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  1. Well I've been using it for a couple of months now without a problem!
  2. I have downloaded Adobe Camera Raw but for the life of me I can't get it to appear /run in CS6?? Any help would be much appreciated please? Ron
  3. I had one of those last Monday night but having learnt a bit, Tuesday night was a lot more fruitful!! Ron
  4. If you struggle with PHD 2 give PHD 1.4 a try, it's almost bomb proof!!
  5. APT is the best program, I'm sorry you don't get on with it but I use the FB page to learn and use it myself!
  6. I.m hoping to get 100 if I can, some can't be seen from the UK. I struggled with M41 and got part of the obsy wall in as well!! Good luck with your count!! Ron
  7. I set myself the challenge of photographing as many Messier's in a year as I can, March 31st 2019 to march 31 2020. I have imaged 89 so far, some good some not so good but an image all the same! Some I had to check with Astrometry.com! It's made my last year interesting and at times challenging for sure. Good luck Ron
  8. +1 for APT from me as well, been using it for ages with no problems at all. watch for the updates and check it up on FB as well! Ron
  9. I also use one of these and have no problem getting focus, highly recommended!
  10. I fitted a Moonlite focuser directly onto my ED80, everything lined up but I also had to sand of some excess black paint in the tube assembly. Cheers Ron
  11. Great image and a testimony to a good scope !!
  12. What power supply are you using?
  13. I went for a Moonlite, 2 reasons, 2 accessory shoes and rotation! Never looked back!!
  14. I have a spare angled viewer with the adaptor as I now use the iPolar and app if you're interested?? One of the screws has snapped off but it works just as well with the 2 remaining screws. PM me if you're interested.. Ron
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