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  1. Nobody has yet suggested you compare the two scopes yourself. I'd suggest you get a look through a 250PX yourself and compare this to your experience with a 200P. Otherwise you are largely reliant on opinions.
  2. Hi John, You can get a nice dew shield with a heated band. It's quite good value as the dew strips and separate shield can cost quite a bit. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/dew-prevention/astrozap-flexi-heat-dew-shields.html This would be the best protection against dew IMO. Craig
  3. I can't believe you took that with a mobile, what a stunning capture.
  4. Hello and welcome! There's a cracking astronomical society in Derby.
  5. Congratulations on your new toy! I remember unpacking mine, I was a bit taken by the size... Then I built it fast before my opther half came home, saw it and made me sent it back! She forgave me...
  6. A cracking forum, right there! Welcome.
  7. Welcome What are the skies like in LA?
  8. Hello there How's the weather that side of the East Mids? It's miserable here!
  9. I move mine about whilst both powered and none powered, it's designed to let you do exactly that. Sometimes moving it about with the control just takes too long. I think SkyWatcher were spot on the money in recognising this and catering for it.
  10. That looks ace, congrats on the first use! There were cracking skies over the East Midlands last night weren't there? You have the same problem I do, the secondary dewing up in minutes...
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