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  1. Many thanks Stash_old. Advice much appreciated. Pat
  2. Hi All Struggling to get the HEQ5 mount linked up to the laptop. Questions: 1) Is it better to connect via the SynScan hand controller or direct to the mount - is this via USB connection or the RJ12 2) I'm confused about which Ascom and EQmod software downloads / drivers to use. I have tried several but these have not worked 3) What planetarium software is compatible / recommended Any advice /guidance much appreciated Pat
  3. Many thanks for the advice / feedback - much appreciated. I will experiment this weekend.
  4. Hi All Getting back into Astronomy after 5 year hiatus. I am looking for advice and recommendations for the best software for windows laptop to control a new Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro goto mount. I'm am planning to use this for video astronomy and would like to operate the mount remotely / from inside the house. Also is it possible to do this via a wi-fi type arrangement to negate trailing leads etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the feedback Everyone! I was using the MFR5 focal reducer so I believe in this configuration its about F/4. Martin - the Galactic Wanderer is one of my favourites too, at circa 300,000 LY, possibly the most remote known globular clusters from the centre of the MW as well as us although apparently its heading this way at 20km/sec. This is by far the best capture of this object to date and demonstrates the sensitivity of the X2. Looking forward to next session and getting to grips with the stacking functions! Regards Pat
  6. Hi All Follow up post from yesterday. Herewith a selection of galaxies from Saturdays session, these Galaxies however are a little closer to home! All images obtained using a 200mm SCT with Lodestar X2 Mono operated with Lodestar Live V0.11 plus a UHC filter. Some only single frame as having issues with stacking, (possibly an alignment/tracking issue - thank you Martin). M51 Whirlpool M64 Black Eye M81 Bodes M82 Cigar NGC2683 in Lynx NGC4565 Needle Closer to home further still, here are a selection of objects that reside in our galaxy: IC434 The Horsehead NGC2261 Hubble's Variable Nebula NGC2419 Intergalactic Wanderer - Globular Cluster Lynx M3 Globular Cluster M53 Globular Cluster All in all a very productive & satisfying first outing with the wonderfully sensitive Lodestar mono x 2/LL combo - still lots to learn! - Hope you enjoy, all comments and suggestions welcome. Regards Pat
  7. Great shots Paul, especially the Rosette and Cone. Nice FOV with that set up! What stacking settings do you use i.e. 'key frame control' and 'output filter settings' on the stacking tab? Regards Pat
  8. Hi All, Latest batch of captures from the orange skies of Camberwell. A very rewarding session last night with unusually good skies. Main objective of the evening was to attempt to see some of the more distant galaxy clusters (inspired by the likes of Nytecam and Martin in Spain) from my location testing out the SX Lodestar Mx2 using LL0.11. So these are up first. Whilst feint and fuzzy, just being able to see such distant clusters from my backyard has been a long time ambition and is very satisfying indeed. Using a Meade LX90 200mm SCT scope and MFR5 FR with a UHC filter. Had a problem with stacking last night & not sure why this was not working, so I think most of these are single frames. Also for some reason target information was not saved on each image - advice on these 'user error' issues appreciated. First up: Abell 1367 - Part of the Great Wall (280MLY) Second: Copelands Septet NGC3753+ (480MLY) Third: Abell 1656 - Part of the Great Wall (320 MLY) Finally: NGC3158 and region - Galaxy Cluster in Leo Minor (275 MLY) Hope you enjoy, any comments & feedback welcome! More from the realm of the Galaxies to follow. Regards Pat
  9. Dave and Nytecam, thanks both for the links and advice, will be experimenting with FR combinations and and will let you know how I get on. Pat
  10. Fantastic captures Martin! Look forward to seeing those Galaxy clusters! The Lodestar X2M looks like a cracking bit of kit, I could not resist picking one up myself at Astrofest last week and look forward to trying it out. Nice to hear that minimum hot pixels which is a bonus! Regards Pat
  11. PatG

    Deep Sky Bonanza

    Thanks Nathan - no doubt, given dark skies - VA can deliver very impressive results indeed.
  12. Thanks for the link Dave this is helpful. I will have a go next clear evening with the 0.63 combined with the MFR5 and see how we get on - looks like a bit of trial and error with focal reduction depending on spacing etc. Peter - Unfortunately I don't have a FR3.3 and was hoping to achieve similar reduction using a combination of what I have. Cheers Pat
  13. Hi All, Has anyone tried using a Meade 0.63 focal reducer in combination with other focal reducers? I have a Meade LX90 200mm SCT and wondering what could be achieved using the 0.63FR in combination with the Mallincam MFR5 (or part of it) to get maximum focal reduction? Any comments / suggestions welcome. Regards Pat
  14. PatG

    Deep Sky Bonanza

    Martin - Thank you for the feedback - yes it is incredible that some of these deep sky objects are within reach from such an urban location. I recall hearing the 11pm chimes of Big Ben during that session. I have not done a great deal of stacking yet but will experiment with some stacks of shorter exposures next time. Mount wise, I am using a Losmandy G11 with Gemini 2 GOTO which I link up to a laptop via Ethernet from inside the house. Dave - Thank you also. Indeed electronically assisted / video astronomy could mean a renaissance in amateur astronomy. It definitely opens the door to so many more observing opportunities. Bring it on! Regards Pat
  15. Hi All, Latest captures from the Orange Skies of Camberwell. All taken on brief session last Friday - 29th January. These were taken with a WO Megrez 72 plus Lodestar C / Lodestar Live: Horsehead Nebula - 5x30s sum stacked Flame Nebula - 1 x 30s M51 Whirlpool Galaxy - 5 x 28s median stacked M81 Bode's Galaxy - 5 x 35s median stacked M82 - 5 x 35s median stacked The Leo Triplet - 6x28s median stacked I think I had a Astronomiks HA filter on for the HH and Flame nebula but cannot recall for certain. Nice to see Leo Triplet in a single FOV, can just about make out some spiral structure in M66 and central dust lane in NGC3628. This is only my 3rd session with the Lodestar/Lodestar Live combination so still getting acquainted with it but pleased with results considering the local LP and size of scope used. Regards Pat
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