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  1. Lovely telescope. Did it come with a complimentary deer stalker and monacle?
  2. I did the same focuser mod on a p150i ota I picked up cheap as a customer return. It transformed the telescope. However with the added weight of the hefty focuser and an eyepiece, the balance point was knocked off so the fixed dovetail was removed and tube rings were fitted too. Overall not the cheapest upgrade but a fun project and the scope did work well on the AZGTI and AZ5.
  3. The rating of the AZGTI on any tripod is 5kg max. Preferably less. You will read anecdotes suggesting it can take more but from my own personal experience, less is more. The 9kg rating with a steel tripod relates to the AZ5, and that's over ambitious! I wouldn't go past 6.5 for reasonable performance. To the op, if you really want a 150mm newtonian mounted on goto, the cheapest out of the box option would be to simply sell the Heritage and pick up the Skywatcher Star Discovery P150i.
  4. Good luck with that, but I imagine that tiny old Nexstar mount will be begging for mercy.
  5. There was a similar thread recently on the same subject. Your predicament isn't unusual. Downsizing isn't downgrading.
  6. The dob will give you a great view. Orion really is a bright, spectacular target and easy to find. For those reasons it's probably the most photographed deep sky object too.
  7. Having owned alt az mounted 130mm & 150mm newtonians, an 8" dob, a 120mm f5 achro refractor, a 102mm Maksutov and an EQ(and alt az) mounted 102mm ED refractor I'd have to choose the 102ED & EQ goto mount as my favourite 'do all' combination considering the urban environment I observe in. However, in the future I'll highly likely pick up a 120mm f7.5 apo doublet. Not crackers expensive, easy to mount on my existing kit and that little bit extra light grasp.
  8. Unfortunately work tomorrow prevents me enjoying a longer night. The mount was set up before dusk and the second I could see Polaris, the mount was two star aligned with one calibration star. The gotos were great and tracking good enough for visual. A nice two hours anyway and aided by a UHC filter, watching the Saturn nebula blink, fade and brighten was quite entertaining! Dew wasn't too bad, however I imagine another hour would have left the kit glistening. Have a good night those who can stay out longer.
  9. The first clear night for a week and a 99% waxing gibbous moon of course! Still, Jupiter, Saturn, a clutch of doubles and a first - the Saturn Planetary Nebula. A ghostly object indeed! Urban glitter:
  10. Ed's statement 12:42 minutes in is probably the most important of the video.
  11. Impossible to quantify. There are people on this forum who a year in, have built their own astrophotography rigs on the cheap (relatively speaking...) and are producing excellent images. There are people twenty years into the hobby who have not touched a camera, only occasionally observe for enjoyment's sake and hardly read an astronomy book. The "stargazer" archetype. Then there are those with 30 or 40 years in, with home observatories who pretty much know everything one needs to know about observing techniques etc. A person with three years into the hobby who's digested several books, completed a short course or two, hung out with experienced astronomers and got out observing as much as possible could hold a conversation with someone twenty years in and they would likely learn something from each other. That's one of the great aspects of astronomy - "space is big" and there's always something new to learn. Another fantastic feature of the hobby is the respect shown for people with less experience by old timers. '0.3% are at skill level X' isn't possible to measure as the skills, aptitude, motivation and areas of interest demographics are so wide.
  12. See Astro Noodles' comment. Turning those captured photons into a great image takes considerable work. Rory is undoubtedly talented, however a year ago I unsubscribed from his channel and stopped watching. It would be pointless to go into reasons here, so I'll leave it there. This very laid back chap below shows in great detail how to achieve fantastic results: https://youtube.com/c/NebulaPhotos Enjoy the 8" dob. There's plenty of advice here from very experienced amatuers should you need it.
  13. Three years and yet to clean an eyepiece except the occasional blow to remove an eyelash for instance. Although I have not long purchased the below when they were £7: https://www.amazon.co.uk/ZEISS-Lens-Wipes-Pack-200/dp/B00IKGH2TI
  14. I did some sneaky internet investigating after noticing the buyer's location. The buying account is an alt account with no indication it's a retail buyer. The gear then goes up for sale on the main account. Confirmed a few days later when the eyepiece appeared on the shop for £15 less than new...
  15. You're missing something. I sold a 30mm Vixen NLVW for iirc £80. A certain chap bought it with his alt and placed it on sale in his online shop for £150! However to be fair, if he's willing to play the long game and people are daft enough to pay silly prices that's life. Capitalism's working for him.
  16. Jeremy I can't see a helicopter landing pad in those pics? Super images Andy. I feel a camping trip to Anglesey next year is due.
  17. Just about everything and anything nice is slow at the moment. Last Xmas I had trouble getting the CPU I wanted so settled for the top of the previous generation. GPUs I give up. Low availability and stupid prices. Sticking with our 2070 and 2060s picked up at normal prices a few months after release. Bicycles? Practice walking fast. Astro gear, if you're lucky. Even a reasonable three piece lounge suite takes months. All due to Brexit, covid & a butterfly fluttering its wings in the Amazon...
  18. The Yorkshire Dales - he shoots, he scores! Gawd if I only I could afford to move. In one hour arned with the Opticron 10x50s I've ticked off the Veil, North American, Heart & Soul plus Elephant Trunk nebulas. Also the dense open cluster Caroline's Rose, although it wasn't fully resolved it was an obvious big round smudge. Unless I mistook it for the Pacman Nebula?! All objects I've not previously observed. All without full dark adaptation due to various camp fires and unnecessarily bright head torches flicking on ocassionally. I had to cup my hands around my eyes to block the lights. The Milky Way is incredibly prominent. A naked eye Double Cluster looked great in the binos. As did Andromeda, filling approx 40% of the fov! Melotte 2 was a magnificent bright cluster filling the whole field of view. Unfortunately it's gettin a bit nippy, I've had a massive pub fish & chips, a skinful of local ale (it's taken 20 minutes to type this lol), walked up too many hills today and the missus is already snorin... Anyone want to start an Astronomy commune?!
  19. Reminds me of my trip to Kielder last September. Like nothing I've seen before and the bino view was so startling the little travel Mak stayed in the tent. I'm under canvas at the mo' in the Yorkshire Dales. (I woke up for a pee & can't get back to sleep - too many fire side beers!). Cloudy here, although we can't see the clouds, we know they are there because we cannot see the stars! A five minute brilliant zenith view of the Milky Way teased us around 11pm last night. Zoomed into our exact pitch on lightpollution.info says SQM 21.75. Elevation 273 metres. If the sky clears I'll be happy with half John's observations! Nice write up John.
  20. Despite their reputation it's great to have bats. They eat those dreaded midges afterall. We only see one at a time. Every year for the last few years. Betty occasionally divebombs. All good fun.
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