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  1. Clear here, I will see if I can get anything before the moon appears.
  2. @dtastro if it's the newer version the hex key will be used to alter the integrated camera tilt adjuster. As to a quick start guide mine didn't either, there are plenty of youtube videos to look at.
  3. @fwm891 Francis, can you please stop posting about how good the ASI294MC is. I keep looking at your results and get the urge to buy one, I've recently purchased 2 new scopes and using them with my DSLR is going very well but your pictures are soooooo much better than mine. Also my sweetheart may blow a gasket if I spent another grand on a camera. Lovely pictures by the way and soon to be adding a RASA8 to your collection, I can't wait to see your results from that combo. But then I'll want a RASA too
  4. I recently got one of these they are just the right length to attach the tube rings which could be a problem if you are stuggling to get it all balanced. I aquired a 2nd hand Altair Astro dual Losmandy mounting bar which made setting up quite easy. I will warn you though that the Skywatcher Losmandy bar is slightly narrower and if I hadn't been next to my scope I could have had a very expensive accident, I'd mounted it and thought I'd tightened it up fully, but I was picking up my guidescope when I heard something creaking, on looking back at my mount I noticed the scope's dovetail bar was sliding down the clamp. Luckily I grabbed it in time, I now have to really lean on the locking screw to ensure it is safe, I think I'll purchase a new dovetail bar to replace the Skywatcher one.
  5. My first DSO with my new scope (Esprit 100ED) taken over a couple of nights this week with a modified 450d. It was stacked with only a little bit of processing in AA6, 42*300s subs, darks, bias and flats all captured using APT. PA was done using Sharpcap Pro and guiding is with a ZWO 60mm guidescope and an ASI224MC. I dither between each sub so don't know whether I should stop using darks, also I need to sort out my guiding as it could be a lot better. My processing skills need to be improved a lot, I'm considering getting Pixinsight, I've seen lots of great pictures using it, how easy/hard is it to learn the basics to get a reasonable result from? Here it is let me know what you think good or bad.
  6. I've recently had similar issues, thought it was because I'd changed my scope and I have missed some setting. Tonight my Goto++ just would not solve any subsequent image even though the target was almost in the middle of the frame. It's out there capturing subs so not going to stop it now. I'll have a play with the latest beta version tomorrow. It's also stopped doing AMF's always fails to platesolve image, I presume it is associated.
  7. That looks very good to me.
  8. It's nice to get out on a week night knowing I have to get up in the morning, I used to hate the days getting shorter till I took up this hobby
  9. Been out for a bit testing out my new scope with my modified 450D, took a while to balance everything, so just running off a few 300s subs of NGC6960 before the moon rises above the neighbours house. Guiding isn't great but can work on that another night.
  10. I recently got a new 100ED from @FLO only had it out once, as I've been away, it is a nice scope and looks lovely on my EQ6 R. Obviously I spent quite a bit of time fettling trying to get the balance sorted and the cabling tidy so only managed about an hours worth of imaging before APT decided a meridian flip was required and everything then went pear shaped, which was a surprise as it usually works fine. I gave up for the night. I stacked the 12 300s subs with the usual darks, flats and bias frames and only a little bit of post processing and got the following which looks quite promising to me. I will mention that I had my mind set on getting one of these for a while and when I saw Ian King was selling a flattener for it at a very reasonable price I snapped it up, sorry @FLO but it was a good bargaining point to persuade my sweetheart that we'd be saving money overall.
  11. Are you using Ascom/EQMod to connect to your mount, if so have you tried POTH Hub as that works fine for me with APT and CDC.
  12. I keep thinking about getting one as I have always only ever been able to see properly out of one eye, now I need glasses to read but nothing else. Also as I generally do most of my observing in the dark, on my own, who's going to see me with it on?
  13. I have the older one and as the amount of equipment I keep asking it to power grows I thought it was probably a good idea to get this before the other one decides it's overworked like it's owner
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