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  1. Or should I correct it to “ I mostly (dew) visual...
  2. I already have a screen up but due to the weird shape of the garden an observatory is a no no
  3. I currently have an f10 8”sct and observe under bortle 6 skies. My scope is great on bright objects but not so good at the dimmer dso’s such as galaxies. My question is would an 8” f5 reflector be a big improvement ie allow me to see more galaxies? I know dark skies would improve my view but I do all my observing from my back garden. many thanks for any input
  4. i have just purchased a 2" star diagonal for a refractor. My question is..... is there an adaptor i can buy which would allow me to connect this diagonal to my CPC sct. Thanks
  5. Without a doubt this is a great bundle but unfortunately most of it would be of no use to me apart from the ota so unfortunately I shall have to decline and be patient for stocks to be replenished. thanks for your time kind regards Lee
  6. I d probably settle on an alt az mount as this would mainly be a grab and go visual scope Thanks
  7. Ok thanks for all the information obviously I shall think on this and discuss with my wife. Is the original focus knob easy to put on? also is this price negotiable as I still need to buy a mount. basically it’s either buy this or wait for one with a mount. kind regards Lee
  8. I really like the S@N presenters but would rather it was presented by passionate amateurs and focus more on observing the night sky ie techniques, what to observe, how to’s and equipment reviews. And less space flight news.
  9. Is there any chance you would deliver to Norwich as I don’t have transportation
  10. Hi i already own an 8"sct and was thinking of buying a Sky-Watcher Startravel 120 (AZ3) as a quick setup grab and go. I mainly only do visual astronomy my question is would i benefit anything visually ? Is it worth the purchase or not. Thanks for any feedback
  11. apologies and thanks i think i was so pleased with myself and excited to share that i lost concentration
  12. So this is how it turned out after running it through Registax. I took it using my new Zwo asi224mc it took a bit of playing about with and reading a ton of posts and watching hours of video but I feel this looks half decent it’s definitely more detail than I ever managed with my webcam. Quite pleased I must say
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