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  1. I’ll take this please pm on its way
  2. Camera sold to Maxrayne Mods please arcive
  3. assouptro

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    I bought the wo with the intention of doing some widefield astrophotography but never quite worked out the camera connection with the threaded sct style rear end of the scope, so I just ended up using it on a photography tripod with a revelation Astro diagonal to look at the heavens, then it got mothballed. I ended up buying a ts65quad last year for widefield to use on my Astrotrack. It was my first time buying a new scope, and although I had to save up, it was worth it. They have mixed reviews but I think it’s a cracking little scope. I saw one on ukabs recently. There is always another scope wanted or needed!!
  4. assouptro

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    Nice! I never got round to attaching a camera to the scope when I had it! I occasionally used it for visual when my other rig was busy taking photos. Glad to see you managed to get it working with the star adventurer mini ! cheers Bryan
  5. Hi Dogfish I can’t see the m42 image? Did you forget to add it? cheers Bryan
  6. Now sold to Mel Mods please remove
  7. Now sold on ebay Mods please remove Bryan
  8. Hi I’m selling my trusty 450d It’s full spectrum modified and has served me well for a few years. I cannot tell what the shutter count is as when I tried to connect it to my laptop it wouldn’t communicate. It may have a faulty usb connection? I’ve always used a timer remote and sd card reader so I’ve never tried to connect it before? I am reflecting this in the price £120 body, battery, charger, book. I’ll post it in its original box if I can find it. If not I’ll package it well. here are some pics of the camera and some photos taken with it any questions? Many thanks Bryan
  9. assouptro

    Mintron 12v6hc-ex mono camera

    You could record if it was plugged into an av input of a dvd or vcr recorder
  10. Thanks guys I appreciate the effort!
  11. I have a sx mini usb filter wheel with built in oag. I have accidentally damaged the oag prism and was wondering if anyone new where I could buy a new one? Tbanks in advance for any help! Bryan
  12. assouptro

    Red glow Canon 700D

    This may be totally irrelevant but I have had similar results with 2 canon cameras and finally discovered it was due to shooting straight from live view. I solved it by disconnecting the power to the camera for a few seconds once I was focused and framed. I don’t know if that will help but I thought I’d add my pennies worth! Good luck in solving it! Bryan

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