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  1. It's unusual for celestron not to have focal length on them all mine have
  2. You could always mount the motor and use a belt on the focused knob
  3. Hi I have a 127/1200 refractor if I use my asl224mc I have the 2 extensions that came with it and a 35mm and the 2inch to 1.25 adapter if pop an low power eyepiece in to get focus then remove the eyepiece when you fit the camera you will need to rack in focus point is closed to scope than with eyepiece watch this video on sharpcap the guy shows you he focus point of camera to eyepiece so this may help I found an image of mine when in focus
  4. Hi Robin there is an NEQ6 on Astro b&s
  5. Happy retirement to you both stay safe , will be missed by everyone
  6. Another fast delivery from FLO , hope new label is true
  7. That's a shame mate , how about getting a second-hand galaxy just to run your Astro apps you can get a good S6 for £85
  8. Neil H

    New here.

    Hi Tevin welcome to SGL your be learning for a life time , this is an amazing hobby and will keep you very busy there is so much to see
  9. Hi mate try to disable the other app then run sky safari it may be a conflict with both using the same compass at the same time ,even if you turn it off the app some times still runs in the back ground
  10. Hi glad your enjoying solar viewing great images , there is a great app space weather live for Android tells you how many solar Sun spots and were they are plus loads of info , they do have one for Apple but I can't remember what it's called
  11. Well one of 2 things will happen your get drunk or start to hate tea lol Just going to make another cuppa and sit here and listen to the bird songs lovely and relaxing
  12. Out here set up with fingers crossed The sky will clear the sky will clear lol there is two hopes and Bob is already dead
  13. Hi if you upgrade the handset lead to the lynx cable it's a lot heavier and it pulls down on the plug were it goes into mount but here is my cheap easy fix Pull small cable tie into a loop then loosen bolt above were lead plugs in list tail of cable tie in bolt hole just in the top refit bolt this will trap cable tie then use the fine garden wire wrapped around loop then cable this will then hold lead at the right angle to stop plug wearing the connections
  14. Yes it should have cleared it , so now set up polar align do a 3 star alignment , then after go to target and do PAE training normally 2 work but if not do a 3rd and you should find it will start to hit the target
  15. My HEQ5 some times misses targets so I clear PAE , then go a bright target once mount says it's done go into PAE training it will ask you to centre target do this then go to another target do the same with PAE training after doing this 2 or 3 times it will start to hit the targets bang on , I don't know why they start to miss targets but this does sort it out ,PAE is in the utility menu your find PAE clear and PAE training
  16. Hi I had the same thing when I took photo of the Sun it looked like a planet next to the Sun , Stu explained it was lens flare , may be it's because the angle of the light changes a little at the scope tracks but the some one will know
  17. Astronomy is a once in a life time thing if you don't your wonder for ever what have I missed I came back to the hobby last year and have never looked back just in time for a once in 7000 year comet , I still remember getting up at 2am to catch Jupiter and Saturn OMG what a WOW moment that was I was like a kid with a new toy I got a goto scope very soon after coming back to the hobby , yes its cheating letting the goto find targets but it finds more than I can , there are 21000 items in its memory some need a dark sky but that will keep me busy for a long time , members report the observations they have done so I write out there list and next time out I work through it What there is out there is amazing and nothing beats seeing it with your own eyes with your own scope , I do solar as well so I can get my fix day or night , go for it don't wait we never know what's around the corner we only get one go at life so live it to the full
  18. If you want a telrad FLO have 10 in stock £42 worth every penny have one on my 8 inch newt first up grade I did
  19. Great little camera I have the same one , still playing with it on sharp Cap
  20. More power for when I go away for a week at a time with the other one I have will give me 27 hours of scope time
  21. STU if the binos start breeding put me down for one lol
  22. Solar is amazing as it changes all the time , a few months back the sun spots changed 4 times in 3 hours brilliant
  23. Great sketch , I also saw it amazing cluster ,Sunday was not bad too not as many but still I tight cluster
  24. In you photo it look as the one with the gear has a flat in the other end of the shaft , can you fit to that it it has
  25. Hi Paul , Scot is a good one , Glad you got out didn't get much chance my self , my phone is going in to repair Monday hope to have it back in a few days then will call for our chat take care Paul
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