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  1. @Nigella Bryant is that a penny farthing lurking at the back?
  2. They are about to release a newer version with USB3 https://pegasusastro.com/products/pocket-powerbox-advance/
  3. i got this off FLO's site for thr RASA 8" Built for Today's Cameras Unlike the larger RASAs, the 8" model is not suitable for use with DSLR cameras. Instead it has been optimised for use with cameras that have sensors with a diagonal size ~22mm, which gives an image circle of 3.15°. This makes it an excellent choice for use with today's highly popular CMOS deep sky cameras, such as the ASI183 & ASI1600 series from ZWO. Starlight Xpress' compact CCD cameras also work very well. And whilst ~22mm diagonal is optimal the RASA 8 can also be used with larger sensors up to 32mm diagonal, including the APS-C sized sensors used in many mirrorless cameras, though some compromise must be expected at the image periphery. Celestron advise camera bodies should be less than ~100mm / 4" in diameter.
  4. They don't it's a RASA 8" the camera would cover most of the aperture
  5. I wrapped my camera in tinfoil with my intervalometer and put it in the fridge until the battery ran out a few times. It gave me a range of temperatures that I sorted into folders 8-12C went into 10C folder, 13-17C into 15C etc. then I stacked what I had and made masters for each temp range.
  6. @tooth_dr I'm a biy confused by your response to my suggestion, as I was assuming he was already using narrowband filters, but not very often due to having Bortle 5 skies, and you are assuming he hasn't got them already, but his signature only says "ZWO 31mm Filters". My point was that the second scope would only need a Luminance filter while the other scope collected colour.
  7. @SamAndrew why would you buy an additional filter wheel and a full set of filters if you are only going to capture luminance through one of your scopes?
  8. 4.3µm it took a bit to find got it from here https://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/canon-t6/canon-t6DAT.HTM
  9. As to learning astrophotography the majority of us on here would recommend this book to read before you start spending loads more money on additional equipment https://www.firstlightoptics.com/books/making-every-photon-count-steve-richards.html
  10. Hi @AstroRookie welcome to the forum and if you post in here you'll be very well recieved by the rest of the EQ6R-Pro owners, it's a very good mount I've been very pleased with mine.
  11. I use a 450D and it works well but I control it through my laptop and APT. If you are going to just control the camera manually the 600D would be preferable as it has a flip out screen that can be adjusted to view at different angles, which is kinder on your neck, back, legs etc.
  12. I must admit he was quite slow to respond to my enquiries but then I wasn't desperate to get mine done.
  13. I contemplated doing it myself but used https://cheapastrophotography.vpweb.co.uk/ I'm pleased I did the camera works perfectly and I'm getting much better results.
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