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  1. If you use a site like www.latlon.net and zoom right into your location you can be really geeky and nail your position right to the spot. Seconds with 2 decimal places gets you into your garden.
  2. It's sometimes easier to watch a short video where someone explains why a good home position is required whilst showing you how to do it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fO6hyYtPwM
  3. Excellent image. I'll be using that as my reference image when I process my M51.
  4. It's the afternoon after the night before and I've discovered why my limits were on but not apparently working. They were working but using the limit file I had set for my visual scope. With no cameras to worry about the limits were set quite wide. All fixed now.
  5. Guess who's been reading too much SGL and not paying enough attention the where the scope is going tonight. 6mm from the nut. I think I'll spend some time exploring mount limits and how to set them better.
  6. That's insane. I hope the rest of your subs are way better. Perhaps send that sub to a newspaper. They love a good illustration of problems like this. Sky at Night and Astronomy Now as well.
  7. We've had no flights for a few weeks now. It seems really quiet and the skies are clearer as there are no aircraft overhead using Glasgow as a waypoint for transatlantic flights. Yaay!
  8. It might do. I'll bet it can't fix 1 easyJet though. Satellites may be a pain but to properly ruin a sub you need an Airbus A319 at 3,700ft on it's descent into Glasgow airport. The joys of living under a flight path.
  9. I haven't missed out after all. Not Musk's but a couple of interlopers anyway.
  10. I'm getting back into imaging after 18 months off. The secret is lots of subs then the processing software can eliminate them.
  11. Ahh, missed them. I started at 22:45. Still light twilight before 22:00
  12. Nice case and well adapted. Sadly it was not available all those years ago or I would have saved some cash and bought it too.
  13. On astronomytools select imaging and enter your details there. Leave it on custom scope and enter your lens size like this. Choose a large object like M31 and see how you get on.
  14. I used a Pele 1600 case when I transported my NEQ6 around. Other similar cases were just a bit too small. Take a look at this old thread, last couple of posts at the bottom -
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