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  1. Well I'm certainly getting an exercise in learning new galaxies looking at your images - credit to you for going off the beaten path, this is yet another new one to me. It's a superb image again, beautifully processed. Martin
  2. Some of the stars on the left-side of the frame look a little squashed, seems more evident on the larger ones. Try running the FITS through CCD Inspector to get a clearer readout on the curvature. Martin
  3. Punchy star colour and good contrast - very classy image. Martin
  4. Great image, I'm surprised more folk don't have a go at the cone - it's makes an excellent target. Martin
  5. Cracking good image Pete, it's nice to see the fine resolution in the trapezium like this. I think you've balanced the rest of the nebula very nicely also, looks seamless. There's detail in there that I've not seen before either, shows the quality of resolution you've attained here. Martin
  6. This latest version looks spot-on to me Steve - it's got good contrast without being over-pushed. I always like to see some transparency coming through parts of the nebulosity in the Rosette and you've certainly achieved that. The toned-back palette is also very effective here, nice work. Martin
  7. Chris, that's a very fine Cone nebula. In terms of picking up the faint stuff and exposure times, as others have suggested, it's likely a compromise under UK skies. If you can get regular uninterrupted long clear runs then go for 20 minutes (assuming your guiding is excellent). For the last couple of months I've tried this under Devon skies and struggled somewhat, mainly because despite the weather forecast usually pesky clouds still drift in/out during the course of some 20 min imaging runs (star faded is the warning sign on the guiding) and I've lost a lot of subs due to this. Maybe you have better skies, if so try to go for the long subs. Martin
  8. Looks simple, but in practice turns out to be anything other - that's a great version of the beehive Steve, star colours and weightings are just perfect. The full-size version is a joy to look at. Martin
  9. Yep, you need crystal clear moon-less nights for this one, and a lot of data to pull the luminence out - very nice result here though, you've got to be pleased with that one. Martin
  10. I like the transparency you've achieved with this one, many examples we see are block-solid and very heavy with the colours - this is delicate and smooth, a very effective outcome. Martin
  11. These tough little (and lovely) galaxies have become a 'signature' for your skills John - I doubt that anybody handles & processes them better. This is again a super example. Martin
  12. Really excellent image Barry, lots of lovely fibrous nebulosity emanating out from the Rosette as well, which shows how well you've captured & processed this image. Top drawer. Martin
  13. Just caught this one - nice to see a subtle version of the Rosette and this one has been delicately processed, nothing forced or over-sharpened. Maybe just a hint of green coming through especially on the right-hand-side, see if HLVG improves or not. Martin
  14. It's a great image Sara, nice to also see some space around Simeis, adds more dimension & depth to it. Martin
  15. Yes my obsy roof is very heavy, it took 4 men to lift and get it into position - the obsy itself is 10x10 feet and uses heavy-duty timbers all-round. The wheels are 6" each in diameter and for the weight they have to bear & shift I think that's about right. When a frost is predicted, what I've been doing now is to open the roof to prepare for the imaging session & then just wrap each of the wheels up with a cheap kitchen cloth. That way nothing freezes inside the wheel itself, and the contact with the runner also doesn't freeze. In the earlier days I did try the can of de-icer method, but I had to get up on step-ladders to do it properly, it's messy, and never penetrated into the actual wheel mechanism (which also froze solid) very well. Martin
  16. This is an interesting thread, and I applaud the response it's generated - let's face it, this post from Sara has prompted a variety of viewpoints and the diversity of these are rich and welcome, it makes a change from the usual posts and replies! It's got us thinking and debating, and that's got to be good. When I first saw Sara's image, I immediately thought it was a HOO version, and was surprised (and impressed) that this was derived purely from HA data. None of the data is falsified, but it has been cleverly processed to show that colours at the choice/discretion of the imager can be imparted to key areas and features, and I don't have a problem with that. Frankly it's nice to see that Sara is pushing the edge of the envelope here, it may not be the 'standard' way of handling an image, but the outcome is creative and impressive. Martin
  17. Steve, I'll be interested to hear how you get on with the roof automation. I have a roll-off-roof obsy with standard roller wheels (no automation), and in most conditions the roof opens & closes just fine. However, when there's a sharp frost, the internal bearings on the wheels freeze and also the wheels (10 of them) weld to the aluminium runners due to ice. Nothing worse then after an all-night imaging session walking down to the obsy early morning to close the roof, only to find that it won't budge an inch! Do you have this same issue with an automated roof closure? Martin
  18. That's certainly a good result with the Star71 - these seem to be cracking good refractors, and you've knocked-out a really good version of the Soul here. Martin
  19. For a 'first light' with a new (enormous) scope, and under less than ideal condition, you've got to be really pleased with that Chris. Offers a lot of potential going forwards. Martin
  20. Very impressive image, the detail & resolution are top-notch. Martin
  21. That's a stunning image - the palette & detail are just superb.
  22. Two great images Dave - you really have your gear superbly tuned-in, the stars look tight and there's lots of definition in the nebulosity. Martin
  23. Gets the thumb's up from me too - this is a lovely capture, like the colours also. Martin
  24. Yep - that's a cracking good image of the cone nebula Dave, you've processed this really well. Martin
  25. That's come out superbly Rob, one of the best widefield images I've seen of this area, all of your hard work & patience has paid off. Martin
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