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  1. Just a thought but could you not get access to a good quality A3 inkjet? A lot of work i know (im guessing around 450 printouts and around £120 cost) and not publisher quality but it would at least give you a displayable print that could be shown to potential buyers. Once a buyer is found you could negotiate with them final printing costs.
  2. Olly, Tom i wonder if you had any plans on maybe submitting this into Astrophotographer of the year? I know you want to sell the image but i think this would do well in the competition and that may even increase its resell value. Plus as a bonus it means the rest of us monkeys get a chance to pop down to Greenwich and see it in its full glory before it clads some private companies reception somewhere and is lost to the real admirers for ever.
  3. oh my that is truly something to behold. Incredible detail and beauty. Think we will all spend hours exploring that and no doubt many new astrophoto targets will be chosen from it. Gentlemen take a bow.
  4. Thats nuts! Absolutely stunning. Incredible endurance but resulting in a image you can be truly proud of.
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