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Found 3 results

  1. Hi am posting this in case it helps anyone who has suffered the same problem as myself. In a nutshell: Own a Skywatcher Gti mount for some time now and used with some success, also purchased some time ago Skysafari and wanted to use both, with a problem much reported on the web and so much information out there that it can get a bit confusing and certainly in my case frustrating, after all just want stuff to work! After much experimenting and help from other postings this is what happens when you fire up the Gti. The mount generates its own wireless network and becomes the gateway, its IP address is always you see this when making a connection with the Synscan app/program, its very similar to a normal router that serves you the Internet. Any device that then connects to this network then gets an assigned address one up from this, i.e., .3, etc. However if you run the Safari app and go in to settings you will find it has also been allocated an address which is one up from the device you are using. In my case my Ipad was connected to the wireless network and had been given the address of but when I checked the IP address in the settings page of SkySafari it was ! If you accept this you get the error that the app cannot join the wireless network check your settings etc. If you now manually change that address to the same as the device running the Synscan app in my case .2 it should connect and work. However there is a caveat to this, I tried using an Iphone 4 and an old Ipad and they would not work together no matter what. I got the other error message that I had joined the network but the mount did not recognise the device type I had selected (Skywatcher Synscan Alt Az GoTo) and no amount of changing things would solve it. To get around this I used my trusty Win 7 laptop to run the Synscan program and things worked perfectly so it can be done don't give up! Sorry this is so long but I hope it helps someone out there. So to round off when you fire up the mount it becomes address no 1, any physical device gets the next address 2, any software running on the that device gets the next address 3. When you fire up SkySafari it must have the same address as the one that the SynScan app has got and this can e changed in SkySafari settings. None of this makes any sense to me as I thought software couldn't act in that way but there you are. I hope I have got this right feel free to contact me if things don't work Regards Bill
  2. My new SynScan WiFi arrived today and in less than 30 mins I had it up and running on both my phone using SynScan pro app and iPad mini 2 using SkySafari 5! I can’t wait to use it at night!! No clouds please ? For all those that may need step by step (as I did), I thought I’d put this together as a one stop shop for SynScan WiFi using iOS device - so this is how I set it up on my HEQ5: 1. Buy a SynScan WiFi adapter! 2. Download the free SynScan app from iTunes or Sky-Watcher (‘pro’ version if you are using eq mounts) 3. Plug WiFi adapter directly into the mount (instead of the handset) 4. Power up mount (it powers the WiFi) 5. Locate the network on your device (mine is iPhone 5s but also did it on iPad Mini 2) 6. You may want to set your device to ‘forget’ (or set the connection not to auto join) any other nearby WiFi you use as it may switch over depending on signal strength which will make you lose connection with the mount. I haven’t experienced this yet. 7. Make sure auto lock on the phone is off (it will disconnect from the wifi if it locks) – so set auto lock to ‘never’ 8. Open the the SynScan app 9. ‘Connect’ - it will identify your mount at the top of the screen 10. Viola!! You should now be able to star align and use your phone as a handset The next steps are if you also want to use SkySafari (I’m using v5 pro on my iPad (Note: do not have SynScan app open on the iPad as well as your other device at the same time - this may stop SS linking to your other device): 1. Download SS app (now v6) 2. With phone connected as above and ONLY polar aligned at this point ready to use, open the settings menu in SS 3. Select IP address and get this from your phone (settings, WiFi, network you are connected to, First IP address at top of list) 4. Use port 11882 5. Connect 6. You should now be able to see your telescope reticule in SS pointing at Polaris. Do whatever star alignment you prefer using your phone. 7. You should see SS mimic your telescope alignments and adjust itself as you confirm on the phone. 8. You are now good to use SS to navigate! You will need to keep the SynScan app running to use both apps together. If you just want the SynScan app on your iPad you can do that too (same as phone setup above) BUT you will not be able to run both on same device. If you have a new type of device (iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 4) that runs split screen it may work (I don’t actually know if this is true but from what I’ve read it might): https://www.macrumors.com/2015/09/16/ios-9-split-screen-multitasking-ipad/ If someone tries this and let’s me know I’ll update this guide. I think if you definitely want to run it off one device you will have to use Android. Again I have no experience of this but it will be similar to above except that android devices can run simultaneous apps. I am also setting up my pc with Stellarium so I will do a similar guide for that shortly. I am really REALLY excited to use this! Hope that helps, I know I had to hunt around in various places to confirm how and what worked.
  3. OK, my second guide, this took a bit more thinking about cos I haven’t used Stellarium before but I wanted a ‘single device’ option as my other stuff is IOS. I will be using this with my Canon tethered to the PC by an active usb cable so I can do pretty much everything (bar focussing) indoors when it’s too cold outside! Anyway, this how I did it. If there is a better way I am happy to update this guide. Let me know. Hopefully this is straight forward cos there isn’t a lot of info on how to do this all in one place! I’ve had this working indoors this PM so I’m really excited to try it at night now. Note that you need to be connected to the SynScan WiFi network to control your scope. 1. Download & install Stellarium (I’m using v18) – do not run at this point 2. Download & install Stellarium Scope (I’m using v2016.12.26.330) – do not run at this point 3. Download ASCOM software & install (I used ASCOM Platform63) – do not run at this point 4. Download ASCOM driver from Skywatcher & install 5. Download and install SynScan App (it will run either Alt Az or Eq mounts as needed) 6. Connect to SynScan WiFi & open SynScan app, settings, WiFi and select Access Point mode (which is what I used as it seemed most straight forward). Add naming and security as needed. Note that the unit ‘resets’ to factory settings if powered up and unaccessed for 24 hrs (I have also seen this as 1 hr but haven’t tried it). 7. OPTIONAL TEST STEP OTHERWISE GO TO STEP 8. In settings set to ‘emulator’ if you want to test first. Go back to main screen and ‘connect’ – you will need to select eq or alt az. Note: you can do this part without the WiFi adaptor as it is only testing the software. Go to step 9. 8. In settings, select UDP, go back to main screen and connect (select eq or alt az). Do a star align if you are ready and leave running. 9. Run ASCOM diagnostics, tools, telescope chooser .net – select SynScanMobile Telescope in dropdown box. You may have to select and exit properties before ‘OK’ is enabled. 10. Open Stellarium Scope. Accept the disclaimer, select mount as ASCOM.Synscanmobile.Telescope and connect. 11. Label your Telescope on this screen if you want and then select update Stellarium. Accept all the warnings. If you want to customise further look in ‘options’ for auto start of Stellarium etc. You may need to update Stellarium again via this screen if you change anything. 12. Open Stellarium. It should now be ready with your scope. If you scroll around the reticle should be on the star you last aligned. You are now good to go! Select something in Stellarium and press CNTL and 1 together. Your scope should slew to the new target. Conversely, if you select something on the SynScan App it will show in Stellarium. 13. If you did this all in test mode and have a SynScan WiFi connected you should now be able to go to step 8. You do not need to do the other steps again apart from restarting Stellarium Scope and Stellarium. I have Stellarium auto open in options so I just click on StellariumScope. Hope that helps anyone interested. I’m happy to update this as needed, or do pics if required. PS I’m running this on a Win10 Dell Laptop - I have experienced a ‘form error’ bug when looking up stars in the SynScan App but that maybe because I moved the folder to a new location so it can’t find a library or something. It’ll be interesting if anyone else gets this. This does not affect the running in Stellarium so I’ve ignored it for now and will recheck later. UPDATE: 19/04 - I raised this with SW app team. It appears there is a DB missing from the v1.9 zip (previous versions are fine), they are rectifying asap - so it wasn’t me!! ?
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