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  1. Cheers Stuart, i have a streetlight blocking the view to Saturn so will have to give that one a miss but will see if i can find m3 and wild duck with the aid of stellarium. Thanks for the tips As usual, just popped out with the dogs and noticed the clouds started to roll in, always the way.
  2. Looking clear out there at the moment near Bridgend. Hope it stays this way so can have a play with the new (my first ever) scope, Heritage 90 virtuoso. Think i managed to line up the red dot finder (seriously thinking about changing it to a Rigel or maybe a 6x30 raci as struggle with that red dot thing). No idea what to look for tho, i know saturn is to the south but a street light right in the way. May just try m31 or do the usual point and look at random things and see if i get lucky. Really need to find a local club to suck up some knowledge/advice as well, i find you can read 'how to' boo
  3. What is the smallest scope a Rigel ot Telrad can be used on please ? Recently got my first telescope (took 3 years, lol), a Skywatcher Heritage 90 Virtuoso and cannot get anywhere trying to use the red dot finder. Wondering if the Rigel would be too big for that scope? I'm pretty sure a Telrad would be as it is a small telescope but not sure if could get away with a rigel.
  4. Well after 3 years, finally invested in my first scope - Skywatcher heritage 90 virtuoso thanks to a fellow SGL member. Roll on longer nights to test it out.

    1. xtreemchaos


      good luck with your new scope mate....clear skys....

  5. Well after 3 years of umming and aahing have finally invested in a scope. Nothing exciting or groundbraking but it ticks all the boxes for me. Have always been a sucker for planets rather than dso's and spend at least 70% of the time i am out with the binoculars are spent looking at the moon and jupiter when its in view. Decided on the Skywatcher heritage 90 vituoso as it's ideal for what i want at the moment (small size, long focal length etc.) and the kicker is found one for sale by a fellow member on here. For the last 3 years i have been close to getting a Heritage 130 or a 90mm refractor
  6. From my limited knowledge, andromeda is a feint grey-ish smudge. First time i spotted it i thought it was something on the lens of my bins lol. Imo i dont think its that impressive to look at but what amazes me is that feint grey blob of light was transmitted over 2.5 million years ago. How the imagers manage to get the images they do of andromeda amazes me.
  7. Im generally a solitary person (or just a billy no mates, lol) and although i do enjoy just going out the back with some binoculars and just randomly looking around i got to say i am looking forward to actually getting to a meet up with the local group if the weather decides to wise up whenever there is one arranged as at the moment, i am clueless, so as well as hopefully picking up some useful tips it will be nice to get out just to meet up with others who share the same interest as well
  8. Have you checked out the site skymaps.com ? You can download and print off a chart for the month as well as a list of objects that will be easy to see with naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. i tend to look at whats visible on that chart and use stellarium to locate them as havent got to grips with all that planisphere and constellation stuff, lol. Im sure there are better or easier ways but that works for me
  9. Just went to pop over to the shop and as soon as i stepped outside was greeted with a nice view of the moon. Been out the front with the bins for the past half hour, its one of them things i have probably spent more time looking at than everything else combined and it never ceases to amaze me. Looking forward to having a look at it through a telescope (something i have never done). May pop outside for half hour when it gets dark, would have probably clouded over by then mind the way its been here lately.
  10. Hi and welcome These clear skies i've heard people mentioning, it's an urban myth isnt it.....
  11. To ne honest, and i have no basis for comparison but i had a pair of them binoculars and they worked fine for me, for the price as well you cant go wrong. At the moment, im using some that cost less than that off fleabay that i have had for about 7 years and they work fine as well. They are probably not as good as looking through something costing £100+ but to im happy enough with them. If you dont mind me asking, where did you see them for £18? Quite tempted to get a pair myself as the ones im using have seen better days.
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