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  1. Hi All Iv spoke to Lee and at this moment in time and all being well will be coming and going to be on pitch Red 318 Fingers crossed.. (no tent as Yet)
  2. That could be a good thing for us hardened astronomers I mean f they want the kit for bragging right it would have to be good top end kit N if the get fed up and move on to the next fashion statement as you suggest then there would be some nice cheap good kit up for grabs Only good can come from this be it bring in other new astronomers so swelling our ranks which will in turn initiate more people to our light pollution plight so every plus in our hobby is a good thing as far as I am concerned.. But as has been suggested why dont they get footage from starpartys to show at the stargazing live shows They could go and film at SGL7 or even Kelling Then possibly local dark sites nearer the time or get society to coincide events with the TV programme. and like on ITV on nature watch they could have extended live viewing after the main shows...LOL..
  3. I think one of thse two are being gromed to replace poor old Patrick on the SAN as the poor man has nearly past it and it would be nice fr him to and it over "Live" while he still can.. Osh
  4. Where in Sheff are you DR? or is distance time and space not a problem
  5. Hi All Now im feeling a little better I thought I ought to make a start on the web site.. Any suggestions for the front page? Also content Iv located some forum softwar and also so some cllassified ads software if we cannot get the forum to work with a for sale thread. and again all suggestions welcome for additional parts of the site We will be hopefully having a photo area with a competitions on a set basis. And any other spots Such as "Gliders Air Space" "Doc,s Diagnoses" or "Red Dwarfs Grotto" you get my drift and only suggestions? LOL:hello2: So come on you all get your thinking caps on.. If we get a lot of suggestions we can put up a list to be voted on..
  6. Hi Thanks for the suggestion Iv been there done that so to speak And have chatted to AB quite a lot via PM trgarding the mount (not just this issue). And another reason iv thought about the bearing in the idler gear upgrade project. I have been studding the other way (belt drive) today and now not sure which way to go I could do the bearings first as the bearings are winging their way to me as we talk and if that does not have the desired effect I could go on and do the belt conversion and it will have only cost less than £2 to try the bearing way.. I hae also been thinking about the noise scientifically and that the geart faces ar always pushed hard together because of the pressure on them to move. where as the idler gear on the stub axle is free to move on that shaft. Also Iv used a tool iv not used for a long time and its a stethoscope with a long probe fitted to the front. You use it for listening to engines, machinery and their mechanical operating bits like steering control and suspension to find out where creaking or rubbing noises originate from and the closer you get the louder it becomes so you can change the offending bushes or bearings and such. the loudest was when the probe was on the axle that the idler gear was slotted on to. so this also makes me think the noise originates there? Andy
  7. I only get the noise at the start and the end of the high speed slew as soon as it starts it makes the noise for a few seconds then it goes to the hum you talk about. and yes I meshed them tight when I re installed them. But still it made the noise. I used to have a Ioptron and that had soft start and stop so it was quite in all speeds. The sound it makes is like a bag of gears all crunching together. Being a engineer I feel as though I ought to stop it there and then and not use it till its mended. But thats the engineer in me. Seeing the videos iv seen on the net I know im not alone at all by a long way. That said I still feel I want to do something as it makes me cringe every time I hear it LOL. I could try remeshing the gears again But to tight and being brass on brass they will just wear each other away. Reg Andy
  8. Hi all When I bought me HEQ5 pro it made the awful noise when starting to slew in speeds 7 through 9 So much so I even got the seller to log on to the internet to see about the noise. He got some you tube videos up and qute a lot of them also had the start up noise. I even rand my friends that have the HEQ well only one was available and he has the HEQ6 but on listening to it over the phone he said it sounded much like his.So I bought it. When I giot it home after playing with it and making all the extra interfaces for EQmod like the serial the USB and the bluetooth one I then decided to find out why some do and some dont make this squealing/crunching or grinding sound at the start of the high speed slew. I read a article about setting up and adjusting the idler gears as there did seam quite a bit of play on them, So I stripped out the motors and adjusted the shafts and end float plus reset the gear meshing Although I could do nothing about the play on the idler gear shaft as it seamed there was some wear within the brass gear bore itself. That said it all went back together smoothly. However on powering the mount back up and trying a high speed slew it had not made much difference to the noise. So was somewhat fed up. So back to the drawing board. I have just read the article about the belt upgrade but felt that was a bit far for me to go at the present thats when I got to thinking about upgrading the actual gears them selves That is machining them out and fitting in roller bearings. When I stripped them I measured the gears and shafts Them being 5mm shaft diameter and the gear 5mm thick. Iv scourced some bearings at 5mm x 13mm x 5mm and only £1 each so think this may be my next move. That is unless someone else can offer any other suggestions as to any way of silencing or at least quietening it down somewhat. So im open for your suggestions.? Regs Andy
  9. Just had a 4" x 5 foot stainless steel pipe delivered today from avery friendly benefactor.. I just need somebody to dig a hole for its base in the garden. I will not be able to weld to it but was also given 10 bolts half inch by 8 inches long so will have to drill it round the bottom of the pipe and tap it so the bolts can be used for anchoring it in the concrete..
  10. oshb5


    Hello Iv been thinking about putting up a obs in the garden so going to put the pier in the ground first and build round it. Iv been offered a 4 1/2 foot length OD 4" dia steel tube but its only 1/8" wall thickness will it do? Im going to machine a aluminium head for the adjustment anyway its just if this tube would be strong enough? thanks Andy
  11. Hi How did you go about increasing the 3.3v ttl levels to 5v? as they will not work till the right voltage is attained. I had also thought about incorporating the max232 chip into the same box. that way the owner could actually reprogramme the bluetooth module direct over serial That is your own pin and user name as well as having the ability to change to serial cable control of the mount as well as Bluetooth. lets face it nothing worse than 2 or 3 units in close proximity all with the same name and pin code LOL. As a extra Im also Im looking into being able to have a external optional 6dbi antenna fitted to the BT unit box if needed. My small box has arrived so will get it in today and a photo taken and published. Regs Andy
  12. oshb5

    100 3495

    Also Iv just found these for you ready made and ready to fit all depends on the size you need. http://www.machinemart.co.uk/shop/range/guid/7246A7C3-21D8-4642-BA26-CB37125FBB77 regs Andy
  13. oshb5

    100 3495

    Rob have you got a good one left? How are they made can they be dismantled? Are they like hard plastic with a bearing in the middle? Is so I could possibly get some plastic and make some new ones. Let me know what you think O suppose they could be made out of ali or even brass?
  14. And still is as far as I am aware..
  15. Hi Yep I sorted the level problem out with a piggy back breakout board which set the TTL logic levels right for connecting direct to the mount via the RJ45. Its the same with the USB-TTl to RJ45 if you buy the 3.3 version of the USB-TTL convertor it wont work. So once I got it soldered to the breakout board it was fine. And as you say the £9 for 2 is a good deal but the breakouts are about £3.50 then you have to position and solder But now I can get them as a 5v set already soldered at £7.50. which is the better deal. and no messing with the minute soldering LOL. Plus the two serial mount adaptor units I had already built for the project in the first place are now no longer needed so think I will put them in project boxes and sell them on the buy sell forum.. Regs Andy P.S. Photos on their way but now iv altered the circuits I can get them in a even smaller project box which is winging its way to me as i speak.
  16. Hi All Well iv just got finished with the latest project on the HEQ5 I have I was sick of the cables so started to look into bluetooth alternative. EQMod already has the facility to control over serial and there is already a circuit mod but again it is cable operated so I looked into the wireless mod that is for sale out there And for the mount end and pc dongle it is £60 and quite large, That was enough for me I did not look any further as I had seen various messages on the subject on other forums. So I started my own search. I looked for a small Bluetooth module I had seen on a certain site The only mistake I made was thinking I had ordered a serial module which in therey I had Anyway read on. I then built the EQDirect Max232 circuit that is shown in the EQMod pages. I also ordered a small Bluetooth dongle one of the smallest you can get at less than £3 from the far east of course. All the things where assembled and the BT dongle installed in the PC and ran with the drivers attached to the OS No extra s/w needed. The DB9 serial plug was replaced in the max232 cuircuit by the Bt module taking care to make sure tx went to TX and so on. The module needed 5v which is the same as the max232 chip needs s i just ran a extra lead from the 7805 ic to power the BT module. This all came together fine. but for some reason it would not work. I thought it may be the TX and Rx reversed. But even with these changed over it still would not work.. On running EQMod the BT went on line for a few seconds and then i got the message could not connect. This was 2 weeks ago. So I thought I had made the max 232 circuit wrongly I replaced the BT module with the DB9 socket and plugged in a serial cable and that worked. this is when the head scratching started. I took to the various forums and not just for astronomy. I found one in a robotics forum that was having a similar problem. and that was that the output from the BT module was actually TTL and not serial Well it was serial TTL. This being so the mount is also TTL so got to wondering if it was just this BT module that was needed to be attached directly to the mount. So thought i would give it a go So i built up a circuit on breadboard and still used the 7805 for the voltage to power the BT module but now has ordered a proper dc-dc power reducer . Anyway as soon as it was all put together and powered up it worked like a dream. and has about 30' of range which i feel is plenty. So i will get it all put into a nice neat box and get some photos. But i would say for all parts needed including the BT dongle it will end up being less than £20 complete.. When I get the photo and put it up on here. I will also put up a list of parts and part No's with the prices.. Regs Andy
  17. Hi Yes only 5deg angle difference on the cutting tool if your cutting one in a lathe. But if you still need a bolt drop me your address as i used to do CCTV and alarm installs and have still got loads of camera spares from 1/4 up to 1 1/2 in length of the 1/4 whit bolts and hex head and has a pozidrive in the centre as well Also have quire few spare hyper had Sony ccd cameras. both 12v and 240v mains regs Andy
  18. Sorry had forgot about this thread I went out anf got a HitecAstro one Its great for the price. I also got it at the same time one of their USB focusers Its a super silent in operation and temperature compensated Its a great bit of kit.
  19. Like I was saying My ioptron keeps loads of information like that I stil have it . It is quite a good after market goto Its fitted to a CG5 which is just over a year old and it is a better mount that the CG5-GT both in goto and guiding. But it is not stepper motor it is DC motors with encoders fitted which makes it as noisy as the coffee grinder itself. Other than this noise I would have kept it but my neighbours would not have been happy LOL. And another good thing about it was it only stood me about £350 a hundred quid less than the second hand HEQ5pro im using now but boy is it quite now iv had it apart and been through it. Iv even been thinking about ballracing the idler gears to a set of roller bearings that would make it like wisper lol Andy
  20. Hi Streaky So there is a mod to be able to fit a backup battery? Andy
  21. Hi Rob I thought I had read where it did keep time and date but must be mistaken.. Its same as the LED brightness what does that do? (Not the LCD brigtness or LCD contrast) I thought it would change the LED brightness on the polar scope but it stays the same weather it is 0% or 100%. Its not like the Goto Nova i have it keeps everything upto date all the time built in LED dimmer for the polar mount and also a built in red LED on the handset that can be used like a red torch also that you can dim But the best part its LCD has 8 lines so you can get plenty of info on the screen. Also with the HEQ5 do you know difference in the handsets between the version 3 and the earlier ones? regs Andy
  22. Hello all Can someone answer me a question where the time and date is concerned with the HEQ5 handset When I plug in and switch on it from the handset always starts from 8.00 also I have noticed that also the date is the same date as when i last used it. Is this right because I thought once it was set it kept the time & date? if not does anyone have any idea what my be wrong or how to fix it. So that it is the current time & date when i next power up the mount with the handset please. like my Ioptron.. thankyou for any help Regs Andy P.S. Iv just had a thought Could it be anything to do with me connecting the mount to the laptop via EQdirect in between the times I have used the handset ??
  23. Hi all Iv just finished building my Bluetooth adaptor. I used a small BT module and put it all in a small project box. It looks great and works fine now iv sorted out my com port mess LOL and cost just under £18 including the BT dongle for the laptop. andy
  24. Hope you had a great birthday and had plenty of Astro related goodies as pressys as well as many pints of the brown stuff.. 8)
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