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  1. Been using your Clear Outside all Summer and it's been better than the 'other' weather apps I have, many thanks and I now have it on my iPhone too!
  2. Hi Andy, I've got an MN190 (200 tube) on an HEQ5 with 3 weights and a finder/guider + Canon 1000d and can just achieve balance but it is almost on the limit! You should re calibrate if you move targets and try using 3-4 secs on the guide scope, it helped me a lot! Cheers Ron
  3. have you turned the tracking off for alignment? I do
  4. How many exposures did you take Chris? I imaged M31 last weekend and took 20x3 mins (guided) and it still wasn't enough! Keep your exposures down to 30 secs at ISO800 and do as many as you can! Stack them in DSS (free download) and finish them using a photo type program like Photo Shop or Gimp (which is free also!) Hope I helped? Cheers Ron
  5. After a frustrating night last Sunday when although I used EQMode through CnC sucessfully I could not get PHD to work. a forum member in passing said (Switch CnC off as it talks to the mount differently to PHD', has anybody else had to do this or got around the problem (if there is a problem?) I cannot use Stellarium on this lappy due to a slow graphics board! Any suggestions?? Cheers Ron
  6. I had a Mk 3 and upgraded to a new Mk4 but didn't like it and went back to my Mk3. Nice controllable red dot, no dew problems and as long as you remember to switch it off when you're done, the battery life is very good! Recommended bit of kit! Che]ers ron
  7. Just ordered the 10mm SLV from FLO as I need to fill a gap between a 7mm and 14mm, good report John glad I ordered it!
  8. No, with PA you are aligning the mount not the scope. Do a PA then a 2 star align then key in Polaris! Cheers Ron
  9. Hi Tom, fellow 'yellowbelly' here from Cranwell, just down the road. You maybe interested in a local group at www. eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk and check out the East Lincs club. We meet monthly at a dark site just North of Horncastle. Watch those penguins!! Cheers Ron
  10. Having a level mount and an accurate polar alignment is important as is a Home postion at the start of every session. I've used the 2 star align for nearly 3 years and find it very accurate although I always check on 2 or 3 extra targets and re align on them, Cheers Ron
  11. Working on it tomorrow (weather permitting!) as the scope is mounted in an obsy. Got some angle alloy, drills, measurements and a bit of time to kill!
  12. Jim, only problem I have is that the scope is a MN190, a newt with a big piece of glass at the front! So drilling is out I'm afaid! I have fashioned a bracket from a piece of angled alloy I found in my shed, if it works I'll put a photo up! Buy the meccano, with all these cloudy nights it will give you something to do!! Cheers Ron
  13. I have a SW electric focuser from a previuos scope that I would like to fit to my SW MN190. I've taken some photo's of the focuser fitted to scope focuser and the resulting gaps etc? Can anyone advise me on doing this or the parts needed please? Thanks Ron
  14. Hi welcome to SGL, I'm just up the road from you at Cranwell. There is a local group on line called East Midlands Stargazers of which I and some local's belong too. We have a dark site meeting this coming Saturday at Badger Farm near Louth, check it out on the EMS forum. You are more than welcome to join us. Cheers Ron
  15. I use a SW MN190 on an HEQ5, I need 3 counterweights for imaging. I spend a good deal of time balancing and getting it spot on as the mount is near it's max weight allowance. But it works!! I have upgraded to belt drive and the rig is pier mounted. Comments please? Ron
  16. I used a 200PDS with a HEQ5 and a Canon1000d quite sucessfully, good for visual as well. I moved onto a SW MN190 basically the same tube but with a big lump of glass at thr front!!
  17. Can't remember myself now, must be getting old!!
  18. Interesting read, not sure I agree with all of it? I would like to see some of the images taken with this amount fo darks etc.. I am happy with my DSO images and as far as I'm concerned that's all that matters!
  19. Stunning images, you must be pleased with those! Cheers Ron
  20. It's been said many times on astro forums, 17 Darks max, anything over that is wasted? Might be worth a play with maybe 15 darks and less Bias, maybe 10? Give it a try and see if it's better or not? Cheers Ron
  21. Plenty of Bat masks on Ebay! Good qualityt too!
  22. If it wasn't a) Cloudy b} Windy and c) a full Moon, I might be!! Ron
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