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The Bubble Nebula (NGC7635) is 2nd light with my new Atik 428ex.

Before receiving the camera, I was concerned that the high arcsec/pixel sampling was going to be a problem with my optics and small field of view (I thought I'd need a shorter focal length and/or more expensive optics to achieve any kind of image quality) but I must say I'm quite pleased with the resolution & performance of the 150PDS. I know I won't be getting wall-hangers printed (unless I mosaic), but presentable on the web I think.

I'd still like better optics, of course :) Something that doesn't have a shiny silver focuser tube sticking half-way into the light path!

Capture: 15x600s in Ha, 428ex

Optics: SW 150PDS

Mount: (good old) Vixen GP

Guiding: SPC900 + finderguider

I still have a lot to learn with processing of high SNR images, but here's by best effort:


Here is a 100% crop, at 1.38"/pixel; warts quite apparent here:


Here it is combined with some old, very poor quality DSLR colour. I like to think of this as adding a bit of colour to an Ha image, rather than enhancing a colour image with Ha...


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Thank you all, you're very kind!

Yup, those are some nice images :) that DSLR colour data actually looks pretty awesome to me!

It really was bad! But had some OK star color... and a good Ha layer can work wonders on some targets.

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