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  1. @Peter_D Sorry but can't help it as I do it for a living, have you cleared cache and cookies? If that doesn't work have you power cycled your PC?
  2. Happy New Year to @FLOand all SGL'ers, here's hoping to a much better 2021.
  3. @StarGazerRandomGuyHi welcome to SGl, could I suggest you remove your home coordinates or remove the last part of them, you could be telling someone you have a nice expensive shiny toy at your address.
  4. That will obviously cost more tha £250k !!!
  5. where in the UK do you live nice picture by the way.
  6. I've been contemplating making a portable power box so I can take my mount to a dark site, a friend gave me an old lorry battery that no longer turns the engine over but will hold some charge. My intention was to get a nice enclosure and build something that looked professional like a few other members have created on here, unfortunately spare time is limited so I went for a simpler solution and created the following and it works very well.
  7. @AbsolutelyNdid you use any filter during the captures?
  8. That combination does look promising as we seem to get so few clear nights these days. Shame they don't do a black RASA as I could pretend it was my Skymax 180 pro
  9. @AbsolutelyNthat can't be M45 it looks nothing like the one I took of it on a serious note that is amazing, I suspect my 450D doesn't quite grab as much signal as your 2600.
  10. @Kev25 welcome to SGL and enjoy the new scope when it arrives. Reading some of the responses it looks like I drive past a few members on my way to work in Nottingham.
  11. Unfortunately I keep looking at it and I'm going broke
  12. @Griersonif you take a look at this you can get a bracket for the Esprit https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-accessories/zwo-eaf-bracket-for-takahashi-sky-watcher-esprit-vixen-vc200l.html
  13. @Moonshed whilst I agree with the first 2, I can't comment on 3 as I use Sharpcap for my polar alignment, it's a lot cheaper as it uses the guidescope/camera, and works very well, I also use it for planetary imaging (not very successfully). I also use APT for my DSO imaging, I just love the way it works and controls all my equipment via Ascom. The Goto++ application works perfectly once you have all the correct settings and platesolving software configured. I did struggle with autofocussing to start with but after a few pointers on it's forum I soon had it working. I would also like to add to number 1 if I may, an additional laptop/PC with RDC/Teamviewer, so once all setup I can sit inside in the warm and keep an eye on it remotely
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