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  1. Hi I have the HEQ5 pro with my VX8L on it The wobble when you focus is there but stops quickly but if it's windy forget it , it would be bad with a 10 inch scope
  2. Thanks Paul not as good as yours
  3. Hoping it's stays clear to night
  4. Nice large sun spot today with some smaller ones taken with my phone and lacerta wedge
  5. Hi sorry to hear nothing worked if you ever need software try majorgeeks.com has loads of software that may help
  6. Hi I use a 12mm cross hair eyepiece for alignment the star will be a sharp point of light between the cross hairs
  7. Brilliant my favourite planet love the image
  8. If you want BST eyepieces there are some for sale on Astro buy and sale
  9. Hi the all sky lens should just unscrew no tool needed , if you can't grip it try a small piece of rubber inner tube to give you more grip but it should not be that tight The small screw is to lock the focus of the all sky lens , never screw the focus part of the lens in all the way it will damage the glass in front of the sensor
  10. Well that's loads better than what I got last time I tried , will be trying again soon I hope , well done brilliant
  11. Hi take a look in Astro buy and sale you may get what you want cheaper used before you buy new
  12. Hi Paul sounds great we need to link up some time so we can look together at a safe social distance of about 184 miles lol
  13. It was a good day for Sun spots lovely image
  14. Hi I had the council change to street lights and put shields on both as I told them they shine in my bedroom , I just need them to knock down the flats in the distance and I sorted
  15. Omg will keep close eye on mine then I have that one and it's bigger brother
  16. Hi can you post a link please , I have 2 celestron power packs the torch may be a nice add on
  17. Hi make some Wilcox rings I have them on my VX8L buy a jubilee kit off e bay and some plastic electrical trunking , now balance the telescope then wrap the top part of the trunking upside down around the tube next to the ring then cut a length of jubilee kit to make the jubilee clip up .Now fit inside the trunking as it's upside down it holds the jubilee nicely so you can tighten it up , make a second one and do the same this now lets you have the main scope rings loose and not lose the balance of the telescope but it lets you rotate the OTA so eyepiece is always in the best position http://www.andysshotglass.com/wilcox_rotating_rings.html
  18. Watch it last night amazing what they did with the equipment they had , Health and safety would go mental if you did that build now
  19. Hi you can get the light pollution map app for your phone
  20. Neil H

    Hi All

    Hi welcome to SGL
  21. Hi never a silly question , how much can you spend do you have a mount or need a complete kit SCT or refractors are good for planets , just remember you won't see it as you have seen in photos
  22. Hi guys I do use a self centering eyepiece adapter in the 2 inch focuser both the 2 inch and 1.25 are the same price , just wonder if one is better
  23. Hi all after reading that a Concenter tool is better than a Cheshire for collimation I want to get one but do I get the 1.25 to match the size of eyepieces I am using or go for the 2 inch to match the focuser ?
  24. Hi I found this it may fit the bill https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203543901968?hash=item2f64297710:g:VlgAAOSwgGlhBrZo
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