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  1. You are plugging everything into the same usb ports each time, I know it shouldn't matter as it's USB, but in this hobby it's better to always plug each item into the same port.
  2. At our age you should know better!! Never take anything off as you'll put it down then spend the next two weeks trying to remember where we put them
  3. That's exactly the set up I've just aquired and waiting for some clear sky's to play with it.
  4. I have one I haven't used very much since having a spare laptop with RDC. Sorry didn't see the bit about you ordering one
  5. Search for APT Darkness Clock, it gives you everything you need. https://www.ideiki.com/astro/MobileApps.aspx
  6. Lockie, I would like to take this off your hands if it's still available please.
  7. Hi Neil, I've recently upgraded to the Baader ´╗┐SteelTrack Diamond NT on my 200P, it's the best thing I've done to my scope, the difference in quality and use is immense. I will say though that the temporary fixing holes and the proper fixing holes did not match my scope, so I had to get someone to hold it steady while I marked the tube so I could drill new holes, apart from that it was easy to install. I will be motorising it one day, either be making my own DIY autofocuser or buying the steeldrive depends how the DIY option goes.
  8. Thanks all, I'll just have to be more careful
  9. Welcome to SGL enjoy the new scope and let us know how you get on.
  10. I've had my mount about 18 months now and absolutely love it compared to my old mount, I only have one issue and I don't know if others have the same problem, the clutches on both axes never seem to fully lock the mount, I only have to put a bit of pressure on the mount and they move. Is there any way of adjusting them?
  11. Correct, just had a closer look and it looks much improved since I got mine, better quality and longer. Mine works ok.
  12. I should start using EQmod as soon as you can, then you can use the new Meridian Flip tool in APT, I've used it a couple of times now and it appears to work well. It will do plate solve after the flip to check your target is still centred.
  13. F Number = Focal length / Diameter of the lens, so it's a fixed number depending on how that specific scope is made. So if you had 2 scopes exactly the same length but one had an objective lens twice the size it's F number would be half the other scope.
  14. Hi welcome to SGL, take a look at https://www.firstlightoptics.com/telegizmos-telescope-covers.html
  15. I've upgraded my focuser so have a Skywatcher Dual-Speed Low Profile 1.25/2" Crayford focuser for sale £70 delivered to UK only. Bank transfer or Paypal F&F preferred.
  16. Managed my 1st automatic meridian flip last night, it worked perfectly, just need to play with the delay settings as it stopped capturing then took what seemed like ages to flip. Everything appeared to work as expected, just need to look through what I got.
  17. You can always try GIMP which is free, https://www.gimp.org/
  18. I use an unmodified 200d which has an articulated screen and is very sensitive, I also use it for general photography. I also have an unmodded 450D that I'm considering modding myself, I use APT and not having an articulated screen isn't an issue as I do everything looking at my laptop screen.
  19. Well have you managed to get out with your scope, if so how was it? It cleared here by 18.00 and is still clear, the moon is very bright. I'm just testing out my remote connection and all appears to be working ok. May as well get some shots of the moon as I use an unmodified DSLR everything else is getting washed out.
  20. I'll try again, I don't live too far away from you and it's still showing a few clear hours tomorrow night, I hope it stays that way so we can get outside.
  21. Dinglem


    Nice capture, even though it's small it's obvious what it is. Just don't let the tabloids see it, they will claim it's a UFO on the wat to destroy the earth!!
  22. A well hit six can do a lot of damage to security lighting
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