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  1. I totally agree with @discardedastro I changed my 200p focuser to a Baader Diamond Steeltrack and the difference in feel, quality etc. was very noticable, I also tried the clicklock with it and had to remove it due to issues with inward focus.
  2. I'm not sure about how they will fit together, you may be adding flexure, but how critical that is is debatable, I've used a vixen to vixen female clamp before with no issues to mount a guidescope on top of a scope.
  3. You will need an imperial one not metric as I needed one recently and @FLO recomended this https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adm-losmandy-type-d-series/adm-losmandy-style-universal-dovetail-bars.html it's not cheap but it fitted my Skywatcher tube rings perfectly. already had an altair astro bar and the holes didn't line up.
  4. I know my little granddaughter would love those.
  5. @Allinthehead those are stunning. I have the same scope and I'm using a modded DSLR but have been thinking of getting a dedicated astro camera and was looking at the ASI294MC pro after seeing other peoples results on here. Looking at those with little processing I now think it may be worth spending the extra money on one of these cameras.
  6. @Wiu-Wiu thanks for the reply, not going to see it through any of my scopes then. Must get to a Star Party and have a look through one of those big Dobs.
  7. Can't decide if it's worth setting up outside, CO, BBC and AccuWeather all give different predictions for tonight. Tomorrow and Sunday look better.
  8. @stu that's very interesting thanks for sharing. So what would be the best type/size of scope to be able to see the seperation, from a back garden in a bortle 5 area?
  9. Packed away, now it's cleared again, in fact it looks far better now then it did earlier Off to bed early start in the morning. Night
  10. Very clear here presently, got home from work early so have managed to get everything set up, just waiting for it to get dark CO says it should stay clear till 2200 when the moon appears.
  11. It's clear here but very windy so can't decide if it's worth getting everything out.
  12. @tomato & @Tomatobro Nice dual rig you will have there when up and running. Mark
  13. So I had a free day yesterday and decided to sort out my equipment and update my astro laptop software packages. I downloaded the latest Stellarium and managed to get it to sync with APT. I installed my Xmas present from my sweetheart (Optolong L-eNhance filter) how did she know it's what I wanted??? I recently installed the free trial version of Pixinsight on my main laptop so after watching a few YouTube videos decided to get some Dark and Bias frames to create some masters ready for my next session. The weather was good yesterday and it stayed clear here as the sun started to set, so I set everything up outside hoping the apps were wrong and it wouldn't get cloudy. As it got darker I launched Sharpcap and completed a polar allingment, I used Stellarium and APT to slew to Vega and checked the focus was good. I then used Goto++ in APT to slew to NGC 7380 (Wizard Nebula), I set PHD2 off guiding and then I had my first issue; my laptop would not connect to my Lyn Astro dew controller so I manually set the temperature to quite low as it wasn't too damp at that time. So I started capturing 5 minute subs went inside and remoted into my astro laptop from my main laptop to check how it was going, all appeared good. I recently set up a Rpi NAS at home so I'm able to transfer data to it and then to my other laptop on the go, so after I'd got a few subs I opened them in PI to check the quality, they looked ok to me. after about an hour PHD2 started binging a lost star warning so I went outside and the clouds were starting to cover the sky, I then took loads of flat frames using my main laptop, Notepad and 3 sheets of white paper and decided to take some more darks in case it cleared. I then set about trying to process the 9 subs I'd managed to capture with the 200 flat frames the master bias and dark frames I'd created earlier. Despite the lack of subs I'm quite pleased with the result, I have done a quick Histogram stretch, and the knowledge I have gained, I'm definately going to purchase PI when I can afford it. So this morning I thought I'd sort out the issue with the connection to the Lynx Astro dew controller, you won't believe it, my Astro Laptop will not turn on, it's been playing up for a while I suspect the battery has died. So just when I thought I was getting on top of this frustrating hobby I get another spanner in the works. So do I gamble and order a new battery then discover it is the laptop that has failed, do I set up another old laptop I have and hope it will be ok, do I set up my Rpi3 with Indigo or do I buy a mini PC as I know my way around windows? Anyway here's the calibrated stacked image as it is in PI with a quick stretch.
  14. I refer to my earlier post about being clear, it's now clouded over, so taking some darks for my library, will get some flats later.
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