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  1. Hi take a look in Astro buy and sale you may get what you want cheaper used before you buy new
  2. Hi Paul sounds great we need to link up some time so we can look together at a safe social distance of about 184 miles lol
  3. It was a good day for Sun spots lovely image
  4. Hi I had the council change to street lights and put shields on both as I told them they shine in my bedroom , I just need them to knock down the flats in the distance and I sorted
  5. Omg will keep close eye on mine then I have that one and it's bigger brother
  6. Hi can you post a link please , I have 2 celestron power packs the torch may be a nice add on
  7. Hi make some Wilcox rings I have them on my VX8L buy a jubilee kit off e bay and some plastic electrical trunking , now balance the telescope then wrap the top part of the trunking upside down around the tube next to the ring then cut a length of jubilee kit to make the jubilee clip up .Now fit inside the trunking as it's upside down it holds the jubilee nicely so you can tighten it up , make a second one and do the same this now lets you have the main scope rings loose and not lose the balance of the telescope but it lets you rotate the OTA so eyepiece is always in the best position http://www.andysshotglass.com/wilcox_rotating_rings.html
  8. Watch it last night amazing what they did with the equipment they had , Health and safety would go mental if you did that build now
  9. Hi you can get the light pollution map app for your phone
  10. Neil H

    Hi All

    Hi welcome to SGL
  11. Hi never a silly question , how much can you spend do you have a mount or need a complete kit SCT or refractors are good for planets , just remember you won't see it as you have seen in photos
  12. Hi guys I do use a self centering eyepiece adapter in the 2 inch focuser both the 2 inch and 1.25 are the same price , just wonder if one is better
  13. Hi all after reading that a Concenter tool is better than a Cheshire for collimation I want to get one but do I get the 1.25 to match the size of eyepieces I am using or go for the 2 inch to match the focuser ?
  14. Hi I found this it may fit the bill https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203543901968?hash=item2f64297710:g:VlgAAOSwgGlhBrZo
  15. If procrastinate was a hobby we will all be good at it , I can't remember when I last got my telescope out
  16. Hi if that does not work try this clear PAE then do PAE training on 3 well known targets then try and see it helps mine when it's have senior moment
  17. More than amazing I am speechless so much detail you can look at it for hours well done
  18. Your just down the road from me in the summer I am at Felmersham bortle 4 .Pete is at Bedford really nice guy
  19. Hi I know it a bit of a drive but it's worth it pop over to Tring astronomy they have about 100 scopes set up on mounts so you can get hands on and feel what your buying and it's size https://www.tringastro.co.uk/
  20. Hi and welcome your months of learning will be more of a life time the learning never ends
  21. Kendrick filters are made of baader solar film https://www.kendrickastro.com/solarfilters.html
  22. I have a Kendrick filter for my 8 inch very nicely made views are good I did read that Kendrick make solar filters for NASA so you won't go wrong as John said Kendrick or baader
  23. Very sad news I never had chance to read any of his threads as I am to new on here , my deepest condolences to his wife and family
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