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  1. A question for you that use sat24 why does it show no clouds any were every night after 18.00 ???
  2. Hi try getting as close to focus that you can and slowly pull the eyepiece out of the focuser and see if it will focus
  3. Hi Give Joe a shout he is a member on here and in your part of the world https://stargazerslounge.com/profile/63199-joe-aguiar/
  4. Hi your missing the point if you remove the lens section of the Barlow then put this aside you don't need it at the moment now use the rest of the Barlow which is the tube part as an extension to see if you can focus the eyepieces if you can then you do need an extension
  5. Hi get space weather live app it tell you how many Sun spots there are and were they are plus loads of solar into
  6. I just re-read your posts ,you said it did have an extension put this on and try the eyepiece again the extension will move the focus point the eyepiece should focus at a point where your still have travel in the focuser
  7. If you have the old Barlow that came with the scope the bottom part of the Barlow should unscrew this will then leave you with the tube section so then you can put eyepiece in the top of Barlow and use it as an extension There is another way get the tube from an old toilet roll cut and stick it so it fits the eyepiece then put this in to focuser then try and focus you can slide the tube in and out of focuser as well as moving focuser in and out , if you get focus then you do need extension It's normal to need extension tudes, my refractor needs the 2 it came with plus a 25mm to get my camera to focus, my Newtonian just needs the 25mm extension for the camera to focus both of my scopes are set up for visual this is why they need extension for the camera , if your scope is set up for astrophotography then your need a extension for visual use
  8. Hi I use a smart battery pack ,which sees what is plugged in and give it the right amount of power , so I can charge my phone or power my dew strip of my mirror fan on my Newtonian here is a link https://www.amazon.co.uk/Anker-PowerCore-Technology-High-Capacity-Compatible-Black/dp/B07S829LBX/ref=sr_1_6?crid=1HMIBJ60XX0DO&dchild=1&keywords=power+pack&qid=1618136126&sprefix=Power+pack%2Caps%2C183&sr=8-6
  9. Hi if you still have your old Barlow remove the lens and use it as an extension of you get focus that tells you that you will need an extension , I thought PDS scope were set up for astrophotography a camera will come to focus closer the mirror so an eyepiece will focus away from the mirror , some one will correct me if I am wrong , I had all this fun when I changed to a low profile focuser on my VX8L could not focus an eyepiece
  10. Shame you can't go to £800 there is a NEQ6 on Astro buy and sale
  11. Nice report Paul this gives me targets for next clear night
  12. Thanks to Jim I have my seagull adapter, top man Jim
  13. Brilliant report will give them a go with my 127
  14. There is a meade LX85 goto on Astro buy and sale has been used for astrophotography , never had one so can't say what it's like or if it's a good price
  15. The seagull right angle just came , so now to get it to fit the polar scope Jim on here said he can 3D print an adapter if I need one thanks Jim will be in touch
  16. Hi an HEQ5 is the start mount for astrophotography they do come up second-hand but your need to move fast they don't hang about long if I remember right the HEQ5 will carry 15kg max , try and get one that's had the Rowan belt convention done , the belt kit used to be about £99 prices may have gone up You could put up a wanted add on here and Astro buy and sale you may get lucky and one come up for sale within a short time
  17. Bump this some one on here must know the answer ????
  18. Hi mate depends on how much you want to spend baader sky surfer is ment to be top notch but has price tag to match https://www.firstlightoptics.com/finders/baader-40mm-super-sky-surfer-v-night-day.html I use a telrad that's about the best for its money or the rigel if it's a small scope also it does not block the target like some , they do not magnify like a finder scope , but they will dew up so your need to think of a dew heater for it https://www.firstlightoptics.com/finders/rigel-quikfinder-compact-reflex-sight.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/finders/telrad-finder-astronomy.html
  19. Hi all I need more help please what I am using is bresser AR127L and the ASL224MC with sharp cap 3.2, I was trying to get Orion nebula i focused with a eyepiece first then swap to the camera but when I focus the image on my pc shows fat stars not pin heads of light is this normal or should they be pin heads , I am not using a diagonal just extensions , I tried day time on pylon and can focus , could it be some thing to do with the zoom it's set to 60%
  20. Hi Sun was a little still 2 day strange on space weather live they said no Sun spots well I could see 3 on right hand side lower , would love to get my hands on a HA scope Nice set up you have
  21. Very nice the sun is out today Sunday so scope is set up ready to go just waiting for it to clear the trees
  22. Both nebula photos are amazing but I love nebulae so I would enter them and the doubles
  23. Hi you may know this already sharpcap is now in version 3.2.6482 there is also a 4.0 beta version if you want to test it
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