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  1. Yep that was it John.. So I just need to give it a bit more time at the eyepiece.. Think the explanation of what I would see in 'turn left at orion' is a little ambitious so I was expecting to see something stronger... Not totally disappointed though as sitting in my little garden in Cornwall gazing up at the stars and managing to locate something 25000 light years away is still mind blowing. Thanks for all the help people.. SGL is almost as good as actual stargazing
  2. Silly question I know, but a couple of you have mentioned the m13 'resolving' um not sure what you mean by that sorry!!! could you explain,, sorry guys...
  3. I'm pretty sure I spotted it tonight but not totally convinced.. Was a misty glob but couldn't spot it at all with the finder scope..skies seemed pretty clear for a while.. Used 25mm ep then the 18mm, tried a 7mm but was just a fainter mist, couldn't see that it was stars though. Am I expecting too much?. Or was I on NGC 6207? Anyone have any photos of the m13 through there 200p or similar.. So I can see what to expect...
  4. Packed up now for tonight.. Will be out again tomorrow night though, and take your advice.. Thanks again
  5. Thanks reggie, I did in fact see a fuzzy globe at one point but wasn't sure if that was it and lost sight of it.. Live in Cornwall with very little light pollution, will take your advice and use 25mm to try and find it again, I think I kept changing the ep's too soon without really knowing which one to stick with, appreciate the response! Probably reduce the ale intake before going out next time too :-)
  6. Been trying a few times now to spot m13 cluster, even after referring to 'turn left at orion' and a sky guide app but I cannot seem to locate it with my skyliner 200p. I'm finding the Hercules constellation ok with the finderscope and a 25mm ep but can't finder m13.. I've tried 12mm and 8mm ep's with No joy.. What should I be trying to spot it with please anyone!,, Thanks
  7. Eyepieces will mist up sometimes, but I've been told not to wipe them, just to take them indoors for about 10 or 15 mins for them to clear up. Have u checked collimator by looking at a star out of focus? Still a newbie myself so not too clued up myself. Can't help with goto as don't have it. Best book to get that will help you loads is turn left at orion, well worth getting, will answer most of you questions. Good luck
  8. Just got new x-cel 7mm today, first new addition to my 200p, Sky looking clear so far......just not getting dark soon enough!
  9. In this day and age with all the online Internet ordering, why can't I order some clear skies grrrr
  10. Hello littleskink I just started with jupiter and the Moon, just to get familiar with my scope. Then I used the iPad with sky guide app, this helped me find Andromeda.
  11. Hello Trogre, welcome to the site young man
  12. Nice one. Ive not spotted any comets yet How long does it remain in FOV? and at what mag? thanks Nick
  13. just told the good lady that i wont be going out with the telescope this evening and that i will be staying in doors with her. (not quite sure when to tell her, that part 2 of future learns moon course has just started..... wheres the headphones)
  14. just put me in the right frame of mind for the future learn OU Moons online course part 2 thanks nick
  15. sargey


    Welcome from across the border
  16. Welcome optimist, only just started myself this year, total novice, but learnt loads from these forums. Enjoy, and yes it certainly gives the feeling of getting away from it all
  17. Welcome aboard, from cornwall
  18. Hello Max I have the DK - the practical astronomer book also - very happy with it. As I was recommended from helpful site - Stellarium is definitely worth a download (and its free) enjoy your new scope
  19. But the kitchen is no place for my telescope
  20. Not sure on that one, however I do get the sky at night magazine delivered around the 17th of each month, good mag!
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