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  1. I'm sure this saddle is to convert Losmandy to Vixen dovetails. The saddle takes normal dovetail bars so would probably not hold a losmandy plate. Unless someone knows different.
  2. So he thinks the earth is flat! tell him to prove it. That should keep him occupied for the rest of his life.
  3. Hi Pete, are you saying you cannot read your pm's. You can email me direct at allcart55( at ) ntlworld dot com
  4. Last item of interest for now. I have this saddle for sale. Identical to the ADM style. I used this for a scope mod, but no longer require it. Its much the same as used with the Losmandy/Vixen adapter plate, but could be used in other ways. £30 posted Paypal or bank transfer.
  5. It will fit any tube with a 98mm internal diameter, or larger if you have a collar.
  6. Selling my Celestron C6-R refractor. I bought this scope for a PST mod. I reduced the tube length by 2" in order to focus the etalon and inserted an ERF in the light cone inside the tube. It worked very well and with a fast frame camera it produced nice closeup images. So for any PST modders, this would be a nice toy to play with. It is now white to keep cooler in sunshine. For night time observing the scope still functions normally with the addition of a 2" extension fitted in the drawtube. I still have the original section of tube available if you have the cleverness to re-attach it.
  7. Hi paul, its yours. can you do paypal??

    1. p14b


      Hi Mate

      I can but i don't agree with there seller fees, i would much prefer a instant bank transfer no extra cost to either of us.

      Thx Paul

  8. Hi, its £450 for everything in the pics. Collection from Basingstoke. Junction 6 on M3
  9. DMK 31AU03.AS Mono. as here https://www.firstlightoptics.com/imaging-source-cameras/dmk-31au03as-mono.html Very good condition, excellent cam for solar and lunar. now only £200 Paypal or bank transfer please.
  10. Guidescope rings, 100mm internal dia so would fit guidescopes of less than 90mm. £35 sold Pair of tube rings, 90mm internal dia. One ring has a stripped thread which could be retapped. £8 sold
  11. Sky-Watcher Dual-Speed 2" 10:1 Crayford Focuser. Will accept 2" and 1.25 EP's and diagonals. £65 Sold Old style Skywatcher/Celestron focuser for 4" tubes. £15 Sold Skywatcher Autofocuser for spares. The handset has a bad connection so is not working, but the motor is fine. Comes with some extra belts and pulleys. Would be ideal for someone who already has one so it could be fitted to a second scope. £15 Sold Free postage. Paypal or bank transfer please.
  12. Astronomic IR block filter 1.25. £15 sold Baader UV cut filter 1.25. £20 sold Canon T adaptor. £15 Baader Lasercolli mark III. £15 sold Toucam unmodified. £15 sold All items delivered free Paypal or bank transfer please
  13. Yes it's identical to the equinox and Orion Eon Ed80 but unbranded, so I assume its a clone. I never used it for imaging, but the views always seemed good to my untrained eye. It will still be a useful scope at the new price.
  14. Thanks for that, I'll check them out. hope they do door to door.
  15. Selling a Celestron Omni 120m XLT Refractor. Focal length 1000mm, ratio F9.8. this scope has a 10:1 focuser, not the usual cheap one. Comes with diagonal, 25mm multi-coated eyepiece and 6x30 finder. £100 plus postage (approx. £40) Paypal or bank transfer please, or collect from Basingstoke.
  16. I have what I can only describe as an Equinox ED80 clone. It is almost identical to an Equinox, but without the silver bands and logo. It also has FPL53 glass optics, and a 10:1 rotating focuser. It is in excellent condition except that it has two holes drilled in the tube to accept a standard SW finder shoe and it also has a laser finder attached. (see pics ) I have included a diagonal. It comes in its own flight case. £200 delivered to your door. I will pay postage. Paypal or bank transfer accepted or collect from Basingstoke.
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