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  1. Gents NASA's funding is not bottomless indeed far from it and its resources have been cut over the years so serious thought has to be given for each and every mission. I have no doubt their budget for the next few years at atleast has already been used or ear marked on in progress or soon to be missions. The idea they will just build a launch some sort of space craft within a few months just to chase the whim that an object they already feel they have a fair understanding of may just be a spacecraft is ...well honestly ridiculous. Its exactly the same reason they didnt divert huge amounts of funds and resources chasing the silly notion of the face and pyramids on Mars. Science not wishful thinking.
  2. Indeed it does seem to display a very similar warp as that of Andromeda. I wonder if the two galaxies have interacted in the past and are now coming back for a second gravitational pass.
  3. Hubble is a amazing bit of kit but has past its best before date. Im sure it actually was due to be decommissioned quite a while back but has proved so worthy its been pushed beyond its limits. Another one of those tremendous pieces of engineering that way outperforms its expectations.
  4. Well i believe Hubbles iconic image taken in 1995 was the first to capture the Pillars of creation in any detail. There were undoubtedly images of the Eagle Nebula before that but the Pillars of Creation were not a target of any specific significance until Hubbles image.
  5. There is so much about that is wrong but lets start with: Officially ‘speaking’, aliens don’t exist, and we’ve never been contacted by beings, not from Earth. That’s according to scientists and researchers who maintain that life on Earth is unique. Well they are surely not very scientific scientists that would say "Officially aliens dont exist" surely they can only say we currently have no evidence of their existence. And why is this guy getting publicity? is it because he is a "Harvard" astronomer?
  6. Its incredible how the moons orbiting the same planet can be so different. The odd shapes of Pan, the relative smoothness of Epimetheus and the rugged face of Mimas. Fascinating.
  7. I cant tell if this thread is about maths or Quatum Particles as it seems to have the properties of both at the same time.
  8. Very nice dont think i have ever seen the bug before.
  9. Very nice, no plans to combine the data?
  10. Well i was just toying a bit and do get your point but as we are now on the subject i still have some issues with it. So the point being if you have a infinite number of positive integers and a infinite number of negative integers they can both exist and be added to still make a infinite number of integers? But surely that analogy is (in theory at least) a possibility in reality. If you had an infinite amount of matter and then had a infinite amount of anti matter you could have both and still have both infinities albeit they may have to reside in alternate universes, but none the less if multiverse theory ever proves to be correct it would be a possibility in reality.
  11. the orignal image is really lovely, great depth and a real sense of scale.
  12. Thats incredible Sara, was going to make a joke about not being your work but decided against it. Its gorgeous such detail and colour. 47.5 hrs crikey oh to have such wonderful skies.
  13. Really nice image, the loop has come out great and its a delight to see the angelfish. It does seem to have a bit of a grain on it though almost like a texture to it. But its still a cracker? any RGB plans?
  14. Always confuses me a little that maths exercise. The whole well if you have a group of infinity positive integers you can always still add 1 doesnt quite stand up in my book. Surely you cant? for this reason surely if you have an infinite group of integers it already contains every integer and therefore any integer you attempt to add would already have to be a member? any new found, thought up, popped into reality integer would by definition also already be a member. Therefore there would be no integer you could add that isnt already a member? In terms of the OP lets put it another way. Who would win in a mass bar bawl between some drunk Predator aliens and a group of rowdy bottom pinching Borg?
  15. Yes it seems there is a world wide epidemic of mad lettuce disease.
  16. Wouldnt a Oxygen atmosphere be proof of life anyway? Water on its own doesnt produce oxygen, Earth had oceans before it had a oxygen based atmosphere. Giant coral type pods became common during this period and their waste product was oxygen, without them the rest of life wouldnt exist. Hmm its exciting news but almost a anti climax if correct.
  17. Already exists see below: https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap170201.html I wonder if it is just a revamp re-release of the above as although already out there it seems to have gone largely unnoticed and it is just an incredible piece of imagery that should be brought to the masses.
  18. Yes i cant help listen to part of Jupiter and not think of the cannibalistic orgy scene in Conan. But then there are other bits of it that provoke such nostalgic reactions in me i feel it should be adopted as the national anthem. Regarding the origins of the Greek gods many of them were derived from earlier Egyptian gods, reamed and revamped to suit their needs. In turn the Egyptians gods were largely acquired from gods of those they conquered and governed and added to their own pantheon of deities. The Egyptians saw no conflict or had no issue with running new gods alongside their own even if the gods performed the same role, they were just simply absorbed into the religious practices.
  19. Sadly im not clever enough to do the math but based on the Levy incident I would of thought Mars would surely be broken up before impact with larger bits producing a series of impacts just as the Levy comet did, their exact brightness and energy would depend on the size of the chunks the gravitational forces of Jupiter broke Mars into. I would also assume some of the debris would escape impact and form a ring system around the giant. Undoubtedly it would all be visible in even the most modest of bins and scopes but daylight eyeball im not so sure about. But if it happens i would be very worried as something has gone very astray in our solar system for one those bodies to be so far from its path.
  20. Well not sure about any of that but i reckon a quater pounder on the Moon would be the biggest burger you ever seen.
  21. Err as meteorites can be incredibly valuable you should definitely grab it at the earliest opportunity. A brick size one could depending on composition be worth a very nice lump sum.
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