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  1. A Hypercam 183c pro hopefully on it's way tomorrow. Trust me to order over a bank Holiday!! Looking forward to getting into something different to a DSLR!! Another steep learning curve!! Ron
  2. If you mean the 150 PDS then it is F5 (750/150) but does let a lot more light in than the 130PDS. Ron
  3. I have a similar set up but only use 2 in PHD2 and APT. Works for me...
  4. That's a great image, the colours are really rich and lots of detail, well done
  5. New to me the Whale and Hockey Stick galaxies. 20 x 240s + Flats Guided and dithered in APT 150PDS Canon 1000dm Cheers Ron
  6. I think the red/purple vertical striations are more of a problem on this image?
  7. I have owned a HEQ5 for 5 years and never once touched the dials!! Checkout polarscope downloads and you will get what it looks like in your HEQ5 polarscope, move Polaris into position on the circle (doesn't have to be in the very small circle) and you are Polar aligned. I did AP for 4 years without a problem! Cheers Ron
  8. Good luck with all that Mike and yes a couple of clear nights forecast!! Ron
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    From the album: Cam

  10. Ronclarke


    From the album: Cam

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    From the album: Cam

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    From the album: Cam

  13. Glad we sorted that Steve, forgot moving the RA to use the polarscope as I use an iPolar device.. Good luck and clear sky's.. Ron
  14. I don't understand why you have to move the scope when Polar aligning? It's the mount that is aligning not the scope.. As long as the scope is in the home position from your previous session it should not be to far out on the first star.. I now use the SynScan Wifi adaptor as I find it more accurate than the handset! Cheers Ron
  15. I can only suggest balance and a more accurate PA. Do you move your kit around or is it fixed? Ron
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    From the album: SW 150PDS

  17. Ronclarke


    From the album: SW 150PDS

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    From the album: SW 150PDS

  19. Ronclarke


    From the album: SW 150PDS

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