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  1. Thanks for the reply Marty I decipher your text as an asi290mm and another camera with the imx183 chip? Possibly also an asi? Am I close? Cheers Bryan
  2. Wow! Incredible images Marty! I am totally in awe! What camera do you use? Thanks for sharing Bryan
  3. Thanks Steve It is fun learning new Astrophotography techniques and when the nights are so short it gives me an opportunity to ‘play with my equipment’ during the day! If only the sun would come out!!
  4. Thanks Richard! I just need the clouds to disappear from above my house! i haven’t seen the sun for weeks now! cheers Bryan
  5. Thanks Pete I am Learning, and really enjoying the challenge!
  6. lovely serene images, It is very quiet. probably as I have just decided to get into solar imaging! thanks for sharing Bryan
  7. Stunning! thanks for sharing cheers Bryan
  8. I am getting to like solar imaging and learning as I go. It’s quite satisfying to acquire the data for an image in minutes as apposed to hours/days/ weeks or even years with deep sky night time astrophotography! thanks to all on here, there is a wealth of help an knowledge on this forum here is my 3rd image any tips or comments welcome cheers Bryan
  9. Hi Richard, thanks for the comment Well.... The equipment, it's a mismatch of a few things cobbled together. I initially bought a Daystar solar scout 2nd hand from UKABS and then I removed the Quark, created an adapter so I could use it in other scopes. This is the Quark attached to my TS65 Quad. The imaging camera is a Point grey Blackfly usb3 with the same chip as an asi 174 mono. Cheers Bryan
  10. Hi all I am enjoying this solar imaging malarkey! It would be nice if the sun was more available though! Second attempt at imaging. The original image is larger but suffering from Newtons Rings that weren’t removed by flats. I have a tilt adapter but haven’t used it yet Can I ask, how much of a tilt do you need? Cheers Bryan
  11. Rod.... what can I say? Thank you! you’re awesome! thank you so much for not only Taking the time to reply so thoroughly but also going that step further offering valuable information and advice that will save me time and possibly extend the lifespan of my equipment. Thank you Sir! Bryan p.s. I have seen the photos of your 6” F15 and it’s a thing of beauty!
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