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  1. Stellariaum is the best have it on PC and mobile
  2. Focus at last I think you guys were spot on about object to close Set up the 2 extensions that came with scope plus a 35mm x2 inch with 2inch to 1.25 eyepiece holder it's nearly doubled the length of the scope lol Thank you every one that helped just need clear night
  3. Thank you so much I will give it a go tomorrow I have a few extension 2 came with the scope and others I have brought
  4. I will have another go tomorrow I will try a power pylon it's better distance When I tried to day I got histogram at 15% peak but image looked out of focus and a mess So is it best to have camera direct in focuser and not use the diagonal
  5. Hi sorry this may be a long story, I have the 224mc I want to use it on my bresser AR127L and sharpcap, I had no luck at night so I tried it day time to see if I can find were I am going wrong , the only target I can see is a chimney on a house over the back ( I don't know if it's too close) I watched a video by Carl Smith on the 224 and sharpcap he used a small Newtonian scope with one extension put in an eyepiece and focused the telescope then changed to the camera he said all the cameras he has used to focus you need to turn in on the focuser and he got focus I can't find focus I do with the eyepiece but not the camera I tried with extension and without extension, and diagonal with extension diagonal and no extension , camera direct in extension, eyepiece will focus what ever the set up but not camera The best I got was a light patch of fog moving in image which I think was a tree in the wind Any ideas please ??? , just to add I did a long time back got an image of Jupiter with this camera and my VX8L Newtonian but was not good as I am still trying to work sharpcap out
  6. Hi I use a wedge with IR/UV cut filter been told it's not needed but I am happier to know they are in place is there not a way you could use a camera then project the image on to a screen , then no public need to touch the telescope and more people can see the image at one time ?
  7. If you want a cheap solution wookie1965 uses a camping toilet tent over his set up I am a bit OCD so I don't like to keep my set up outside due to it starting to rust even chips in the paint makes me cringe lol , all the mount and parts are in the side corridor only telescopes in the main house , but it does not take me that long to set up , I wonder if a pier on wheels would be an idea your still have to polar align unless you can make marks to line the trolley on ?
  8. I have he HEQ5pro it's a nice mount , but is a heavy set up to carry as one part so it's taken apart after every use , I don't think your be able to move it with a 8 inch scope on it as it's size is very big I can just about move it with a refractor mounted but not far and not into a door way It does not take that long to set up I normally set up day time using polar alignment pro and just do fine adjustment when Polaris is out
  9. That's were I am a lucky I have a static caravan on a farm next to a fishing lake so my telescope lives up there all summer the farmer has about 11 fields I can use but it's not bad just outside my van
  10. Nice set up love the trolley set up
  11. Thanks I will try it may be the sun is not best target lol , but can't see much at a distance there is a power pylon top I can just see over the roofs at the back of the garden will try that
  12. Hi yes I tried with the wedge I put in a 20mm eyepiece got focus then popped in the camera and no matter what I do with camera settings In Sharpcap the screen is a wash out it's like the image is so big it filled the laptop screen with light this is why I asked if you can do solar with this camera When I tried Orion nebula with the visual diagonal in the stars are not a point of light they are out of focus and very large
  13. Graymouser You have the perfect dog in your avitar can't beat a German shepherd That's why they have the nick name of land shark
  14. Hi this not a top imaging set up , but I need some help I have the ASL224MC and using it with my bresser AR127L now for the questions Can this set up be used for solar I have the lacerta wedge ? The guy I got the telescope from did image with it but used all extensions but I don't know what camera he used do I need all extensions to get camera to focus ? Due to the weather I have not got it out much to try at night but last time I could not get focus with the refractor but can focus with the VX8L which makes me think I need extension on the refractor ? I do have more questions but I will wait and ask once these questions answered Kind regards neil
  15. Turn left at Orion is a must , Spile you forgot about the light side ( solar) When I had my 150/750 I didn't use a Barlow that much I think seeing was never that good , I don't use it that much now , I do use my zoom a lot even tho it's the cheaper celestron 8 to 24
  16. We have a nice terminator line to night
  17. Hi I hope your wait is not long if I come across one I will let you know , out of my range at the moment good luck with your search
  18. There is a Lunt in a case on Astro buy and sale https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=172162
  19. Amazing guys love the images , it makes me want a HA scope
  20. Hi Carole, I hope she is well pass on my love her guides helped me so much when I started it would be a shame to loose her
  21. There is also a brand new app called deep sky camera it's still under development but may be a good one to try
  22. Hi it's never a waste of time i some times do the same just look at stars , I have goto so I do a tour there is so much to see , I use my zoom eyepiece so don't have to change eyepiece and can zoom in if I want
  23. Also if your brave enough to take your telescope apart you can flock it inside this will stop stray light and give better contrast
  24. I would not recommended holding the filter up to the sun to check for pin holes , you only have one set of eyes, when I use my Kendrick filter on the Orion optics VX8L the view is amazing and really sharp like STU said , I even got same nice photos on my phone , the only difference is I don't use IR/UV filter on the VX8L But use them on the refractor with the wedge , Now the strange thing is visual is great with the wedge but photos not as good ???
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