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  1. Swapped my little stool for a more supportive seat. This bar stool from Dunelm can rise 21cm as well but I'll not need that in here. It has a rubber base so the metal will not scratch the floor when moving it.
  2. Managed to end up with the scope vertical at the end of Friday night's run which was interesting. Never taken it that far before. Guiding was actually ok but PHD2 had it's work cut out.
  3. That looks great. Where did you buy it? FLO does the 8inch version but they haven't got the 10inch on their site.
  4. I'm following this with interest as I've also started a M27 image. I have the same camera and am using a 102ED refractor with an 0.8 reducer/flattener.
  5. Just finished watching my recording and have to say it was an excellent programme. A bit heavy on special effects but the content was worth it. More I say. Keep making more.
  6. Revolutions: The Telescope BBC Foir Funny how the brain works, I read this as Fair instead of Four. Anyway, good to know and I've set it to record for watching later.
  7. Well done for getting something. They are pretty good for the conditions. I drove around 30 miles trying to find gaps in the clouds but only caught glimpses of it. Still, two shots with my phone is better than none...
  8. Well done Captain Magenta. Editing Wikipedia can be a challenge as there are people who will quickly undo your edit and claim that the original source of the data is correct. You may want to provide an accurate source for the eclipse date and update the reference section accordingly. I've previously used Heavens-above as a source and Wikipedia has kept it. I've had some page changes reverted and marked as vandalism simply because I've not been able to find an online source to cite.
  9. Sorry, I no longer have this case as I bought the Pele 1600 but I'm pretty sure the quoted dimensions are correct. After 9 years the Pele case is as new and unmarked. They are pretty much indestructible! I'm amazed that this is still the first thing Google comes up with.. Even more amazing is the Image search. This image is first and my Pele case sitting on the chest freezer in the garage is seventh.
  10. I cannot remember my first astronomy book or piece of equipment but I think I've found the other half of your bins The text on the eyepiece end says - Binocular Prismatic No2 mkII. X6 (I've always assumed X6 is the magnification. It seems about right). The objective is 30mm.
  11. 2 Metre square scope room Drain pipe pier (mine's 200mm) 170cm pier height 70 x 70 x 80cm deep pier hole Track and wheels from FH Brundle NEQ6 on top of brake disks Southern view partly obscured by trees Pent roof with no guttering Have you been in my garden? https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/296023-observatory-in-kirkintilloch Definitely use vapour barrier as you build as it's almost impossible to install afterwards. I did the whole obsy just in case I later wanted to insulate and add internal cladding to the scope room. I've not insulated my rolling roof and it does get really hot in the midday sun. EPDM reaches 60c and transmits plenty of heat into the obsy. However, I left a 5mm gap between roof and walls to allow plenty of ventilation so excess heat (or damp) has not been a problem. Once you've worked out how many sockets you want just double it! You'll be surprised how many additional things eventually need one. Don't forget the hoover, you'll want to clean the place occasionally. Have fun building it and using it.
  12. I managed to catch the display with my phone about 01:25. Sadly there was too much ordinary cloud to see all the NLC at the same time. Your photo is brilliant.
  13. Same here. Having made a jig to hold the threaded rods in position for the brake disks I popped the disks and mount on top and aligned through the polarscope marking the final position on the jig and empty pier pipe. After filling with concrete it was simple to insert the rods and move the jig to the marked position. No compass needed or measuring required. No need for the Sun. All done by eye.
  14. They'll cut with a hacksaw easily as long as you have a new blade. As for bending, A brick and a bit of effort will do it. It'll be tough to get going but once it's bending you can be quite precise with the final angle.
  15. Type 5? There's level and there's engineering level. ?
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