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  1. Hello Tony and welcome to SGL. I agree the second hand market is a great place to search once decided on what type of telescope will give you what you require. I started off with a 130 Skywatcher Newtonian which was cheep but performed very well for the cost. I then owned the SW 200p dobsonian and bang for buck is the best I've owned, I'm sure the 150 dob would be a great choice too and great for planets and deep sky observations. Good luck with your scope search. Regards Paul.
  2. Great video indeed. Dartmoor is on my dark sky future short break destination list. I thought the Milky Way had long since vanished oh no, my mistake, I remember seeing it as a child 43 years ago and not since apart from once in Finland. Excellent video.
  3. Just a quick thanks to all who have helped me with my set up problems. I have finally after almost 2 months got my Exos-2 GoTo mount working, and working well. I received so much great advice from you guys, given that I am a total newbie in the GoTo operation side of things. As expected my troubles were down to my input's, the main one being, I live at E00 and handset was set at E06. (Obviously I overlooked this) also I live at E00 13.11 but was entering as E13.11.00, yes I know, there is a picture of me in the dictionary next to idiot. Also as suggested by many, my slewing s
  4. Hi Louis, I've only really used it so far for a couple of minutes in a new scope I was having teething problems with. I can't really give an in depth review just yet. I have finally got my telescope working well and so will be able to use my 4 new EPs soon, skies permitting.
  5. Thank you Geoff. Excellent and informative. As always forum members have given me great help and advice. Thanks.
  6. Hello again all. I have almost perfectly polar aligned my mount and start in this position each time. That is as close as I can get in my polar scope. I shall only be using scope for visual obs. I am not shying away from any technical information, just getting my head around it all. And I'm sure when I get a clear night I shall be putting all points into action even if it takes me all night, (yeah who am I kidding) clear all night. In closing, thanks all for your replies regarding my troubles getting my system to perform. I'm 99% sure your advice will get me up and running.
  7. Oh really, good spot sir. A bit vague indeed. I have read and read it so many times. My head is so full of astronomical alignments. But I am taking it all as a learning curve. Thanks JOC. Great post and very helpful. I was using my 35mm Aero ED, for alignment, balanced telescope also, but shall keep my rig as light as possible for next attempt. + Or - is yet another new one for me, the more advice I get from you guys, the more I realise, although I believe I did everything perfectly,, I obviously never. Computerised mounts are a whole new ball game for me and the p
  8. Not really that bizarre when you consider supplied documentation only includes the real basics regarding telescope alignment. The included Bresser documents are ok up to a point but do not contain information regarding something not working or trouble shooting.
  9. Thank you Cornelius for your great advice. I shall use your msg as a check list along with everyone elses kind suggestions. Thank you all very much, you guys rock. I'm hoping for a clear night tomorrow, or Fri, Sat or Sunday so I can put all these pointers into practice. Thanks again.
  10. HappyKat, that is exactly what I did as when new I accidentally placed the OTA on mount 180 degrees wrong as explained. This caused confusion in the encoders apparently. So I turned mount saddle 180 then did the same with OTA dovetail to correct confusion. And Joe A, I agree with the sentiment. I have used, shall we say manual, scopes for quite a number of years. So wanted to try a Goto mount for a change. It seemed like the next step up for me even though I have been regretting it just lately. Another update from Bresser, apparently they are certain there isn't a problem, so that's
  11. Whoops I re submitted reply sorry. All of the above points will be executed, thanks guys. Reset and start from scratch being top of my list. You guys have been really helpful. Appreciate it thanks. Cosmic Geoff, as far as I could tell the scope was not moving at all at next stage star centering as I was pressing direction keys for some minutes without success. I will let you know how it goes.
  12. Thanks chaps. I will check both your suggestions when I next attempt alignment. I wasn't aware of a EQ or AZ setting. Time zone E00, W00 (I must of missed this also) I will try to find where this is on my next attempt at set up. Much appreciated suggestions fozzybear and lenscap from a computerised mount newb. You have given me hope. Clear skies all.
  13. Thanks chaps. I will check both your suggestions when I next attempt alignment. I wasn't aware of a EQ or AZ setting. Time zone E00, W00 (I must of missed this also) I will try to find where this is on my next attempt at set up. Much appreciated suggestions fozzybear and lenscap from a computerised mount newb. You have given me hope. Clear skies all.
  14. Hi yes thanks for that. I have been sharing my issues over the past while. I didn't want to keep raking over the same issues. But as you say, I agree. My latest issue is with one star alignment, I enter one of the 3 available stars, say Rigel for instance, off goes the telescope and stops within roughly 10 degrees of Orion. I then attempt to centre Rigel, as requested by hand set, only to find the direction keys do not move the scope at all, my electric supply is solid and not loose at all, my electric supply is fully charged, in fact brand new also. This really is just the tip
  15. Hi all, just a bit of general user advice needed please. I bought a new scope a couple of months ago, (Bresser Messier nt 203), Exos-2 GoTo (startracker) I have been attempting to align telescope forever, but find the Bresser system will not even align to one star, let alone anything else. My following points are all correct and have been entered each and every way. Polar alignment, time, date, (daylight saving on & off) longitude and latitude via custom & selecting closest city, etc etc. Anyway I have given up on my new pride and joy. I've contacted the retailer
  16. Hello and welcome to SGL. What you say is so true. Even after 12 years in this hobby, I consider myself wet behind the ears.
  17. Hello and welcome Darren. Nice picture.
  18. Hello and welcome to S.G.L. The knowledgeable members far outweigh members like me. This is a great forum and worth its weight in gold with regards to help and advice.
  19. Hello and welcome to S.G.L from one who also lived in Italy. La Spezia. Welcome aboard. This is a great forum, very helpful folks.
  20. WITHDRAWN SWAP REQUEST. Thanks. I am looking to swap my brand new Exos 2 Bresser Messier nt-203 startracker go-to Newtonian. The telescope is perfect throughout and complete with original packaging. Complete with everything included. The only upgrades added are longer secondary collimation screws and a polar scope illuminator unit. Comes with a choice of 3 eyepieces, Baader genuine ortho 5mm, or Skywatcher let 28mm, 2 inch or Bresser plossl 26mm. Or 2 of the above if required. I have owned this telescope for 5 weeks only from new and would be happy to swap
  21. This has give me an idea for Dragons Den. Excellent post, I'm still giggling.
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