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  1. The Vixen APP-TL130 tripod is a lot better than the standard one supplied with the Porta II....
  2. The Lacerta Microfocuser upgrade is excellent - I have one on my 150P.
  3. Hi All Calling all iOptron AZ Mount Pro owners! I was considering an Alt-Az mount for my CT8 reflector and have been investigating the AZ Pro as a Goto option - but it would appear that I would have to install it upside down with the finder underneath if I want the focusser to be 'outside' as the pointing direction is fixed as per this: Seems like a major oversight if you can't swap this direction in order to select which side you want to install the scope on. Any thoughts? Cheers, Rob
  4. Hi all Please let me know if you are considering selling your tip-top condition Vixen SX2 - preferably including SXG-HAL130 tripod, Starbook One, polar scope etc. All the best, Rob
  5. Hello all Just in case anyone has tried this, do the Skywatcher EQ-5 dual axis drives work properly on 5V delivered via a USB battery? It's designed for 6V using 4 D cells.... https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-mount-accessories/enhanced-dual-axis-dc-motor-drives-for-eq-5.html All the best, Rob
  6. Something woke me at about 3.15am this and the sky in suburban North Bristol was noticeably darker than 'normal' with (for instance) Hercules very easy to pick out - which is definitely not the case before midnight!!! Then the waning moon popped up abround 3.40am and again the difference was marked. I wonder if a lot of my local street lighting turns off then? Unfortunately I don't think me wife would be too chuffed if I started setting the alarm for 1am on forecast clear nights =O
  7. Welcome Timdog from Bristol - my old Dad is from Ashington (now in Edinburgh) and have family who are in Morpeth, Whitley Bay and Walkworth etc. Cracking bit of the world and fabulous dark skies nearby. The most impressive stars I have ever seen was one random night near Coldstream on the Northumbria side
  8. Hi Andrew I’m very much looking forward to picking up a used CT8 from a fellow SGLer once lockdown rules allow and will be putting it on my classic green Vixen GP-E. It should be ok for visual use (I’ve had a precursor to OOUKs VX8 on a GP before and it didn’t complain) and but I’m hoping to find a used SX2 before too long that has a photographic capacity of 12kg - I do agree that it’s better to have plenty of loading capacity spare if you plan to do much imaging at all! All the best with the CT8, perhaps we can swap notes once we have some use under our belts?!
  9. Hi Neil and a warm welcome! I grew up in Edinburgh within sight of the Royal Observatory and miss it very much. If I remember correctly, the local Astro Club has a very good Dark Site near Eddlestone just off the A703 Peebles Road - what I wouldn't give to visit a similar spot at the moment!!!
  10. Be aware it’s a minimum 12 month contract...!
  11. Useful thread for me - I tried and failed to visually pick up M51 or M101 last night in a 6" reflector and rubbish skies. I will see about getting the Bortle measurement for my back garden... OK Clear Outside reports Class 6 but my estimate based on the criteria is 7-8.
  12. Hello all Here's my best effort from my second try at imaging Venus with a 500D - this time through my 150P reflector: Quite pleased with the lack of CA compared to my previous attempt using a Megrez 72. Just been taking a look at the expert's results in the Planetary Imaging forum and some of those images are simply fantastic - it's pretty epic what the stacking techniques can produce! Stay well everyone, Rob
  13. Hello my fine fellow SGLers, Following a much needed brandy-laced hot chocolate around the firepit (amaretto for her) after a bit of a frustrating day working from home, I enjoyed lunar first light through my new-old Megrez 72 with a Baader Hyperion Zoom (picked up IAF 2020) and dedicated 2.25x Barlow. Slowly exploring the terminator of the 96% full moon provided some rewarding sights - the jewel-like mountaintops poking out of the Southern shadows and I spied what looked like a narrow valley protuding to the NE of Riccioli - very pretty! Stay safe everyone, Rob
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