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  1. get a good power pack like this it will power everything https://www.firstlightoptics.com/batteries-powerpacks/celestron-lithium-lifepo4-powertank-pro.html
  2. Hi I got a polar scope coming for my EQ3-2 . I know astrobaby did a write up for the EQ5 does it work for my mount and polar scope
  3. Hi bad news that if it was me just for now I would put a cable tie above and below the screw in lock it will hold it together for now and stop the crack from spreading till you get a new leg be a shame if it gives way and your telescope getting damaged
  4. Hi Joe I hope so , This is an amazing hobby love all the learning that's involved , as I am At the moment stuck in the back yard mostly I look at the moon ,Orion and Venus if I am quick before it goes behind next door house , I never get tired looking at Orion stars and nebulae And big thanks to everyone on here helping me progress in this hobby
  5. Hi I am new myself but will try and help I think the mount needs to be polar aligned before you do a 3 star set up this set up helps the go-to work out were it is Sky safari not sure about most use stellarium to control there telescopes, if it's a Celestron telescope they do there own called skyportal As for eyepieces 99% of the time the ones that come with the telescope are rubbish and need to be replaced with plossl or super plossl As for mounts I have only used manual EQ mount and you get some very strange angles and you need to spin the telescope in its mount to get the eyepiece in a position to see in to it , the videos I seem the AZ mount the telescope is the right way to look into I am sure some will be a long soon to give you all the info you need
  6. I just redid mine and by slowly doing up both screws in focuser got no play
  7. I have just got the manual on line and I Am using the wrong screws derr what a thickO I am, ok so this maybe my problem I will go and collimate it again lol Ok all collimated see how it goes I think what confused me when I stripped to flock it I found the rubber O rings was on the little grub screws which is wrong I put them back on the bigger screws were they are ment to go but I didn't put 2&2 together and work out these are adjustment screws it didn't click till I was thinking about the thread of changing the rubber rings into springs . Then the light went on
  8. Quick update I collimated it again this time the locking screws are just holding the mirror The locking screws go into the mirror mounting plate the tiny adjustment screws press on the mount so it's easy to over tighten the locking screws and pull on the mirror mount or have I got it wrong and the what I think are locking screws are not and are the adjustment screws and the little Allan screws are the locking screws as they press on the back of the mirror mount ? More investigations needed
  9. ED and Joe would doing up locking screws to tight make the Collimation keep changing over the hour
  10. Hi guys everything is tight ( I know it's all in place I flocked it the other day )and I do up the locking screws I wonder if it's the rubber O rings it's a skywatcher 150/750 and there are tiny rubber O rings between the mirror back and casing which the locking screws go though , I saw on here some were , that a few guys took out the rubber O rings and replaced with tiny springs when you do up the locking screws the Collimation moves but you can using the locking screws get it right,may be I should collimate and forget then I wouldn't know its out, image looks ok moon is really sharp and Venus seems to be a sharp point of light At a loss really
  11. Mine moves a little to but I still collimate and image is spot on stars are sharp , must because the eyepieces sit the same as the collimator
  12. I have one of these knobs microlight it's really good
  13. Hi Alison welcome sounds like a nice set up you have , it will soon be sorted great minds on this forum
  14. Have the put volt meter on the power out plug are you getting 12 volts , you may have had a power spike and blown the adaptor If you have only used it once it may have been a faulty one checking out put will tell you if it's working if mount power up from laptop I would say the power adaptor is dead Tip is positive just so you know to test
  15. Hi I would like some advice on Collimation please . Ok to Try and keep short I have a laser Collimation tool which I test and was out so adjusted and is now spot on , when I collimator I take my time and get it 100% , now for what's happenings I collimate the telescope so it's spot on later on I let it cool down outside of I check Collimation it's out a lot out So now i take telescope out to cool down and collimate once it's cooled down i get it 100% (pain in the dark it has a plate on the back tiny screws) if after 1 to 2 hours I recheck the Collimation it out by a lot again , is this normal ? It's not just this telescope ( skywatcher 150/750 F5 ) my old ( powerseeker 114 ) did the same Do you just collimate your scope and just not check it till the next time you set up for the night viewing ? Am I being or worried about Collimation ?
  16. Hi that long bolt is for latitude your need about 51 degs but if you Google your location it will tell what you need but I think your need to keep adjusting to get scope at the angles you need for different object's It's not a EQ mount so all tracking will have to be done my hand eye As for upgrade that depends on how much you want to spend and type dobs gives you a big aperture for price Reflector telescopes are nice on an EQ mount , there is also go-to telescope but all will need a better eyepieces than they came with plossl or super plossl take a look in FLO link is in the page header there is 2 of many different types https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/skywatcher-skyliner-300p-flextube-dobsonian.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-150p-ds-eq3-2-eq3-pro-goto.html
  17. Hi and welcome for Luton
  18. Well it's not raining so out I go in the wind , so earlier today I flocked the telescope I also did the back and mount of the secondary mirror , so it was a little windy but some nice break in the clouds after I changed mount and scope it's never tracked very well till I switched from northern to southern hemisphere now it tracks , so this just be due to motor mounted on the right of EQ mount as looking from back
  19. Hi and welcome from wet and windy UK
  20. Hi Ron welcome just remember there is no silly questions I am new to and ask loads
  21. Hi I was as you are now there is 3 ways to go buy a really good telescope set up asap or make do with what you have , make do with 130 and look for a better scope , I don't know how your off money wise but a go-to would be the better way to go the tracking is better for taking photos , the bigger the aperture the better just remember you have to be able to move it and mount the scope a 300 is 12 inch mirror it's a big scope Try and get to a shop or club and look at the size of the scopes being used there is always the dobs best value for money but the mounts are wood so can rot
  22. Hi the Celestron don't seem to Mark there mirror which is a pain I had the powerseeker 114 and to line it up was a guessing game the skywatcher I have now is marked so much nicer So all you can do is get it to were you think it's right , I used to do mine after the scope had cooled down outside just before I used it
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