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  2. Only just spotted the 'clubs' tab and investigated it , but thought I'd join despite the lack of recent posts here.
  3. Are these opendays still organized? Nowadays, due to the coronavirus infection it may be postponed or even cancelled, but generally speaking, are they organized since 2015? Besides, speaking of surveys? Have you ever questioned yourself whether there are any surveys which are paid? I mean, when I finally found out that they do actually exist, I was sooo taken aback. Thus, I decided to try take online surveys for money. By the way, this source is the best for those who are in search of reliable sites where you can earn))
  4. Hello Members If you look at the membership you will see that I am classed as the 'owner' and 'leader' Clearly it would be better for a local member to take on the role? Can you advise me if you wish to take on this role. Mark
  5. Thanks Dick. A few groups have replied so I will need to discuss arranging the transfer over to the Clubs site.
  6. Hi Mark I am a member of the Leicester Astronomical Society (Based at the space centre in Leicester) We have not any forum to date and would like to set one up if possible. I would have to check with the powers that be. But many members agree it would be a great benefit. Thanks Dick
  7. You may have noticed that we have created a new heading, above the banner, called 'Clubs'. The plan is to move all the existing social groups and observatories to this new area. Currently there are 17 different groups some more active than others. You need to advise me, in this thread, whether you wish your social group to be moved, otherwise the group will be closed and archived. I look forward to hearing from someone within group for us to take necessary admin action.
  8. HI Here is a good site for Tal and it deals with colmination of Tal scopes http://www.telescopes-astronomy.com.au/russian-novosibirsk-tal-pricelist-telescopes.htm
  9. Ok Simon ..... Simon seems to be quite a common name in the group ?
  10. Just sent a message to join up! Hopefully see some of you soon!!
  11. Thanks Andy - just joined. Hope to see you sometime.
  12. Hi Errol, We don't tend to use this forum much for discussion, we have a secret group on Facebook that is used for chit-chat and observing session arrangements. Search for - Central Midlands Stargazers on Facebook.
  13. Not much been happening on here since 2016 so I thought I would put my 2p in. Anyone in Northants willing to get together for a bit of observing? I am in Wellingborough but don't mind travelling and I have found a nice spot near Lamport. Please reply or pm me.
  14. Hi Mark I am from Nene Astro Society as well. Come along anytime they are a friendly bunch. neneastro.org.uk From Wellingborough
  15. The meeting this Thursday (2nd March 2017) of Nottingham Astronomical Society at BGS is a talk on “Finding exoplanets with small telescopes” by Dr Peter Wheatley of the University of Warwick. Doors at BGS in Keyworth will open at 7:30pm and the talk ill commence at 8pm. All welcome. Further information can be found on the website: http://nottinghamastro.org.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/nas.org.uk/
  16. Hey guys! So I'm not at all new to SGL but I've always been in the South Wales group. Although admittedly I'm not as active in the forums as I used to be. Anyway, last September I started studying at the University of Leicester (studying Geology) and it's only now occurred to me to check out the SGL group for the area. I don't get to observe as much as I used to. I joined the Uni's AstroSoc which has so far had just one observing meet and I do have a telescope with me (Heritage 130). I either bus or walk everywhere so if I do go out to use it it'll probably be local. It'd be great to get to know a few of you!
  17. The meeting this Thursday, February 2nd, is a talk by Dr Dan Brown from Nottingham Trent University; Dan will be talking about "passage graves - 6,000 year old telescopes without lenses". Everyone welcome. Venue location can be found on the Society website: http://nottinghamastro.org.uk/ Doors open at 7:30pm for tea and coffee and the talk will commence at 8pm. [Image from: https://www.ras.org.uk/…/2880-a-6-000-year-old-telescope-wi…]
  18. Message astrodam ,damien runs the stanion club http://www.stanionastro.com/
  19. Hi Mark ,I'm a member of the Nene valley and I'm also a member of the Stanion astronomy,both are a great group,I'm also from corby,nice to find a astronomer from the same town.
  20. Hiya banners, Thanks a lot for your reply :-) The park is outside of the Nottingham light dome and has very good views especially to the East and South horizons below it. There's a particular spot there where there's no direct light whatsoever visible in any direction. It should be darker than the suburbs close by. Next time I go up in the daytime I'll take some photos of the outlook and post on here. The main considerations I envisage there are (1) parking locally as they discourage folks (undesirables) parking up on site at night and there's trouble parking on the narrow roads nearby. (2) Carrying equipment to the location. (3) Security-this would be offset if enough of us were to go up. When the nights draw in I'll do a night time visit one Moonless night and try and estimate the limiting magnitude value from there. Thanks again for your reply, I'll post here to keep everyone informed. Cheers, Steve
  21. I'm at Strelley and have mulled this spot over as a potential quad flying spot. As of yet, I've not got over to have a look about, but, safety in numbers and I think it could be fun for a little astro get together. It'd be nice to have somewhere closer to home
  22. Having been to the park a number of times now in the daytime on reconnaissance it seems a potentially good location to try as an observing and imaging location. High up in relation to all surrounding ground with an uninterupted 360 degrees FOV and views right down to the horizon to the East and South. There’s the light pollution of course principally in the direction of Nottingham but certainly worth a try when the night’s get darker earlier. I’d be interested finding out if anyone who is also local would be willing to ‘give it a go’ observing/imaging from there in the autumn. I’m also willing to contact the local council and the Friends of Gedling Country Park to see if any arrangements could be made on site (there’s plans to build a visitor centre in the future). Please drop me a PM if you are interested. Cheers, Steve http://www.gedling.gov.uk/leisure/parksopenspaces/gedlingcountrypark/
  23. Have a look at our website and contact for details as we use Google+ for chit chat etc.. http://centralmidlandstargazers.com/
  24. Hi Michael, Feel free to ask away, I can't remember the Google+ account we use for discussion/dark site meets sp I will give Tich a nudge. Andy
  25. Hi Guys Im michael from Corby, new to all this and dont know anyone into it so would love to chat with some people who know what they are doing, as i dont:)
  26. Hi all, New to Astronomy, just settling in. I know there is a Nene Valley astronomy group that I plan to start attending, just wondering if anyone else on here is a member already?

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