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  1. Nice and clear last night so spent some time on M33. 20 x 300s + Darks and Flats @ ISO800 150PDS Canon 1000dm NEQ6 Guided and dithered using PHD 1.4 and APT Processed in DSS and PS3
  2. A SW 150PDS or a SW ED80 Pro, both good, reasonably priced scopes..
  3. All understood Shane, you've been very busy! Is the North facing roof fixed? Well done. Ron
  4. The open photo doesn't make much sense to me, why is the middle section still in place?? Ron
  5. You need 20 +stacked light frames then stretch the image . Ron
  6. Many people on here use a 50 mm guide scope, by using a Finder scope and attaching a small CMOS guide camera.. There is a set up for sale on here c£70.. Ron
  7. I have used my finder/guider scope on 3 different scopes and 2 different mounts. Never had a problem with it but I DON'T use PHD2, I have used PHD 1.4 throughout and had no problem. Just my take on it but my guiding has improved since I got an iPolar PA cam fitted! Ron
  8. That's a decision you must make, try just dithering and process the image. Then add Darks and see if there's any improvement?? I find Flats more beneficial than Darks for my imaging although I'm just changing from a DSLR to a CCD cam! Ron
  9. If you use PHD for guiding, you can Dither and then you won't need Darks. Saves a lot of time, I have a library of Flats that I use also. Ron
  10. Ronclarke


    From the album: Cam

  11. Ronclarke


    From the album: Cam

  12. These are my first CCD images, The Bubble Nebula and M15. SW 150PDS on NEQ6 Starlight Xpress CCD guided and dithered using PHD 1.4 and APT. 15 x 240s +Flats 10 x 240s + Flats
  13. Try APT, free trial and runs everything and plenty on You Tube too! Ron
  14. Welcome to the forum, just up the road in Newark on Trent although a former Yellowbelly!! Ron
  15. Great to visit you last week Olly, I can thoroughly recommend Olly's website and his holidays.

    Also what great hospitality and and an experience.

    Thanks Olly


  16. I always turn the WiFi off when doing astro stuff!! Once bitten etc...
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