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  1. Lovely! you’ve got to be happy with this! thanks for sharing Bryan
  2. Thanks Martin I did produce a more colourful option but preferred this understated version as it looked more natural to my eye. I have purchased new bearings for the worm gears and plan to strip it, clean it and re-grease it when I get the time. I was surprised at how much I knocked it out of polar alignment even though it’s fastened down tight on a permanent (home built) pier. cheers Bryan
  3. Stunning image Adam thanks for sharing, can I ask, how long are the individual subs? cheers Bryan
  4. I started late on this, Ngc 7380 in Cepheus also known as the wizard nebula (for its shape) so I haven’t had as long on it as I would have liked. I also had equipment issues, I was covering my scope standing on a chair when I lost my balance and ended up grappling the scope and mount in an effort to prevent a fall! I knocked my alignment out and May have put a strain on gears or bearings? whatever happened, I ended up struggling to guide as faithfully as before the slip, I’m not sure whether it was down to seeing or if I will need to strip my mount?! Anyway! I managed to get 7hrs ha but only 3.5hrs oii and 3hrs sii calibrated and integrated in APP tweaked in ps (high pass filter, selective colour) then sharpened a tad more on my phone with ps express. I’d love to get some more time on this but I will probably have to wait till next year now as it’s disappearing over my roof thanks for looking and clear skies Bryan
  5. Great start on an interesting patch of sky Alan I like your star colours. what camera and filters was this taken with? cheers Bryan
  6. This is a beautiful image, well framed and processed with incredible finesse. It really does have a 3D feel to it I love it! Thank you for sharing what’s the sky quality like at your imaging site? Bryan
  7. Here is my current work so far on IC410 'tadpole nebula' It's a combination of 31x20m ha, 14x20m oiii and 12x20m sii. I intend to collect more data as it passes over my house this winter. A special thanks to Olly Penrice, Vincent from the astro pixel processor forum and Sarah Wager (Swagastro.com) for their help with imaging tips and techniques anyway... here it is!
  8. lovely image and great framing of one of my favourite DSO's I too find HOO more pleasing on the veil Thanks for sharing Bryan
  9. Great images! I like these! I have a couple of SCT telescopes that have been mothballed as I seem to see more refractor, reflector and rc images on this forum but you have shown that an f10 SCT is more than capable in the right hands! Thanks for sharing Bryan
  10. Great image! I particularly like the star colours! It's a steep learning curve! and I haven't even got pixinsight! although I know deep down it's inevitable.... Thanks for sharing Bryan
  11. Money sent address included in the PayPal notes many thanks Bryan
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