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  1. Dinglem


    Hi @Jerkey welcome to SGL, as everyone else said there's no such thing as a stupid question, there is a chance of a stupid answer though.
  2. I suspect this was just a ploy by @ollypenrice to start a Mexican wave on the forum
  3. On the bright side it gives me time to save up for a better scope for looking at/capturing images of the planets ?
  4. That's ok, will probably get a new scope I quite fancy an Esprit 100 ? Mark
  5. I recently upgraded my focuser and people were recommending either the Baader Steeltrack focuser or the Moonlite. In the end I picked the Baader and haven't regretted it, apart from fitting it, as it wasn't straightforward as the holes didn't align but I'm reasonably handy so it didn't take long. The difference in quality from the stock Skywatcher one is very noticable.
  6. Doh, that puts paid to my idea of a lean-to obsy in a gap between the house and the fence told my sweetheart we needed to move ?
  7. Today would have been a good day for a marketing push on these ?
  8. Left eye for me only, my right optic nerve never fully developed. I can see through it but everything looks like the original 1Mb digital camera I got many years ago.
  9. You are plugging everything into the same usb ports each time, I know it shouldn't matter as it's USB, but in this hobby it's better to always plug each item into the same port.
  10. At our age you should know better!! Never take anything off as you'll put it down then spend the next two weeks trying to remember where we put them ?
  11. That's exactly the set up I've just aquired and waiting for some clear sky's to play with it.
  12. I have one I haven't used very much since having a spare laptop with RDC. Sorry didn't see the bit about you ordering one ?
  13. Search for APT Darkness Clock, it gives you everything you need. https://www.ideiki.com/astro/MobileApps.aspx
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