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  1. apologies and thanks i think i was so pleased with myself and excited to share that i lost concentration
  2. So this is how it turned out after running it through Registax. I took it using my new Zwo asi224mc it took a bit of playing about with and reading a ton of posts and watching hours of video but I feel this looks half decent it’s definitely more detail than I ever managed with my webcam. Quite pleased I must say
  3. Aha more reading to do then judging by this
  4. Ok so just to recap I have an 8” sct (cpc800) on alt az mount with no plans on changing to equatorial i also have a f6.3 focal reducer at my disposal I initially wanted to get into live video astronomy but that’s a bit out of my price range so thought I’d give planetary imaging ago which I already occasionally do with a modified webcam I would also be interested in some close up lunar imaging and possibly joining a program to monitor Transient Lunar Phenomena so it’s come down to these two cameras (ZWO ASI 224MC USB 3.0 Colour Camera or ZWO ASI 290MC USB 3.0 Colour Camera) which do you think would best suit my needs? it would also be a bonus if I could image or live stream at least some dso’s thanks for any help offered
  5. Lovely clear skies over Norwich last night the best views I’ve had of Mars. took this with a modified webcam 2 x Barlow on 8”sct this is my first attempt at mars
  6. Yeah I got a view clips on my phone but they really didn’t do it justice it’s always the same when you see something awesome you wish the whole world was there watching with you
  7. Got up at 2a.m. This morning to grab a look at mars and boy was it hot. I live in Norwich UK and I could see a constant flashing in the sky but I couldn’t see the source, so I crept upstairs to get a higher vantage point and there low in the south moving slowly east was a distant mass of slow moving cloud. It was honestly like something from The War of the worlds. At first I thought it was low cloud being illuminated by lights below as it was so impressive. There was no sound just a constant flashing. It was so impressive that I woke my wife and daughter and they were equally blown away by what could only have been a superb display of summer lightning or heat lightning. Mars was a treat but this was totally unexpected and the perfect accompaniment on a hot summer’s evening
  8. So I’m still looking at a camera to get into planetary imaging when I came across Celestron NexImage 5 Solar System Imager so I was wondering how this compares to something like the ZWO ASI 224MC USB 3.0 Colour Camera. Also would either of these be suitable for my 8” sct
  9. Yeah clearly brings out more details thanks
  10. Wow yeah definitely an Improvement on all fronts cheers for that
  11. So whilst I’m still gathering info and funds before considering video astronomy I thought I might bide my time with a bit of planetary imaging. I have been recommended this camera ZWO ASI 120MC-S USB 3.0 and would like some opinions please I currently use a modified Philips webcam on my cpc800 on alt az mount would this camera be a big improvement?
  12. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up to this new podcast I discovered it’s called The Observers notebook podcast. it’s the official podcast of the association of lunar and planetary observers and I find it very informative. Give it a listen
  13. cheers mike just took a look at your suggestions in the eeva reports section and wow that's really got me excited. To begin with all I would be interested in is live views at the scope and then once I had mastered that then maybe I would process the odd image. I just want to use my scope to its maximum potential and cut through that damn light pollution.
  14. I would like to use my scope to view better live images (eaa) I have a Celestron cpc800 8”sct on alt az mount which I have no plans of upgrading I also have a f6.3 focal reducer. i was looking at the zwo cameras but I don’t know where to start. whatever I get I want something that won’t need upgrading after I’ve Learned to use it. I need something that will at least allow me some views of DSOs without an equatorial mount as well as show me planetary views. so basically a good all rounder. i see this step as more of an upgrade to compensate for the ever growing light pollution I have to deal with. basically I would like the kind of live view results that the folks on nightskies network have. thanks kindly in advance
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