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  1. I haven't been able to get on again tonight.
  2. There is another cut of Alien 3 knocking about which turned the dire original cut into a decent movie. Agree that Lost in Space movie was terrible.
  3. A better link for them is: RED LASER GLASSES for Laser Level, laser line & cross | eBay
  4. On my wish list is a Tal 200K with an HEQ5 Pro Synscan mount. Just got to keep saving those pennies.
  5. Hi GZerojvk If I recall correctly, there is an option to request a validation mail to be resent, somewhere on the registration page. Cheers Tony
  6. My Thermal underwear and my Furry, Fur Trapper's Hat. Wearing those certainly helps in the cold. I am Thinking of wearing other clothes as well, which may keeep me even warmer.
  7. I have one of these: http://www.marksandspencer.com/Marks-and-Spencer-Faux-Trapper/dp/B005EVCL9S?ie=UTF8&ref=sr_1_19&nodeId=43451030&sr=1-19&qid=1323018905 And one of these: http://www.yeomansoutdoors.co.uk/products/outdoor-clothing-accessories/hats-gloves-scarves/plain-trapper-hat.aspx
  8. I'm looking forward to BrantUK's Bier Keller
  9. With the recent announcement of BBC cutbacks, it will probably be Cleethorpes beach.
  10. Hi Matt I also have the 150P explorer. I have a very small car (no back seats and a small boot) and I can get the scope, mount, tripod and my accessories in the car. I find it a very portable scope. Cheers Tony
  11. Decided not too watch it, just in case I was tempted to try and build one. Could not possibly justify the cost of a rocket to launch my attempt into orbit.
  12. Was from the David Bowie hit of the same name - it was playing on John Simms car radio at the time of the accident that 'transported' him back to 1973
  13. Count me in - I do not think that I have anything else then. Have to ask the Mrs, if she has planned something for us, but she has not mentioned anything.
  14. WE in the city of Nottingham will not have reduced lighting at all: Street Lighting PFI Questions & Answers : Nottingham City Council
  15. Would love to go CJ, but I am full of a stinking cold.
  16. I am seriously considering getting the 18mm BST Explorer. It is one of the items on my shopping list that I keep leaving at various places in the house. Who knows, her indoors may happen to look at it, whilst she keeps putting it away, and maybe get some ideas for Xmas prezzies.
  17. Can't make tonight was hoping for tomorrow night. Oh well, there is always next time.
  18. Received my copy of The Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders, from Amazon today. It looks good. Thanks for the tip Martyn. Cheers Tony
  19. Hi CJ Welcome mate. I am just down the road from you, I am at Cinderhill. There is another member who is at Watnall, even nearer to you. Cheers Tony
  20. What a difference to this time last week. I was in a field in deepest darkest Derbyshire, having the time of my life meeting new people, looking through different types and sizes of scopes, being given some great advice and looking at some beautiful objects in the night sky. Tonight I am sat in my living room, watching a repeat of Marple wishing the sky was clear. Hopefully things will be better next week. Cheers Tony
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