to find some on 'net. Failing that you could cut (carefully) longer bolts down.
  8. Alfian

    It's the same Moon...

    Totally off topic, but it reminds me of an old joke about two drunks having an argument. They stopped a passer by and said " sorry pal but can you settle an argument? Is that the sun or the moon up there? The passer replied, "don't ask me, I don't know, I don't come from round here"!
  9. Hi Piero, I recently added a second Baader dovetail clamp to my Giro II, which I appreciate is a different and bigger beast, and the 20mm M6 was just fine. I imagine you will be pretty safe with the same. I have a couple of spare ones that I could put in an envelope to you. PM me if that would help.
  10. Completely understand the never say never sentiments but I find it hard to visualise parting with my 32mm Revelation/GSO plossl which I've had almost from day 1 and has proven so useful, and my 18mm BCO which is so good. They are nothing very exotic but just do all that I want of them. The rest of my collection is just fine too, but who knows how things will go.
  11. Alfian

    Tal-1 modification

    I've dug the focuser out John and checked it out but I wouldn't want anything for it, its not much use to me, postage costs would cover it. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow (and PM it to you) and you can compare it with what you have and you will perhaps be able to gauge whether it will be of use. With the 1.25" Tal 1focuser you will not need to shorten the tube. However, if you did decide to replace it with another you almost certainly would need to move the mirror forward a smidge. Cutting the bottom off the tube is NOT an option as the Primary mirror cell will not then fit, see my write up. Using longer bolts and heavier springs is probably the easiest way. Needless to say I chose a more involved method!
  12. Alfian

    Tal-1 modification

    I'm guessing but fairly sure that a pre 94 Tal 1 will not accept standard 1.25" eyepieces and the Tal 1 items that will fit will be like hens teeth. It would be worth borrowing a 1.25" EP first if you can before buying anything. I hope on wrong on this! The focuser that came with the later Tal1 will take bog standard plossls, kellners but not much else. The focuser on my Tal1 was quite stiff, and though adjustable I could never get quite as smooth as I wanted, hence the transplant that I did shown in my post above. This is not a straight forward swap, as you will see, but it can be done. I have my old focuser somewhere around, I think, which I'm guessing would go on your scope more easily than anything else. If you get stuck for any other solution, you would be welcome to it. Let me know if I can help any more. The Tal1, assuming mirrors etc are all OK, is a great scope and can give some very rewarding views. @AndyH is the real "Tal man" on here and may also be able to lend an opinion/help.
  13. Reassuring words, Geoff thanks. Electronic stuff does tend to be pretty reliable these days, except in my experience electric kettles and irons! I have an old spare backup computer, 2006 I think, that still works just fine, and not that slow and regarding your last comment, as one who has built my own PCs for that last 20+ years, the building blocks are pretty simple, like Lego. I was just curious how this combination of chips, GPS and motors and weight loading bearings, I assume, stand up to the rigours of use over time. Seems like there is not too much to worry about.
  14. Yes, you're right it's can be added as an extra, so could be bought separately. More food for thought!

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