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  1. PM Brantuk, we imaged using his setup at Kelling 2 years back, seem to remember he had a flattener on it.
  2. Ooops, well it was dark and Kim had just fallen over in the bushes!
  3. Weather was a bit duff but bunking up with Brantuk and Di was good company. Nice to meet Dave Smith and have a squint through CGolders dob on saturday night. Looking foreward to Autumn now.
  4. Hog roast. Lecture. Beers. Bring and buy. Hats. Meal. Solar imaging.
  5. Could the difference be CCD vs DSLR chip to front face spacing?
  6. Earl, I just PM'd a thread where Altair quoted spacing and thread sizes to one of our members, hope it helps.
  7. "but the added solidness of the HEQ5 will come in one day and the guide port is nice to have", the CG5GT has a guide port too.
  8. Same here, QHY5 with Win 7 Starter 32bit, eMachine Netbook no problems. I use as Ascom (Late) Camera in PHD 1.13.1.
  9. Using wider bandpass will reduce one of the advantages of doing narrowband in that the Moon comes back into play on bright nights. I use Astronomik 6nm Ha on Atik 16ic mono like you. It doesn't significantly increase exposure times.
  10. I have tried both 3V and 5V types and can say that the with 10m of cable at the RJ45 mount end the 3V didn't work but the 5V did. 10m gets from my conservatory to the patio.
  11. Over the past few nights I've managed to collect a few hours on M1. 3 hours of 10min Ha subs and 2 hours of 10min OIII using Astronomik filters. Atik 16ic mono, Atik manual filter wheel, Brightstar OAG with QHY5, on ED80. Mount was HEQ5 Sysnscan Pro. Guided using PHD. Stacked in DSS then Ha-Red, Synthetic Green, OIII-Blue in CS3.
  12. Hi Daz, have a look on www.eastmidlandsstargazers.co.uk
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