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  1. If procrastinate was a hobby we will all be good at it , I can't remember when I last got my telescope out
  2. Hi if that does not work try this clear PAE then do PAE training on 3 well known targets then try and see it helps mine when it's have senior moment
  3. More than amazing I am speechless so much detail you can look at it for hours well done
  4. Your just down the road from me in the summer I am at Felmersham bortle 4 .Pete is at Bedford really nice guy
  5. Hi I know it a bit of a drive but it's worth it pop over to Tring astronomy they have about 100 scopes set up on mounts so you can get hands on and feel what your buying and it's size https://www.tringastro.co.uk/
  6. Hi and welcome your months of learning will be more of a life time the learning never ends
  7. Kendrick filters are made of baader solar film https://www.kendrickastro.com/solarfilters.html
  8. I have a Kendrick filter for my 8 inch very nicely made views are good I did read that Kendrick make solar filters for NASA so you won't go wrong as John said Kendrick or baader
  9. Very sad news I never had chance to read any of his threads as I am to new on here , my deepest condolences to his wife and family
  10. Brilliant images I hope I can get some this good I have the same camera but a bresser 127/1200
  11. Welcome to SGL I started with the same scope had fun but soon upgraded
  12. Still great shot Nigella love your images
  13. Hi the ones that normally come with the scope are not good I upgraded mine to a top of the range SW one that allows 99% of the light into the eyepiece , if your worried about the screw marking the eyepiece get the 2 inch one and fit a self centering eyepiece holder like the baader click lock
  14. The bresser is tight image around the Sun spots you can see the granular surface , the newt image is a little smaller it shows the Sun spots but harder to see granular surface , but I found it you use a phone to take a photo the newt works better , still working to get images from refractor using a phone or the ASL224MC
  15. Hi I use my bresser 127/1200 with a Lacerta wedge and continuum filter and the views are great I would love to try a Lunt wedge to see what it better I also use my 8 inch Orion optics Newtonian with a Kendrick full aperture filter and that also works well , just love solar viewing
  16. Mine does the same thing I just clear PAE then after 3 star alignment I do PAE training on 3 stars then I find it hits it's targets mine is on a tripod so I have to polar align every time
  17. Hi it's a great image for a phone
  18. Hi using a phone with out a mount is so hard so get a phone to eyepiece mount , depending on what phone you have there are loads of apps to control the phone camera , Samsung phones have the voice control so this stops the camera shake as you take the photo other makes may also be able to do this only had samsungs
  19. Hi I had a go the other day but my wedge was at the caravan so used the VX8L and Kendrick filter but seeing was not good so a poor effort with smart phone
  20. Polar alignment pro does everything from levelling the mount to polar alignment it also has day time polar alignment which is fairly good it's only a tiny bit out but I find using it day time then check at night Polaris is not out by much it will 100% be in the polar scope ready for fine adjustment
  21. Hi the polar apps are just for the polar scope alignment , no synscan needed
  22. Hi take a look at polar alignment pro it has different one here are the one it has
  23. Brilliant images the Sun is amazing
  24. Hi and welcome if you get stuck and can't think of the words just remember picture's speak a thousand words , enjoy the hobby and this super friendly forum
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