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  1. Glad it’s not just me or my scope. The seeing is awful! I get long periods of mushiness, then fleeting views of the shadow transit. The contrast is poor, the shadow is a grey/brown rather than the normal hard black.
  2. The mosaic is one of the finest and sharpest I've seen - hats off Sir!
  3. Can confirm the C8 is a good match with the EQ5 for visual, it’s quite a light tube when pitted against the 7” maks.
  4. These are great little scopes, I owned one for several years. The optics are of very good quality.
  5. I use the 102, totally agree that these ST’s are great bang for buck. At low powers I find mine just great.
  6. I might add that I’m the sort of person who gets irritated when discovering small ‘faults’ that originally escaped my attention. Probably some kind of OCD thing haha. I must admit, I would be annoyed if say my kit was out of warranty and I received a (well intentioned) message advising of it’s defects. Particularly if I was quite happy with it...sometimes ignorance is bliss... Going back to my OCD and thinking of other purchases (non Astro related), I realised that most things have an acceptable tolerance regarding perfection...nothing we buy is 100% perfect...there will always be that little imperfection in aesthetics that can only be seen if you are REALLY looking for it (a pin prick in the paint job for example)...it’s the same with a lot of things, including optics I feel.
  7. Having spotted the problem with someone's scope, I would... a) Tell them if I knew them / conversed with them a lot. b) Not tell them if I did not know them and they haven't asked for mine / others opinion. c) If I saw one of the many "what do you think of my image / how can I improve it" threads, I may respond to that as it's a direct question. But I would do it gently..."bit of astigmatism there, feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to tell you how I arrived at that conclusion" etc.
  8. Longshot....could there be a separate setting on the controller for use in the Southern Hemisphere? Just a thought..
  9. Very nice! Yes, the seeing was truly good last night. I had a think about it and thought it could be down to it being cloudy all day, meaning that the sunshine didn't warm the ground and there were no thermals coming off the land..then it suddenly cleared. I had some of the best lunar viewing for about a year and spent some time counting craterlets in Ptolomaeus. A really nice evening.
  10. Great images Michael. I like the M13 one, can you tell me what is the galaxy shown at 8 o'clock in the image? I've seen many pics of M13, but only on yours did I spot that little galaxy! Nice!
  11. Great read, particularly amusing about having a model twice in some cases....it's hard to get off the merry-go-round! I had a vision of you standing over the larger Maks, berating them for their slow cooling... Cheers Steve
  12. For full moon (I’m guessing from last night?) they’re fairly sharp, it’s really hard to get definition with direct illumination. Nice effort!
  13. I was also going to suggest ED80 or one of it’s variants, maybe also a 72..
  14. Admittedly no experience of these, so apologies if this is a little woolly. There is a difference in the alignment software and method of alignment. If I remember rightly, the Celestron is apparently slightly easier to align, with a simpler process. But I think I’d have the 102 over the 90.
  15. So...one of my work colleagues took note of my own basic DSLR + C8 lunar images and now wants to do the same, albeit with less budget and using a smartphone. It should be fairly straightforward for me to come up with a set-up for her, but I want to glean any further options from members if I may... My thoughts...I myself swear by an EQ set-up for anything that requires tracking. I initially went down the EQ5 + drives route as it’s quite versatile for loads of different OTA’s, so long as not too big. Paired with that she could have something like an F8–F10 refractor....or a smaller ED72 (ED80 will probably go over budget) or a small Mak. Fit a smartphone adapter and hey presto... There are other mount & scope packages like the AZGT + Mak, but I am not sure about the stability of this even with a humble phone hanging off the back. Lastly, the Starquest package with Mak 102 looks quite good for a beginner, as that little Mak tube probably wouldn’t tax that little mount too badly and you can get a simple drive for it too. She hasn’t given a budget yet(!) but one of the problems I find when discussing new set-ups with beginners is that cost very quickly puts them off, so I want to recommend a set-up that does the job on Lunar but doesn’t break her bank. What d’ya reckon?
  16. Yes, you're quite right - sorry guys. The 5" frac, whichever you chose, will solve all that.
  17. Nice image there! How do you get that image scale at F10, do you just zoom in on the image and re-save it? I can't get that close with my C8 so just wondering on best technique. Looking at barlows for F20 too. Thanks.
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