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  1. Agreed, a beautiful version here, looks very natural and not over-cooked, Great job! Martin
  2. Fabulous widefield image Carole - colour palette is also spot-on, looks great - well done. Martin
  3. Ian, that's a brilliant version of Melotte 15, top drawer, the details in the nebulosity and the subtle but effective palette have come through superbly, I also like the handling of the stars, no halos, no sharp edges, just lovely and natural - overall an excellent image, take a bow! Martin
  4. That's a fabulous image, colours and processing are top drawer, well done.
  5. I've had several red lights of various types, but the one I keep returning to is a small hand-held one from Inova. It's small, which I like, and red light only, but packs a real punch, excellent brightness on first setting, which you can tone down by clicking again going to the next setting. It surpasses by far the red light I have on my Petzl headtorch by quite some margin, and the batteries last for absolutely ages. You can buy the Inova red light torch from Amazon where it's listed as 'Inova Microlight Keyring Torch'.
  6. Hi Peter, welcome also from another astro-imager in Devon. Martin
  7. That's a beautiful rendition of M42, even more so given the dreadful run of poor weather here in the UK., you've done very well to accumulate the data and have processed it really nicely - great job. Martin
  8. Lot of work has gone into this, great result .
  9. That's an excellent image, has some real punch to it, well done.
  10. That's a brilliant version of this target - great work.
  11. John, as a first narrowband image this is excellent. When you mention removing pinpoint red stars, I assume you mean aberrant red pixels, there should be no bright red stars alone in the field if the stacked master files are aligned properly. Hot red pixels are not uncommon though and can be easily removed with a hot pixel map and substraction process - usually these disappear anyhow with calibration frames so just check the settings for how you are using these. Nevertheless that's a mighty good HOO image of this target - not over-cooked, and very well executed - well done. Martin
  12. Thanks for your comments. It's difficult to get a decent run of clear nights here in Devon, especially when there's no Moon light around, but I may add some more frames to this this image to widen the FOV even further, so perhaps end up with a 4 frame mosaic - will need the night skies to play ball though! Martin
  13. Taken over several nights late July and early August, this is a 2 frame mosaic taken with a TakFSQ106/QSI690 on a AP Mach-1 mount, data for each frame collected using CCD Commander and consists of 12 x 10 minutes H-alpha, 9 x 10 minutes OIII and 9 x 10 minutes of SII. Processed using Photoshop in hubble palette. Thanks for looking, Martin.
  14. Yep, I'm interested too - please keep us updated on possible dates and arrangements - thanks!
  15. Great to see you back 'in the saddle' again Ian, and a with a lovely rendition of M35 as well. I've always found these LRGB open clusters to be very tricky to process, so I steer clear of them, but you've done a really nice job. Your aim to image the whole Messier catalogue is a very ambitious one, but would be a wonderful achievement - good luck! Martin
  16. Frustrating - the BBC weather forecasts have been diabolically misleading for the night skies in Devon the last 2 weeks, several times clear or semi-clear nights predicted only to see non-stop blankets of cloud. I've found that the "live" cloud satellite imaging website Sat24 helps a lot, here you can see in real time the cloud situation for your part of the UK and how it's projected to move, and this may give you a much better indication of the night skies ahead rather than relying on BBC forecasts or the like. Here's the link to the website: https://en.sat24.com/en Martin
  17. Hi Ian - with Dave & your help, it's looking like 21 00 004 is likely the right CPC code. The problem now is the 'outward processing relief' form, on which this CPC code has to be entered. I've just phoned up TNT again, and apparently they cannot issue this form (typical), instead only the HMRC can do this so I'm back on the phone again shortly to them trying to see if they can send me one. Ian - the problem with my Mach1 is the RA gearbox. I had a few occasional problems with the need to re-mesh the RA axis every couple of months, so I decided to take the RA gearbox off, and strip it down, which turned out to be a silly thing to do since various springs and spur gears readily came apart but didn't go back together so easily! The net result was a very noisy RA gearbox, which doesn't sound right at all, yet remarkably it still tracks and slews perfectly, but inevitably with the noise it's making something is going to give sooner or later. So the fault is all mine in the making. I emailed George at AP, and he recommended a proper repair and service, which I'm happy about, I've had it 6 years so far and it's been a brilliant mount - just need to sort this blinking courier business out! Thanks everybody for your inputs. Martin
  18. Thanks again Dave for your inputs here, as you say it's quite possibly a CPC code starting with 21 but eventually has to be a 7-digit code, which i now find out breaks down into 2 sets of 2 digit codes and 1 set of 3 digit codes making up the final 7 digit, so there are three pieces of information built into each code! Mike - I have written an email to Astro-Physics in USA, they helped initially asking me to write "REPAIR - USA ORIGIN" on the paperwork, which I did, but they also never mentioned anything about a CPC code. I've now asked them specifically if they can advise here, but given the time difference it will be late in the day before I can expect any reply from them. I'm more annoyed with TNT to be honest. They clearly knew that i was sending a package from UK to USA, then having collected it and holding it in their depot, only now they tell me that a CPC code is needed - yet nothing whatsoever on their paperwork mentioning or asking for a CPC code, and when I contact them all they do is tell me to talk to the HMRC! Martin
  19. Hi Dave, just seen your last post with a possible CPC number - maybe this is right, but the HMRC chap did mention to me the wording "Outward Processing Relief", whatever that is (?), and that this could have a bearing on my choice of CPC code. Still completely in the dark here..... Martin
  20. Hi Dave, I did indeed phone up the HMRC, they directed me thorough half a dozen web-links and appendixes until I reached a 114 page document of complete gobble-de-gook about Custom Procedure Codes. I appealed to the HMRC chap if he could help further, explaining exactly what I was trying to send, but apparently he's only allowed to offer guidance nothing more and this stops at this huge document which reads like complete nonsense to a layman. So at the moment I'm stuck! As I mentioned, nothing in any of the TNT paperwork had a box, or even requested entry of a CPC code yet this is compulsory it seems, so I'm not impressed with them. Martin
  21. Hi everybody, I have a Mach1 Astro-Physics mount which needs to go back to the USA for some repairs. I booked up TNT courier, and it was picked up on Friday but I've just found out that it is sat in their depot since there is no Custom Procedure Code (CPC) stated on the documents - rather odd since neither TNT, nor any of their forms asked for a CPC code. Anyhow, I phoned up TNT and they just passed the buck and asked me to contact the HMRC, which I've done, but apparently they cannot give me a direct CPC number since it's not allowed - so I'm stuck at the moment. Does anybody have a clue about what CPC number should be used to send by courier a mount from the UK to USA for repairs? Bit of a long-shot I know, but any help here would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Martin
  22. Although I've no experience with an Avalon mount I've had my AP Mach-1 now for over 6 years, and it's been a flawless performer for the demands of deep sky imaging. The engineering and attention to detail are readily apparent, and the guiding/tracking ability for imaging work has been incredible. The Mach1 just works effortlessly, I don't need to keep tinkering around with it. The Avalon could be the same, many folks also rate this highly, you probably wouldn't go wrong with either mount.
  23. Carole, this is a lovely rendition of this target, top drawer - well done. Martin
  24. That's a great image Graem, processing & colours are spot-on. Martin
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