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  1. Hello Dan and welcome to the site As time goes by and you get more into the hobby you will find as we all do that no one telescope does it all. One of my favourite places here is to use the first light optics field of view (FOV) calculator, look for the resources - astronomy tools tab at the top of the page, input the startravel 102, pick a few eyepieces and have a look at different objects by adding each to the view to see what to expect. Hopefully I haven't worn the software out as I use it...a lot There is also an excellent topic in the "Getting started with observing" section called
  2. Thanks for getting back to me I was going for all usb 3 as far as poss. As to equipment, not fully sure but a start off was focuser, DSLR, mount and in the future a guide cam. Reading backyardeos the camera may get a bit iffy with a hub so was toying with the idea of a single powered usb cable between laptop and camera but was going to initially try it through the hub. The hub I have is a startech 4 port powered usb 3 device so allegedly should be ok. As for the gps......... I never thought of inputting the data manually I will be packing it all away each night so not a fixed insta
  3. Many thanks discardedastro, you used two words I really like, very and simple I have a powered usb 3 hub and a motorised focuser so eqmod fitted the bill. I will look at sharpcap
  4. Amazing how you think you have things more or less there and then you lose track of where you are, so... My thoughts were an eqdir usb cable into a windows laptop running eqmod ascom as I quite like the interface and it "appears" straightforward. It also covers everything I need. I was also going to use backyardeos. Now the spanner is well and truly in the works with a RPI networked from the mount to a remote laptop running Kstart and Ekos which to be honest I wasn't aware of...... so..... whichever direction I go, it's a learning curve, which would you say is easiest to use? I
  5. Thanks for getting back to me I already have a startech usb 4 port hub so my thoughts were to use what I have as far as it goes, I was looking at a startech active usb 3.0 cable to link between laptop and hub. It's a similar price for an active usb cable and a raspberry pi so some thoughts are needed.
  6. Many thanks so your powered hub is 5M from your observatory PC then the devices connected to the hub are a few meters from there and all is good, that works for me. You have done me with this though......NUC?
  7. Thanks for getting back, does eqmod work on a Raspberry Pi? I thought it was windows only. Scratch the 10M active usb It's not a permanent set up at the moment, I just want try to take first steps to get things working remotely from the mount. Because of the layout of the garden I can get the telescope to about 8M from the shed/summer house so a 5M cable into a hub would work as long as the cables from device to hub are about 3M.
  8. Hello all, couple of questions for you guys on initial eqmod setup as I am trying to get my mind around things and I do seem to be going around in circles; Has anybody used eqmod with a usb hub local to the mount and then an active usb 10M cable to laptop? Has anybody used eqmod with the synscan wifi adapter to laptop? I have very poor wifi in the garden so the laptop will not be able to connect to the home network so what do you use for gps when using for example stellarium on a remote laptop? Many thanks for your help Les
  9. That I never thought of, I will be trying that. Welcome to the site
  10. Hello Steve and welcome. I shall be following this thread closely to see how you get on and what you choose as we will be moving soon and I have similar plans albeit I have already built everything in my mind Just to satisfy my curiosity, have you tried remotely controlling your EQ5/150P?
  11. M40


    Hello Dave and welcome, ask away there are some very clever people on here
  12. Hello Steve and welcome
  13. Nice one Pixies, good find. I must admit though that the folding moon chair works for me
  14. Just wondered how you have got on? We are planning on moving soon and in my mind I have already built my workshop. My plan was to have an insulated area and an area where the telescope is kept. The telescope area would be uninsulated and with poorly sealed doors. So more than interested in how things have turned out? I currently keep the telescope in a shed with poorly sealed doors and have had no condensation and no noticeable cool down time. The only thing I have done to the existing shed is to install a second roof cover outside and above the existing roof leaving it open and well ventilate
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