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  1. Thanks for the input Luke! I bought the Blackfly camera second hand and I have to admit I would buy FLI cameras again. They are compact and sensitive, once I got to grips with the software I was more than happy with my purchase. I have since bought a zwo colour camera to try and capture Mars but the clouds have prevented me getting any meaningful results for months now so I cannot really compare.. I have persued this hobby for many years and although my passion is deep sky I am determined to obtain some decent images of our nearest neighbours and hopefully I will have more year
  2. Hi Rich I bought this camera MODEL: BFLY-U3-23S6M-C: 2.3 MP, 41 FPS, SONY IMX249, MONO And used it with the solar scout 60 to get some images I then used the rear end of the solar scout, the quark, and adapted it to fit other telescopes, mainly my ed100 to get closer (not without its challenges and should a daystar quark have come up at the right price it may have been a better option) Cheers Bryan
  3. Nice image, I guess a slight tilt is bottom of the list to resolve when you can actually grab some data! Keep them coming! Bryan
  4. Squiggly stars aside, this is my favourite image of this nebula I have seen. The clarity of the crescent is awesome against that sea of Ha. Well done. Thank you for sharing your hard work. Bryan
  5. Gobsmacked! My hat is well and truly off to you sir!! Thanks for sharing your hard work and for the description, Bryan
  6. Thanks Olly it’s been a while since I made something for astrophotography, I’ll try this! Bryan
  7. I have fallen for it too! I keep thinking, when should I change my rigg and try a different perspective, but there’s so much to image atm that fills the fov of this neat little lens and it copes with wind so much better than some of my other options!
  8. Cheers for that. I only used it once or twice at F2, I seem remember having some strange shaped stars when I did so favoured stepping down I’ll take a look at Amazon Bryan
  9. Now that’s piqued my interest! would you make one ? Or can you buy one for the job?
  10. Great shot of an object that I didn’t know about until you posted this! After researching it I can see you have done a Stirling Job! Nice detail and Colour! Thanks for sharing Bryan
  11. Hi Padraic I have had halos on bright stars for several reasons: 1. Poor quality filters resulting in internal reflections 2. internal reflections caused by badly coated reducers/flatteners 3. High thin cloud. 4. Dew, but you appear have cancelled this out. 5. Expired desiccant tablets in my cooled camera. I hope you get to the bottom of it, and well done for processing it out in image #1! I think you are right about the “sunbeam” Good luck resolving this! Bryan
  12. For what it’s worth... https://www.atik-cameras.com/news/binnning-the-differences-between-cmos-and-ccd/ Atiks explanation of binning differences cmos v ccd There are some very intelligent and helpful people on this site that are clued up on the maths and the theory of capturing the photons in the most efficient and effective way, I treat most of these equations theories and rules (the ones I understand or take the time to digest) as helpful guidelines that sometimes aren’t as critical in real life situations. I have mainly favoured the “try it out and see what h
  13. Very interesting. I need to polish up on my maths!!
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