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Hi everyone. i am obviously new here but want to introduce myself. I live in Hampshire, UK. I work too much, and have a photography business as well, so have little time for the fun stuff I enjoy. I dabbled with astronomy several years ago, but found that the best time for stargazing is when I should be asleep, so I stopped it. Now I find my interest is awakening again and instead of telescopes, I can use my cameras. Life is getting sweeter.


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Thanks all, I sold my scope a while back so I will have to stick with the dslr and lenses. One really expensive hobby is enough. I can photograph at over 1000mm with my lenses, so that should be good for a bit of tele viewing.

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HI Allan and welcome to the forum. Glad to hear that your life is getting "sweeter" and hopefully so too will your astronomy. If you feel inclined to combine your knowledge of photography with the wonders of the universe, may I suggest you get hold of a copy of Steve Richards' "Making Every Photon Count" (FLO £19.95) which you can view here. Modestly priced but full of great information that will tell you what kit you need and why you need it to take good consistent images. It will help you formulate the appropriate budget from the outset and by doing so will no doubt save you money by helping you to avoid buying the wrong kit. It also provides a comprehensive overview that will help you decide how deep you want to go. We call astrophotograpy the "dark art" for a good reason and there is certainly a steep learning curve at the beginning but with practice and patience you will soon get into the hang of things. Hope you don't mind my suggestion above as for all I know you might want to just sit back and observe the night sky, but just in case imaging takes a hold, this book should be the first piece of kit you will need to get.

Clear skies and enjoy the forum.


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