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  1. Dinglem

    Polar alignment accuracy

    In that case I may try PHD2 first and see what errors I get when I then try Sharpcap.
  2. Dinglem

    Polar alignment accuracy

    This is a good idea for a thread as I usually use Sharpcap as I can't see Polaris through my polar-scope and get pretty good PA. I don't have any results to show because the limited times I get the chance to set up I want to get on with imaging. A couple of sessions ago I'd done my usual Sharpcap polar alignment but because I'd been reading about the new PA tools in PHD2 I thought I'd give it a go and was dissapointed to find it saying my PA was pretty bad, instead of adjusting it I went back to Sharpcap and it said my PA was good, so I left it alone. I'd be really interested if someone far more experienced than me could do a proper comparison and let us know their findings because I'm still at the stage of frustration, why does everything work ok during daylight hours when testing, only for it to get dark and clear then those pesky gremlins come out to play.
  3. Dinglem

    variable polarising filter question

    I have a variable polarising filter like this one https://www.firstlightoptics.com/moon-neutral-density-filters/variable-polarizing-moon-filter.html You are able to seperate the two filters so can be used independantly.
  4. Very nice, you didn't just pop outside to take this looking at the location.
  5. Dinglem

    A Common Problem - Solved!

    Nice simple solution, not sure it would be aesthetically pleasing to SWMBO, I'm thinking of making something similar that can be put up and taken down when required, it's in the planning stage.
  6. Dinglem

    Items no longer required by me

    Sorry It's been sold
  7. Since upgrading mount and guidescope I have some items that are no longer required. EQ5 mount AstroEQ controller plus 2 Nema17 motors with homemade brackets, pulleys and belts and RJ11 cords £80 delivered Skywatcher 9*50 Finderscope £30 delivered - sold Orion Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket £20 delivered -sold Bank transfer preferred.
  8. Dinglem

    Nice Council

    Was doing a bit of decorating yesterday in the back bedroom when I saw a council van with a bucket lift pull up, in less than 30 minutes the two blokes had changed out the two sodium lights that flood my back garden with light polution with two LED fittings. Last night after it had gone dark I went out onto a very dark patio Now just need to work out how to mask my neighbours security lights which are like the Blackpool illuminations, you wouldn't guess that he's an electrician by trade . Looking good for a few hours tomorrow night so will see how I get on, but we all know that can soon change.
  9. Dinglem

    Saturn between 2009 & 2018

    That's really good, you are capturing a lot of details of the planet and it'e rings
  10. Looks very nice, must resist the urge to try it out as already expecting a delivery in the next two hours
  11. Dinglem

    New focuser

    I get several pressies through the year, she just doesn't know
  12. Dinglem

    New focuser

    I'll more than likely go for the Baader and look at adding an autofocus some time next year. Thanks for all your responses.
  13. Dinglem

    New focuser

    and everyone can guess what my wife's reaction to me buying one of those would be
  14. Dinglem

    New focuser

    Eventually but need a better focuser first
  15. Dinglem

    New focuser

    I like the look of the moonlite but prefer the price of the Baader

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