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  1. I'd like to know the answer to that and how to rotate the polar scope? Thanks Ron
  2. It was a variable spacer, 42 - 30 I think, check on Google.. Defo a Baader spacer. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Planetarium-VariLock-Lockable-Extension-Connector/dp/B005D7TAC4?SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duc08-21&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B005D7TAC4
  3. I understand it to be 55 mm, I used an adjustable spacer from Baader to get this distance.
  4. Debayering for this CCD is RGBG which is different from the DSLR (RGGB) hope this helps..
  5. Hi, I ran this rig (HEQ5 + ED80) for 5+ years moving from visual to AP during that time. They both served me well although I upgraded the HEQ5 to a NEQ6 as i got an extra scope (SW 150PDS) foe AP. I also upgraded my ED 80 by adding a Moolite focuser which is a very easy and worthwhile upgrade. Hope this helps you to decide. Ron
  6. I'm starting to use this OAG to keep the weight down on my Adventurer mount at Kelling next month. Does this image train look correct? Comments please... Ron
  7. Good luck, clouding over here in Newark on Trent, an early night methinks!!
  8. You do need one if you intend to image but as long as it's as near as possible that will be OK for visual work.. Ron
  9. No, 4.1.1 will the update be worth it?
  10. They are all cr2, I'll check on some different software tonight, thanks Ron
  11. That's what I thought! The mystery deepens! Thanks Ron
  12. Deneb in the centre, Sadr to the right, not sure what the line is one third down? 30 x 60s and 10 x 90s Canon 1100d+ 50mm lens on Adventurer driven mount.
  13. APT told me to use the Av setting instead of the M setting, that's the only change I'm aware of?? Ron
  14. Last night I took 40+ images with the Canon 1100d, there size (according to DSS) was 4290 x 2856. Just took some Flats with the same camera and there size (according to DSS) is 3906 x 2602. DSS won't stack them because of the different sizes. What is the reason for the difference in image size and What can I do about it? Cheers Ron
  15. 150PL has a FL of 1200 (F8) 150PD and PDS is 750 (F5) according to FLO's advertising!
  16. I think the 150P is 1000 mm as the shorter 150 PDS is 750 mm FL !! Ron
  17. OK, thought you had filters for the DSLR, cheers. Ron
  18. How easy do you find changing the filters? Are the in the camera? Thanks Ron
  19. I have a 150 PDS, 150 mm diameter and 750 mm long (focal length) the S at the end means it shorter then the PD and is better for astrophotography. I am very pleased with mine!! This photo shows my ED80 mounted on top of the 150PDS!
  20. Ronclarke


    From the album: SW 150PDS

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