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  1. Hi guys I’ve been looking into the wedge for my Nexstar 8se. but am put off by the price £350. Is high. Am I right in thinking all it’s for is to angle for tracking equatorially. Is there another way to do this for a sensible price.
  2. There is always the possibility of transferring dirt to other surfaces. Wipes seem a good idea!
  3. Hi all, id like to know what you guys and gals use to clean your lens which type of cloths, spray for cleaning or protection, and dust blowers. there seems to be a big difference in price for some of this gear I personally like a company call “Urth” but although eco they are pricey thorough please thanks!!
  4. This subject seems to have open a can of worms. So to confirm a 2” star diagonal has no advantages. I was considering a Celestron luminos barlow which is 2” Are we saying stare clear I thought it would give more choices which I like the idea of as I’d still have the 1.25 diagonal? thanks for info other than my lack of knowledge it’s great.
  5. Thanks for info, when enquired at a shop they didn’t mention an draw back.
  6. so think of getting a 2” star diagonal. but my thoughts are around 1.25” eyepieces will do anything for them I only have two lenses the one that came with my Nexstar 8se and a 10mm Luminos. want to make sure that I head in the right direction. Planetary is my main objective at the mo I’ll take the odd image but more looking for my self.
  7. Thank for welcome, in regards to what I’d like to do for now is observe planets. I know very little and although had my previous telescope for many year in was a dust collector only come out once in a while. Tried viewing Mars last night with little success light pollutions a b@#%¥. Looking at the Moon outstanding and for a better word simple.
  8. Hi I’m Andy from Sherwood I upgraded my old scope to the Nexstar 8se. Was looking for ideas of what to upgrade first all ideas welcome. many thanks!
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