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  1. Thanks for the reply I'm sorry if this is a rookie question but when you invert in PS how do you remove green? I normally Image DSO's and Lunar processing is yet another learning curve but I am enjoying the challenge. I don't use pixinsight, I have opted for Astropixelprocessor for my DSO work Thanks Bryan
  2. Hi Alex when you say invert, are you using photoshop? I want to have a go! Thanks Bryan
  3. Hi I'm not convinced this is going to be the final version of this image but here is an aligned version of my RGB results. I have learned a lot with this image, I have discovered a couple of really useful new software programs (new to me) The final result was very green so I ended up using HLVG to dampen the overbearing green hue. Thank you Alex for your help! Here is the Jpg.. The Tif is below for anyone who wants to look Cheers Bryan Imppg aligned rgb hlvg.tif
  4. Hi Alex ICE is the winner!! I have finally got around to trying ICE and I have to admit I like it! It has done a much better job of creating similar shaped lunar mosaic images from my individual RGB Data and I have just about aligned them in Photoshop to create an image I would be happy with! This is a relief as the imaging session took me about 3 hours and I started it at 11pm and I was at work the next day after 5 hours sleep so it's nice to see something for my sacrifice! ICE is definitely the way forward for me, and I will post my image when I am finished with it.
  5. That’s very kind Alex thank you for the link, I am having to work this morning but I will download it later and see if it can create a better shaped moon the photomerge option in photoshop is under file, automate, photomerge cheers! Bryan
  6. Thanks Alex for your comments and trying to help I don't have Microsoft ICE an it doesn't seem to be available for download anymore from Microsoft? however, the images were stitched together with Photoshops Mosaic Photomerge and I am not sure ICE could do a better job? I don't know imPPG but will research it Thanks again Bryan
  7. Hi Lunatics! I have been trying my hand at Lunar mosaic photography with my Meade 12" SCT and my BlackFly bfly-u3-23s6m which is a mono Camera. I have filters and planned to create a lunar mosaic in RGB but as I have to refocus with each filter and it takes about 30 images to create each mosaic I chose to image with each filter, refocus, change filter then image etc choosing Blue last as the moon was reaching the zenith. I processed each filter as a batch with Autostakert then used photoshop to automatically align the individual stacks with photomerge. The individual RGB photomerged
  8. Ok So, the next step is making absolutely sure I don't fry my new (ish) hub! Thanks Stuart Bryan
  9. Thanks I appreciate the clarity. With the cube shaped device that I own that is used for focusing you could maybe forgive my confusion with the Pegasus focus cube? Thanks again for your help Bryan
  10. its the pegasus astro stepper motor, but it is also a cube and used for focus. it has only one connection which is a serial db9 port and that worked with my mount hub pro but the new pegasus hub has only an rj45 connection however there is a cable sold for the pegasus hub that has db9 and rj45 but wimvb said "the focus cube should NOT be connected to the focuser output of the power box. The focus cube is a standalone unit which only needs a usb connection and a 12v power source. The focuser output of the power box is for the pegasus focuser, which is only a stepper motor, without control
  11. Mmmm! I'm grateful for the replies I am a tad confused if this is even possible?
  12. Hi star people! Up until recently I have connected all of my equipment through a Hitecastro mount hub pro. The hub has developed a fault and I may get it repaired but in the meantime I have purchased a pegasus ultimate powerbox v1 The question I need an answer to relates to the pegasus stepper motor focus cube I had connected to my mounthub pro via a db9 serial cable. The pegasus Powerbox uses an rj45 for the focuser and I can see you can buy an rj45 to db9 connector cable but as I often install rj45 connectors in my job I should be able to cut one end off the serial cable and replace it
  13. Brilliant report with loads of useful info i had the hitch Astro mount hub pro until it recently developed a fault and I also had a “start up” routine that made everything work but if I deviated I would sometimes have to restart my windows 7 laptop to reconnect everything. in particular the Atik efw2, I would start this second after the camera and then count to 20 before starting anything else, this gave enough time for the efw2 to complete a full revolution and “calibrate” thanks again for taking the time to communicate your experience. Bryan
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