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  1. Ronclarke

    Lunar mono & rgb + close ups and V 22-05-18

    Great images, well done..
  2. Ronclarke

    PHD2 Setting Up

    I use PHD 1.2 for this very reason! Ron
  3. SOLD (Mods please remove at your leisure) Selling HEQ5 Pro complete due to upgrading. It had a belt mod done 2 years ago and has no problems. Complete with tripod and handset. £500 ono and collect from Newark on Trent. Photo's of guiding graph (PHD 1.2), mount and Rosette neb taken earlier this year. Thanks Ron
  4. Here's my effort with your data: I think you need to get a tighter focus, are you using a Batinov mask?? Just used DSS and a tweak in PS3. Cheers Ron
  5. I NEVER unlock and move the mount, the encoders get lost and that's where the problems start. A good, level PA and start at the Home position should work, when you finish use 'Hibernate' to remember the settings etc. Love my Wifi, the handset has been gathering dust since January!! Ron
  6. Ronclarke

    Synscan and the 'Home" setting

    Note that, wherever you are in the sky left, right, up and down will move the scope in different directions. You have to be looking in the eyepiece or guide scope to see which way it moves! NEVER loose the clutches and move your scope, it will get totally lost. If this happens, park the scope, power off THEN move the mount to it's home position manually. That's the only way! Ron
  7. Ronclarke

    Auto Guiding and EQMod

    Does it do the same if you open version 1.3 ofPHD?? Ron
  8. Ronclarke

    Synscan and the 'Home" setting

    I should check your inputs, accurate Lat and Long ,accurate time (check its +1hr for BST) and as said before mm-dd-yyyy . Pick easy to see stars, Vega and Arcturus at the moment, let us know how you get on? Cheers Ron
  9. Ronclarke

    My first RGB: M101 from my back garden

    Well done, very pleasing image..
  10. Ronclarke

    Pismis 4

    Very impressive, the colours look just right to me but must have PITA to process.. Cheers Ron
  11. Ronclarke

    Checking FITS Files

    I was going to sat FITS liberator as well!! Ron
  12. Ronclarke

    Checking FITS Files

    If your stacking in DSS then using the slider at the top right you can view each file and uncheck it if not needed.. Hope this is of help? Cheers Ron
  13. Ronclarke

    NGC 7380

    I stand corrected!! It'd the Wizard Nebula!!
  14. Ronclarke

    NGC 7380

    Wasn't using a 80mm frac and yes it's dim!!
  15. Ronclarke

    NGC 7380

    Witches Head OR Flying horse Nebula? MN190 HEQ5 Wifi Canon1000d Ha QHY5 23x300 lights 10x300 darks Flats and Bias Imaged over the town centre from my garden in Newark on Trent.

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