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  1. Another great comparison test @Lee_PTo me, the difference isn’t worth the cost
  2. Great image - M101 is on my to do list and I hope I can get something as good as that
  3. Thanks! Yeah, am loving Ekos and looking forward to experiencing a number of lenses - dunno why I never tried it before!
  4. So it’s a little Heath Robinson but now I can use the camera only on the HEQ5 with Ekos. Just need a clear night now...
  5. Bl@@dy rain! Nuff said! 😂

  6. Can't believe how much I'm enjoying the wide-field AP... and the learning curve!

  7. Thanks guys, Ive emailed Juan and will be sending mine off soon!
  8. Finally deciding to take the plunge and get my 1100d modded. Has anybody got any recommendations of where to send it (UK)? Cheers Daz
  9. So I had some time last night to do some widefield using the 135mm at f2.8 which looks promising! Both images are just 20x30s (with bias and flats). M31 and North American Nebula (although with an unmodded DSLR I don't know how to process it, so I guess I'll have to read up!). I'm gonna try my 80-200 zoom next at 200 and see what occurs!
  10. So, there are no nice scopes in the shops (that I can afford anyway!) and I really wanted to try and get better images than either my ST80 or my Mak can achieve. I'm really liking the wide field stuff especially. I do have a DSLR and I do have some older M42 lenses. 'So,' I think, 'I REALLY LOVE ekos, plate solving et al. I wonder if I can get it to work with my 135mm lens?' Googling it didn't come up with much definitively either way apart from other people have asked the same questions... The answer friends, as I found out last night is yes!! Put the lens details in Ekos in place of the
  11. I second this. Although I’m new to the Raspberry Pi scene, it has changed my Astro experience considerably for the better. It just works. My scope is situated around 20m or more from my router yet I can still access it via VNC over my own network, failing that I could do the same using its own hotspot. All in all including the pi4 (2gb), case and memory card, the solution cost me less than £100 (Astroberry is free but I also made a donation too) and it all works from my Halfords power tank (which was around £60 but I already had that). It works great, and has been said already, it’s
  12. Thanks! Yeah, I used the photometric cal in Siril - I too think they are a bit too blue but I guess I’ll get better at sorting that out as I go
  13. Made a few tweaks using some of the suggestions above (still reading up on others to try). I'm very happy with this now! Kappa Sigma stacking and Sinh stretching initially made quite a huge difference I think:
  14. Hey Clive. There are no silly questions here You will need to use the red dot finder to make sure the scope is aligned properly when using goto. Goto will aim to get you to the right target but initially you will need to make sure it is aligning accurately. This will be explained in the instructions but there is plenty to read here if you search on ‘star alignment’. You will also need to make sure the scope is centred on where the red dot points - this is easily done in daytime using a terrestrial target - you basically find something in your scope (lampposts or chimneys are good) and t
  15. It’s ok, I can work my way through it! Being new to image processing though, stuff like stretching, masks and layers still has me thinking!
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