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hello all


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Hello there

just starting out with astronomy after partly reading human universe by brian cox, which led me to purchasing another book.. DK the practical astronomer.. which then led me to  purchasing a Skyliner 200p..  Turned up yesterday, looking forward to some clear skies now..

Live in north cornwall out in the sticks so not much light pollution..

age mid 40's (better late than never)..

Checked out this site .. looks pretty friendly and informative..

Would welcome any helpful tips, or advice on both the scope and the hobby..

thanks all

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Hi Sargey and welcome to the forum. Well the 200P is a great scope and is very popular here so you are in good company should you need support. The first thing I would suggest would be to download some free planetarium software called Stellarium. It has lots of great features to keep you going when the clouds come in and it can be easily calibrated to match your precise viewing location, thus rendering an identical sky to that which you see when you're outside. Great for finding objects and to identify objects that you find along the way. One useful feature is the advance date/time feature that helps you move the night sky along so you can check when objects are going to be coming into view - especially useful if your view of the night sky is partially blocked and need a precise time of an objects arrival. In addition to the guides you have already bought, may I suggest a further book called "Turn Left at Orion" which lists some 100 objects that are divided seasonally ensuring that there is something to find throughout the year. Contains both written and pictorial notes on how to locate the objects and in the new edition there contains a section for dobsonian owners in recognition of the large apertures that these scopes may often have. If you want to check out the layout of a typical page, then you can look here to see if it is to your liking. Hope the above is of some help to you.  :smiley:

Clear skies and hope you enjoy the forum.

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Welcome Sargey. As you said, this is a very friendly forum and as many here have that scope there is plenty of experience to draw on. You may feel that the eyepieces could be upgraded at some stage but it would be best to get used to the scope first then you'll have a better idea of what your particular interest is.

when the time comes, just ask for advice. I would also highly recommend a Telrad zero mag finder at some stage.

It sounds like you have the enormous benefit of low light pollution. All you need are a few clear skies!

Good luck


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First advice:

Take the 2" adaptor out of the focuser to fit the 1.25" adaptor in - they do not both live in the focuser at the same time. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Otherwise the next post is:

I cannot get the scope to have enough inward travel to achieve focus and everything is a blur. :grin: :grin:

I think more then half the people ask this when they first get a 200P. :eek: :eek:

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Welcome to SGL, good luck with your new scope, looking at Clear Outside website you may get a few hours early evening tomorrow night, but I wouldn't hold your breath. That's part of the wonders of this great hobby. :grin:

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