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  1. SMF VX12L lucky you I have the VX8L nice scope till it hits a leg and you have star alignment again
  2. Second that also when I had one I could not get enough side to side movement so had to move the shoe on the scope to get it near then fine adjustment on the finder screws
  3. That's true , doing it the way I do I found Polaris is always in the polar scope just needs a adjustment some times no adjustment but I did adjust led in polar scope so that must help like you said just never thought about it when I got the mount it was way to bright
  4. Lucky you if you have clear skies still Have clouds had this for a week now clouds day and night
  5. I set up day time so it does not affect my night vision and using stellariaum I can set up any were and still get polar alignment
  6. It looks like the bottom part of the Barlow is in the last photo the silver and black part at the top
  7. Hi I set up daytime normally and I use polar alignment pro but if you have stellariaum on your phone go into search more ask it to show you Polaris your then get an arrow on the phone screen now place your phone were the telescope would mount (I use a spare dove tail with phone fitted to it ) now adjust mount till arrow points straight up then when it gets dark Polaris will be in the polar scope some times I don't need to do any more adjustments to the mount
  8. Hi Pete for now use the complete eyepiece that will get you started , read the thread eyepieces what do I need this will help , you don't have to buy new look on here and Astro buy and sell for eyepieces plossl as minimum but the thread will give you better into I use a celestron zoom 8mm to 24mm add a good Barlow and that's 8 eyepieces in one of you have a good budget the baader zoom with Barlow is amazing but it does cost https://www.firstlightoptics.com/baader-planetarium/baader-hyperion-zoom-eyepiece.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/baader-planetarium/baader-hyperion-zoom-barlow.html
  9. Pete looks like the bottom of the Barlow is missing the lens part , don't worry for now see how it goes with the eyepieces you have have you found any writing on them My second scope was the 150/750 on that mount and I had some nice WOW moments with it
  10. Hi you can get a back pack that will take a 250 scope they do them at 365 astronomy it's padded too I was looking at one for my 200 but mine 1200 long and the bag is for the shorter scope ,so if you still want big light bucket this bag will let you move easily
  11. Hi it's a 150 scope on the old EQ3/2 mount mine was rock solid it has the polar scope fitted so that's a big win you can't get them and if you could there £50 can you do close up photos of the eyepieces and any writing on them so we can see what you have I know the video is not the mount you have but will still polar align the same way
  12. Hi I second that should run it for hours ,but I would put an in line fuse in so if anything goes wrong the fuse will blow not your main board
  13. Hi this may help this guy uses the ASL224
  14. Hi goto will track and find targets for you ,but and it's a big but you need to be able to set it up , it will need polar alignment then a star alignment , some people jump to a goto as first scope and then find it hard to set up , it can be done or you can get a motorised mount that will track Also your need to think of size of you put an 200 on an EQ goto mount it's large the eyepiece will be high up on some targets with the tripod on its lowest the eyepiece most of the time is about my eye level but I am 6 foot if my wife wants to look it's hard to rotate so it's possible for her to look into she is just over 5 foot a refractor will be lower but may need extension on the mount so over all size is large with a lot of parts to set up , a manual dob may be the better way to go the eyepiece will be lower easy to use and set up and your get more aperture for your money bresser make nice dobs with a really nice mount and because it has rings you can balance the scope better https://www.firstlightoptics.com/bresser-telescopes/bresser-messier-6-inch-planetary-dobsonian.html
  15. Hope that book is fire proof if its going to get that hot
  16. Hi I have a full set of them not bad I also got the 8/24mm zoom lens your like that remove the cup and it fits the asl cameras
  17. What i found works well is the craft knife with the snap off blades use the blade at full length it cuts the full thickness in one go https://images.app.goo.gl/7Q9mihJtgzyKW3uF7
  18. Omg that is so nice I just need to remember I can't afford it i can't afford it , must stop looking
  19. Well that telescope look very comfortable in its new home , hope weather changes so you can let it out to stretch it's legs
  20. Weather is a real pain I jumped on to solar because days were nicer than night but now kit is in my hands days have gone poor too , had a few days out so don't give in
  21. They are nice cases I have one for my Lacerta wedge , cut out a cardboard telescope shape then use this as a template this will lay flat on the foam will make it easier to cut out
  22. Nothing big or expensive . But let the cleaning begin
  23. Hi they do say the most simple idea is the best idea great I love it
  24. Hi Paul that's great it's come , if they are that good I will have to look out for one
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