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  1. Selling the scope with or without Robo Focus, 3 years old. Ships from Arizona. Price 3000 GBP. Reference images in www.astrobin.com/users/Mark Mark
  2. Now to next APOD, Sara! Congrats! Well deserved Mark
  3. it's indeed there but you need a bit more time and dark skies to get it: http://www.starpointing.com/ccd/m101.html Mark
  4. Olly, I think it could at best confirm there is no such thing as background. Here is M74 unknown to show much around it and yet there is a lot of IFN http://www.astrobin.com/125254/ What Hytham's image shows might be IFN and with PI wavelets you are free to discover tidal streams everywhere. It looks suspiciously like super nova bow shock e.g. Barnard loop. Seeing tidal stream or even IFN with unaided eye is totally ridiculous. Mark
  5. Great image, good luck with Ha
  6. Olly, Let us know when it hangs in a museum. This would be worth a trip. May be one day the same in Scorpius or Serpens? Mark
  7. Just an update if somebody is wondering. Turned out the was wrong power supply provided with the camera. After it was replaced the glow disappeared. I still would not be surprised if it gets back. The camera is a bit hard to run in observatory, especially darks are difficult to get without shutter. Ha is not very good but still some data can be collected like in this image: http://www.astrobin.com/141219/ Mark
  8. This glow shows with LRGB as well, we tried to remove camera and do darks but it was still there, even with 30 seconds already The only way to change heater settings is with Atik Config, so I changed from full (255) to zero. The glow was still there. Atik asked to send camera back for repairs in the meanwhile. Apparently I have bad luck with Atik cameras, the second one with problems. Mark
  9. Yes, there is master Ha file with 10 hours Pacman calibrated as usual. The glow is there. If you start stretching and processing as normal, the glow will extend as far as the center of the image. Mark
  10. Not sure I understand, Bias is 0 seconds. Bias does not show glow, only with 1-2 minutes darks/lights it starts Mark
  11. Hi guys, I asked Olly already but wonder if more help can be found. I bought used Atik camera which had its electronics replaced recently. All frames show brightening in the top which seems to be amp glow at I was told. this artefact does not get calibrated away. The link below shows 5 min Ligh for Ha and Red and Dark and Bias Also 10 hours with NGC 281 with the glow in all its artificial glory. What can be done about this. Is it expected behavior? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_84z2MryxRreEFDcGVoX3BIblU/view?usp=sharing Thanks! Mark
  12. Hi Sara, May be you have fits to share to rule out extent of possible flats and gradients issues? Mark
  13. Never saw VDB 15 in this context, totally awesome. Mark
  14. Great image Olly, indeed respect to Fabian, his work is inspirational in all ways. Mark
  15. Beautiful work Martin, colors are particular impressive, this combination of blue and orange. Great image! Mark
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