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I don't think any came over - so I guess you started it :)

Meade 5000 SWA 28mm

Baader Steeltrack NT (Just waiting for a friend to cut me a carbon fibre plate to cover stock focuser hole.)

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Sorry guys but teh current cloud cover and foul weather is down to me

Last week I got a WO FLT98 with Feathertouch focuser and WO MK4 flattener reducer so I can replace the 102ED doublet for my main imaging scope. The combo of the scope and reducer should give me a nice colour free F5.

I was initially looking at a 101ED Borg Super Astrograph but they arent making them anymore so I went for the FLT98. Not the F4 of the Borg but still pretty fast at F5.

Managed to try it only visually briefly on Jupiter and the moon over the past nights and its excellent. Cant wait to get this up and imaging



John, why use a Bhartinov mask on video. Ccd and dslr yes but video? I just adjust the focus until the image is sharp on the screen with the Mintron

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Wow Phil - that's a nice combo you have got there - looking forward to seeing that :rolleyes:

I just pushed the boat out and spent money I know I'll get earache about - ordered a flocking kit for the 300P at long last - final mod will be a camping mat dewshield (to use more as a light shield). ;)

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Well I've just orderd some Bobs Knobs from America

And, after feeling like an idiot the last time I managed to get out with the scope, I've just bought a couple of CR2032 watch batteries.

Any guesses what I forgot to do ????


Turn the RDF off? :rolleyes:

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I've been waiting a couple of weeks to add this one, but finally .....

Megrez 72!!!!! Yay me :D

Make sure you get a good flatener for it! :-) They are beautiful little scopes though, using mine for.observing at Kelling I could see dust lanes in M31.

I have just got, or just ordered:

SE Lodestar guider (so lovely!!!)

WO FRIII reduce/flatener for the Meg72 (WO list the 72 in the compatible scopes for this so I'm hoping it works ok, just glad I found somewhere that still has some as they were discontinued a while back).

A Bahtinov mask for my RC6 astrograph.

A cheapy barlow to turn into an extension for the Lodestar to work with the ST80.

That's gonna be it for now... then an NEQ6 and a new scope in the new year when there's a bit more money spare :-)


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Well the weather will never get better with what we are all buying now will it. To add to my bits Iv managed to find a Starlight Express guide head camera And I eventually went and got a HEQ5-Pro. Iv managed to make the USB TTL232R version of the EQMOD connection but will have to order the Serial version I have also had a few HitecAstro bits like the Auto Focuser (double when they come out), 4 channel Dew heater controller and the USB guider for use on the SPC9000nc or any USB camera to use as a guide camera. But after seeing how well the Hitec stuff works I have been thinking about getting one of thier Hub Mount Hub Pros because they They look nice and have everything built in to the one box rather than wires upon wires dangling every where.. has anyone got one or tried one out? But if they are as well made and work as well the other HiTecAstro stuff they should be good.


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