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What seems like an eternity


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It's been a really bad year for me so far with the last decent image being last October. With the weather and kit problems conspiring against me I have nearly thrown in the towel.

Last night I had a near perfect session and managed to grab some RGB data of the nebulosity around Sadr and added this to some Ha data grabbed last November.

The following image was taken in two sessions

Ha data was 19 x 10 mins
RGB 12 x 10 mins

Stacked with DSS and processed with Pix Insight, PSCS3 and Registar.

Great to get something done to recharge my astro batteries :). Shame about the halo around Sadr though :(




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It's a good comeback.

Where do the haloes come from, the Ha? What filter?


The Halo is on both the Ha image and RGB. The Ha image was taken with a Baader 7nm filter and a UV/IR cut filter on the CCD which is left in place to stop dust entering the CCD. The RGB image was taken with a Neodymium light pollution filter and the UV/IR cut filter in place.

Thanks for the nice comments too :)



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Nice to see you back posting again Kevin,great result and i dont think the halo adds a negative to the shot,infact i quite like it,purely from an artisitic point of view.

And like yourself,cant wait for the nights to draw in.I hate summer:evil6:

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