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  1. thanks for that we got it working but thanks anyway mark
  2. found this for you http://astrofriend.eu/astronomy/projects/project-star-adventurer-repair/page02-project-star-adventurer-repair.html
  3. i have done that but not heard back mark
  4. hi guys i have been using the cloud sensor for a few years in my obsy connected to a relay that closes the rnr roof if it rains etc , to cut a long story short i had to dismantle my obsy a few months a go, now i have built a bigger and better obsy guess who cant remember where the 3 wires go to on the relay, can anyone help please ,i know i should have taken pics lol mark
  5. i had a nice view from teignmouth looking across dartmoor ,no cloud until right at the end as the sun was going below the horizon
  6. my sister lives about 10 mins drive from Confolens ,we are talking about moving my observatory there ,she has about 10 acres of land and its pitch black at night ,i should be able to run obsy via team viewer
  7. hi if you are using eqmod manualy put scope in home position turn on then press resynch encoders if you are using handset im sorry not a clue never used it mark
  8. i use levsedome via sgpro it turns the roof motor on to open the roof then unparks the scope its been working perfectly well im just looking for something that locks and unlocks the roof instead of me having to padlock the roof back up at night its also monitored with a cctv camera just in case
  9. now theres a thought i use relays to open the roof so can i wire a relay to a relay to fire the solenoid so i can get sgpro to unlock roof then open it ??
  10. hi all as my observatory is all but fully automated the only thing i have to do is unlock padlocks turn on computer fire up sgpro retire to warmth of my lounge connect using team viewer, ( i hate the cold lol ), im looking for some kind of wifi or computer controlled lock for my roll on/off roof so i dont have to trudge down to the bottom of the garden when its pitch black , has anyone used or seen these locks or could come up with any ideas, hope someone can help ta muchly mark
  11. olly what were the problems you had with running two screens because im having a problem with my atiks i wonder if its the same problem ?? as i have just started to use two screens
  12. oh i ended the conversation with him weeks ago he is a special kind of stupid
  13. had a firework once wish i had kept the image tho
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