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  1. Reggie my camera I so was set at 8000 and my exposure time was 6 seconds. Tony
  2. Thanks it's taken me a few attempts to get to this stage, image stacking and processing will be a challenge as I'm not the best with computers so that's something else I'll have to learn.
  3. Thanks , I've ordered a bahtinov mask and waiting for my pier to arrive learning one thing at a time at the moment . it's great to hear off others that my first photographs are good. I've made some progress since I first set the scope up and tried to take some photos
  4. Not sure what the settings were I was just experimenting I'll let you know later what the settings are
  5. Thanks any help and advice is much appreciated.
  6. Thanks, the scope was out of collimation so it's my first attempt at collimating a telescope it's good to that there's some good stars there
  7. My first attempt at astrophotography using a canon 6d and a a meade lx850, had to collimate my telescope fist is that how the stars should look couldn't get the focusing any better than that
  8. I have a new meade sct that's out of collimation, i have never had the need to collimate my previous telescopes before is this difficult to do, here are some photos of the refocused star images.
  9. Thanks for the welcome it's good to be back
  10. Hi I'm from aberdare.
  11. Hi I'm tony, I'm returning to astronomy after 20 absence, I've just bought a canon eos 6d for astrophotography to go with my recently acquired meade lx850 14", im really looking forward to getting reacquainted with the night skies when I get my new scope permanently set up and sharing my images with you all.
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